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LOL - Government Websites Shutdown

These people are so pathetic.

During this "government shutdown" (so-called), it seems that many agencies are "shutting down" their websites. Never mind there is no need to do so. Just a disclaimer on the contact page would do it. But look at what they are doing.

Here is nasa.gov:


Notice they have a re-direct from nasa.gov to notice.nasa.gov making the entire site closed off, where they could have just put their notice on the contact page.

They are trying to piss off as many people as possible.

So blatant. So pathetic. So damn funny.

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Gov workers enjoying something like a paid holiday, no doubt.

"Shutting down" things merely to inconvenience citizens. They'll ratchet up the importance level of suspended services until people get tired of it. That is all. Too many people taking too much from government (out of our pockets) will wail loudly for their missed services, entitlements, and freebies....

Shutdown my ass; this government needs to be overthrown.

What would the Founders do?

What would the Founders do?

Add LOC to the list.

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Whats funny, they are still

Whats funny, they are still hosting a redirect page, that costs money too.

And yes, DP costs more than $200 a month to host. It's running on multiple servers costing over $10,000. This site gets tons of traffic and that doesn't even begin to cover the cost of all the people involved in keeping it running, adding features, etc.

But for the website to "shut down" is kind of idiotic. I am sure the bill is paid through the end of the month or some period. It's not like it had to go down day one.

The whole thing is a scam. I hope they never agree on a budget and the entire thing shuts down!

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census.gov also shut down

I was bummed when I went to download some census data yesterday and found the entire web site closed due to gov't shutdown. What a bunch of BS!


wrong spot for my reply, sorry.

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Clever and sad

Every thing, and everyone one has become political, and politicized.

It is like cardiac arrest.

He's the man.


this is what I posted on the open thread:

This is the dumbest shit. It's not like they aren't still positioning warships for WWIII. They aren't closing any bases. They aren't even promising to spend responsibly. All they are doing is screwing over a bunch of poor people that work these jobs, trying to make the slaves scream for their masters to come rescue them. It's fucking despicable.

War is probably how they will

War is probably how they will cover up their failure in running our country. None of these politicians want to take the blame for what they have done nor will they want this to be their legacies. What better way for them to have the collapse occur during a major war. They would then blame it on the war. Even "better," it will probably end up being Iran... Syria leading into Iran. And our politicians will say all over the MSM that the evil Iranians, if they hadn't done what they did our economy would have never crashed like this. No way they are going to stop positioning warships.

Yeah, you're right that it's despicable.


gradually phase out Nasa


Who needs em?

Who needs em?

Be Your Own Media!!!

A planned shut down

to "re-wire" the system?
Too much like the ME Embassy closures for my liking.


http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/target/moon is accessible at the same .nasa.gov domain.

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Now that's idiotic of them.

Thanks for the tip. :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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agreed pathetic

Love all the headline about National Zoo Panda-cam shutting down. Of course Panda-cam is not important. But they could've left it on till the godaddy expired or cam broke.

edit: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/webcams/giant-panda.cfm

Well it does cost money to

Well it does cost money to host those sites.

Well, i may have been

Well, i may have been downvoted, but at least no one was able to successfully demonstrate my comment to be innaccurate.

Less money spent on government space propaganda > government spending money on space propaganda

Government volunatarily choosing to take government space propaganda offline = awessome!

Yeah that's right awessome with 2 s's, because 1 just isn't enough

i'll bet

They simply walked over and unplugged the webcam. Well first they had a meeting to figure out how to best screw the public ie their customers. Then called several media outlets to ensure their rage was disseminated properly. Someone was even picked to stay up till midnight to unplug the cam.
The website even says The Giant Panda Cam is "sponsored by: Ford Motor Company Fund". Just silly.


Web hosting costs about $1-$10 a month. My guess is that the government hosts its own websites, which would mean the real cost is a fraction of even that.

Domains are about $10-$100 per year. I doubt this would be a problem for the government as .gov is all reserved for them.

Web hosting for small sites

Web hosting for small sites that get little to no traffic is $1-10 a month. Not sites like NASA. Not even the DP could run on a $1-10 hosting account.

The DP I would be surprised if the cost was below $200 per month. More likely $500+ per month on server hardware that costs in excess of $10k. Just my guess, though.


Cheap, shared server hosting

Cheap, shared server hosting costs that much. Dedicated servers with real sys-admins overseeing and managing the servers and code costs much more.

If you're hosting enough websites

Which the government is, then you're getting hosting at cost and not at a loss.

Sure scalability provides

Sure scalability provides savings, however your previous post comparing cheap consumer level hosting with business/enterprise/govt requirements is apples to oranges.

It's not as if they're

It's not as if they're turning the servers off.

They didn't redirect everything


No updates though.

So, who hosts the government

So, who hosts the government websites? Themselves?

Southern Agrarian

Depends on what part of

Depends on what part of government. My guess is that for most federal stuff they have a bank of servers in DC and/or elsewhere that they hire people (most likely for more than they're worth) to manage.

But not all parts of government do that. I have made websites for both the National Court Services and the Utah State government, and both of those are still up and running as they were run on my old company's servers.

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It will be 'tell all' hysterical if

Facebook suddenly had some excuse for having to shut down too.

Dear God, Not Facebook!

There would be an UPROAR! People would truly lose their minds, I have not doubts.

While it's true that they

While it's true that they could easily have kept this on, and this whole thing is political theatrics, it's not that surprising that they went down. Most likely they have shut down the power at the server banks that housed the "non-essential" website data. This will indeed save money.

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Good about NASA website being down.

This is at least one day that NASA won't have to lie about the Apollo Moon landings. It was a hoax.
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