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I've decided to start stocking up on non perishable food. You know...for when SHTF. I don't know much about what to do. Looking for some advise.

I don't have a lot of space and I really don't want to do my own canning. I thought I could just invest in food each week I go to store. What kind of items are the best to stock up on?

What are you all doing to prep?

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Vital foods to stock...


“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

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For all type grains, rice, beans etc...

Place in freezer for 24 hours. Then remove and vacuum pack into smaller amounts. Place bags in plastic or metal containers that can be sealed tightly.

The freezing kills all eggs, larva etc. in the product and will insure they last much longer. I also do this with cane sugar. I try to use local honey when possible.

I dehydrate lots of herbs to make my own seasonings. I can most everything else.


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Get some metal or plastic containers...

with tight-fitting lids, in order to prevent insect infestation. I had about a year's worth of rice, oats, lentils and split peas in cardboard boxes, stored in a closet. I foolishly neglected it, and when I checked, the whole thing was infested with rice weevils and had to be thrown out.

Best prices I've seen so far is

from the LDS cannery. You can purchase storable food in #10 cans at


It's almost like they're doing it for free...I'd take advantage of this while they are still allowed to offer it. :)

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#10 Cans Are Perfect

I second what andersonone said. The #10 cans sold at the LDS cannery are fantastic. They are cheap... they are the right amount of food... and they are EASY to store in your house. In my house, I don't have any extra room for storing dry food. I threw out the bed frames under all of my kids beds, and replaced the frames with boxes and boxes of #10 cans. It is just the right height, and the added bonus is that my kids no longer have room to stuff things under their beds. :)

It has much to do with how

It has much to do with how much you can afford to spend. For cheap very long lasting bulk: Rice and beans.

Expensive long lasting: MRE's

learning a skill like gardening can be worth more than a pantry full of cans.

Everyone should have a few months worth of food and water on hand.

Keep the basics in mind... Water, Food, shelter, Security.

Hurricane Katrina....

was an Adventure....!!!

I'm not a prepper

could somebody please explain to me what you are prepping for? I know last year a lot of people thought that 2012 is the end of the world and started prepping. Why do you guys do it now? dollar collapse? comet ison? WWIII? terrorist attack?

There are a lot of reasons

There are a lot of reasons people want to be prepared. I for one have no confidence in our economic situation, so I am preparing for the day when I can no longer by food with the useless US currency. However there are lots more reasons I do, for example, my area was hit with a tornado this year and we were without power for a while, and with so many trees down, no one could get to a store - I was glad I had oil lamps, battery powered radio, food and safe water...I did not have to dip into my food stores for this one, but it made me feel better knowing it was there - if the storm was even a little bit worse than it was, a lot of my neighbors would have been in real trouble.

Back in the 90s a good friend of mine ended up getting hit with a major tornado - he and his family were stuck for over 2 weeks without being able to get out and no one could get to them (or anyone in their neighborhood)...

How long could you go without access to a store without power and possibly water? Storms happen, nature is destructive...do you want to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors?

I was at the grocery store

I was at the grocery store and thought it would be a good idea to start stocking up. I go through groceries weekly and end with empty cupboards in the end. If there was some sort of disaster, I would hate to have to wait in line.

For life.... until you die

For life.... until you die you will need security, water, food, and shelter. You can count on someone else to supply these for you or prep and be prepared to supply yourself.

I've had prior experience living through hell

I could write several paragraphs to answer your question from my own personal perspective as to WHY I make preparations to see me through tough times ... whatever those tough times may be. Suffice to say that I've been through some tough times that could have been less stressful if I had been better prepared - hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, inability to drive out of my property due to a nasty, dirt road that turns to slushy mud at the slightest rainfall ... I simply prefer to be prepared when weather takes a nasty turn.

Most all crises, no matter the scale, generate the same pressing needs: food, clothing, shelter, heat/cooling, clean water, communications, medical supplies/training, security and transportation to safety.

I prepare for those catastrophes that affect me: loss of income, bodily injury, loss of electricity, etc. I don't prepare for a specific crisis. Not all crises are widespread ... some crises are completely and totally private.

Just like most other words that have been co-opted by the propagandist media, "Prepper" is now taking on the connotation of "tin foil hatter."

Have you never been in a situation when it would have made your life more comfortable / survivable if you had been better prepared?

I live out in the boondocks by choice, so I take precautions to insure the health, welfare and safety of those in my home. The closest grocery store to my home is a 40-minute drive, so I have learned to stock up as a matter of convenience.

I hope this answer to your question is helpful!

All of the above and many

All of the above and many more reasons. When the financial system implodes (only a matter of time)...we could be quickly on the road to 3rd world status at the best, Thunderdome at the worst. People can either prepare to take care of themselves and their family...or hop on the next rail car to the nearest FEMA camp.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Being that you don't have too

Being that you don't have too much space, maybe it would be good for you to focus on food that you already eat which can be purchased or prepared in a form where it can last for a while. Then, rotate your food so that you eat the oldest stuff first & buy new to fill the gaps back in.

