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Cassini finds ‘everyday’ plastic ingredient on Saturn’s moon Titan

the gas that you put into your car, is an "organic" compound. a hydrocarbon.
the reason it is called "organic" is the "fossil fuel" theory.

any comments? or is the DP not so smart anymore?


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Abiotic sources?

I think so. I suspect a lot of natural gas is from inorganic carbon sources coming from water-gas shift type reactions under pressure near subsidence zones. And once there is methane, ethane, ethylene, and propylene, I wouldn't take any organic molecule off the table for potential products.



Still waiting for NASA to provide some useful information...

For Example:

Today NASA announced it has located the gold missing from FORT KNOX since 1973, based on its thermal signature.

That would be some useful information.


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Maybe, rather than being a fossil fuel, oil is abiotic,

Maybe, rather than being a fossil fuel, oil is abiotic,
and naturally replenishes itself, as some kooks have speculated?

Wouldn't that be a hoot?


Even bigger

On NASA's own website they have an article stating that Titan has more hydrocarbons than Earth does in reserves. I'd link it but thankfully our government is playing shutdown right now. The best book on this subject is 'The Deep Hot Biosphere', by Thomas Gold who is unfortunately not alive anymore. I have had email exchanges with Freeman Dyson (worked on Orion Project) who was friends with Thomas gold about the subject. He currently is at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton. I also work in the Oil & Gas industry I promise you there is no such thing as 'fossil fuels'. There are many points to be made to support my case but the most glaring one is this... Understanding basic geology and specific gravity of materials, you can easily conclude that there is no way organic material died and is now at 36,000+ ft in such abundance over widespread areas. Look up H3 and you'll see the only places it is found is the moon, and earth's mantle. In the panhandle of Texas and eastern New Mexico there is H3 found in natural gas. Just read Thomas Gold's book and you'll feel just as awake as you did when you discovered Ron Paul.

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So there is no such thing as fossil fuels?

Are you telling me everything we have been told about the formation of oil from ancient plant and animal life millions of years ago is incorrect?


The sun and stars still orbit around the Earth.

They found it!

It's a rocket I converted from an awesome bong back in rocket propulsion class in college.

Do you think they'll get it back for me?

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What's the question?

It's unclear what your point might have been because you seem to have misunderstood what "organic compound" means. There are organic compounds in fossil fuels but that's not why organic compounds are called "organic."

The idea that organic molecules only occur via living things went out the window more than a hundred years ago. Organic molecules been detected on other planets, in interstellar dust clouds, etc. Here for example:



Even to a dog.

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never thought myself

smart,but i will bump for discussion

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I got attacked for not knowing anythng about our atmosphere.

Why would a self avowed HVAC/R tech know about such things?

I will get banned soon.