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Society shutdown, how about it?

So the geniuses at DC have shutdown the government.. As expected the masses panicked, complained, pointed fingers, and fell for the political stunt which in my opinion was designed to further divide the people. Besides all that, nothing much else happened. The world didn't end, Russia didn't take advantage of a leaderless nation(pun?), and it seems like the baby panda is alive and well. Everybody continued their every day life's as usual. If anything, something tells me that the government shutdown actually brought tranquility and peace around the world. If this is the case, which it is, why do the masses swear we need this government?
I know I'm asking too much, but what I see here is an opportunity for us to spread our message and ideas. The masses really think we need these fools for our very own survival, but thruth is that they need us!! Let's spread this known idea of having a "society shutdown," in which we don't participate in any government program, don't pay any taxes, don't purchase any of the crap they sell us, maybe not go to work for a little (or forever), and see what happens. In the mean time, we can hang out with our friends, visit family, introduce ourselves to our neigbor's, the possibilities are endless.
This will bring forward the epiphany of mankind and possible the destruction of government. Surely people will ask, who will build the roads? Who will provide electricity? Water? Food? Well the answer is simple, volunteerism. While yes, a monetary or barter system will probably be needed, we can start by living up to the libertarian philosophy. This is all wishful thinking but bottom line is we don't need the idiots in DC at all, as I've said they need us. So spread your input/ideas because at this very moment they are worth gold!

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