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How To Write A Perfect Poem

How To Write A Perfect Poem:

It's simple. Just become a perfect person and write a poem.

How to write a very good book:

Be a very good person and write a book.

How to make an average uninspiring speech:

Be an average, uninspiring person and make a speech.


Paul, Cruz, Rubio, Ryan. I don't know if these guys write poetry, but they certainly make enough speeches, and even claim to have written some books.

Next time one of them speechifies, close your eyes for a second and notice how you feel. Inspired? That's because the speaker is inspired. Enlightened? Only if the speaker is enlightened. Good? Only if the speaker is good.

By their fruits you shall know them...

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Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

jrd3820's picture

Christopher Cudnoski. I have compiled these over the past few

weeks. I don't know who else to give these to, but I think you know in your heart what is best and how to handle such highly classified and sensitive information. Pandas at their worst.

Submitted by Robot Jon
Panda’s abusing cucumbers

Submitted by Edward U Cation
Panda’s would NOT give you the shirt off their backs, instead they would rip yours off and eat it for lunch

Submitted by Cornmeal Michael Smithy Nystrom the 16th
At the 24 second mark the panda proves that he is part of the illuminati and he is taking over the music industry to send subliminal messages about how great pandas are to our youth.

Submitted by Yours Truly Jay Are Dee Threeeighttwozero
Pandas hate their children

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut. Hemingway

Okay - thanks - I'll add these to my 100 thousand or so other

documents, videos, clandestine recordings, and emphatic testimonies against the panda menace.

The revolution will remember your memory.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.