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Put Your Hands Up! Give Me $300 Per Month For The Rest of Your Life or Else!

Does anyone else feel like they're being robbed?

I do. Obamacare's mandate, forcing Americans to buy health insurance is really starting to set in to reality.

You and I will be forced to pay at least $300 per month for insurance policies that more than likely won't cover us when the crap really hits the fan when you're 75 years old, collecting too much social security, and not working for USSA Inc.

Every single month for the rest of our lives, we will be forced to buy government dope.

Obama is a THIEF in Chief and deserves to get impeached for forcing Americans in to involuntary servitude.

How ironic.

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Just another payment to live.

There are many things you are forced to pay for if you actually want to live comfortably. Even living off in the middle of the woods in a cabin, you still have to pay taxes for it in many cases. The only difference here is that the cost is blatent and higher than most other stuff you are forced to pay.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

perhaps when holder and obama

perhaps when holder and obama decided on the policy initiative to reduce incarceration for marijuana crimes they had an ulterior motive in mind, namely freeing up jail space for the conscientious objector to obamacare.

Can't be impeached

The Supreme Court covered him.

Sham court.

Sham Judge Roberts.

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Supreme Court

Keep in mind that, according to whistle-blower Russ Tice, the entire Supreme Court was spied on by the NSA. So it's very possible that blackmail was involved in pushing Obamacare through.

you owe your soul

to the company store !

You must pay to exist!

IF this is not stopped we and all subsequent generations are destined to be slaves from cradle to grave. Think of what they will "logically" decide needs to be mandated in the future.

You no longer have authority over yourself.

It's all about culling the herd. What did you expect?

You can get abortion on demand for free.

But don't get cancer.

In either case it's culling the herd.