Alternatively, look for calorie dense nutritious food that gives the most for the least amount of space used. This way you can maximize your space.

Another idea would be to prep with a friend or family member who has more space. Then what you would need is a bug out bag and a plan to get to your friend or family member's location where the rest of your supplies are.


I have NO interest in making

I have NO interest in making a hobby out of it. It sounds like you might be the same. And 2 weeks of food is way better than nothing.

Here's the list I have so far.

jugs of water
white rice
jarred fruit in water (not syrup)
freeze dried fruit and veggies
turkey jerky
Vitamineral Green (superfood, really works)
buffalo pemmican

A lot of things I can't or won't eat, like beans, most grains, pasta, processed sugar, most meat, processed food, anything in a metal can, corn...

Dry Beans, Popcorn, Lentils, Split Peas, rolled oats, rye flakes

And don't forget sugar. Also rice, spaghetti/noodles, canned beans, canned tomatoes/ tomato sauces. I prefer to get everything organic and believe it or not it can actually be surprisingly affordable if you buy in bulk at a local natural foods store or coop. I like to get 25 lbs bags of different bulk products whenever I can find them on sale or at a lower than usual price. Sometimes you have to place an order and wait for a bag to come in. One way I have found to create lots of extra space is to get bed raisers, basically little wooden blocks that you put under the legs of your bed frame to jack it up like 8 inches.

This is all good advise but

This is all good advise but are you all actually doing it?

Prepping since about 2003

I have found well-tempered, sound advice via Jack Spirko's podcast, website/blog and especially his forum ... all free: http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/
Tons of useful topics, liberty-loving forum users and hours of podcasts to answer damn near all your questions there. His website has made more impact on my life than ... hold your breath ... Ron Paul himself ... and Dr. Paul was my representative for many, many years. No hyperbole here. I know what I'm saying.

Some helpful tidbits I've taken from Mr. Spirko regarding food storage:
- eat what you store, store what you eat
- buy in bulk
- rotate your stored foods
- wait for items to go on sale once you have a sufficient supply of food
- practice "copy canning", purchasing two items (canned or otherwise) when you only 'need' one at the moment
- don't forget the importance of clean water in food preparation

Since you are limited in storage space, consider storing nutrient dense items in greater number.

You can find all sorts of lists of useful barter items for potential SHTF times ... TP is only the tip of the iceberg.

Have fun, enjoy your life, prepare as well as you can and, most importantly ... don't panic ... =)

Peanut butter and rice.

Peanut butter and rice.

Peanut butter makes an apple or a few carrots into a meal.

Rice makes everything else into a meal.

Make a habit of snacking on dried fruit and keeping a lot of it around, since its just about the only thing that will keep you regular during times of privation.

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I try to cover the bases

MREs, some whole grains packed in air tight buckets and a hand mill, home canned foods (you can can almost any meat, fruit or vegetable) along with store bought can foods that are constantly cycled and some freeze dried food as well.

You can buy things like grains in bulk with a local cooperative, MREs straight from the manufacturer. A friend saw the freeze dried food at the devil store, aka Walmart, but you can get that online as well as Food grade buckets, water purifier, Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, vacuum sealer, etc. Just look for deals at different places and buy in bulk if possible or applicable to save a little.

Canned foods and MRES can last for years and Freeze Dried foods and whole grains, if packed correctly, can last for decades.

Of course if you live in the country the possible preparedness choices are much greater.

Water is your main concern though. Stocking some water is necessary but if we faced a worse case scenario and we lost all utilities then a source of water is paramount.

You could get some Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum etc for barter as well as some other luxury and hygiene related items. Get some silver and gold to retain some of your wealth in case there is something on the other side of a SHTF scenario. Get a good medical kit that is well stocked.

And of course when you do get stocked keep it quiet. You don't want everyone and his brother to know how well you have prepared. Even so if possible have a good stock of weapons and ammo.

Won't canned fish, like sardines, last for a few years also?

3 or 4 years?

I would think so.

I haven't canned fish but I have canned chicken and it is great. Although it may not taste as good after so many years as long as it is still sealed right it "should" still be edible. If it bloats or leaks just throw it out.

I was think of buying it at the Publix


I swear i think i recall eating a 5 year old can of sardines I once lost in the back of the panty somewhere.

Sorry. I had home canning on the brain.

But what I said still holds true. And I don't doubt that a can of sardines could last 5 years or better. Just don't expect every thing to last the same since every can is different. Use your senses to make the determination. And of course if it is bloated or leaking then throw it out.


If you want canned foods to

If you want canned foods to last a while longer try dipping the top and bottom edges in paraffin wax


Actually a layer of wax poured on the top was a common way of ensuring an air seal before. If I'm not mistaken. Canning lids weren't as good yesteryear as they are today.

Panty. Giggle. You said

Panty. Giggle. You said panty.

I do hope you meant pantry