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Holy Pre-Made Shut down Signs Batman!


Did anyone else notice all the ready made signs that are going up?

Is this planned for maximum impact?

Who knew what when?

Who made these and what did they cost?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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You'd be surprised how

You'd be surprised how quickly you can make a poster... Remember the "Stand with Rand" signs after his filibuster? They had the signs ready the next morning. That doesn't mean I don't think that they're still (as my English friends put it) "taking the piss"... In American that means they're milking this shutdown for everything it's worth.


They seem to be pretty sensitive over there. I posted a comment, and it was almost immediately expunged. I conclude that the comments section is extremely well controlled.


Some of these comments prove that the sheeple are still alive and well in America. (smh)

I noticed this exchange

in the comments under the article in the OP link. Good example of the blindness going on among the left/progressives ( It happens on the right too, I know, but here is an example involving the left) Funny how they don't see any hate coming from the left. Did I hear someone say "teabagger"? Not to mention the policies they endorse, they are hate incarnate. Making slaves of free people.

Sean Patrick Murphy :
Our government is in chaos. It is a joke. But, lets not think, for a second, that the left wing isn't filled with just as much hate. We are no longer a nation of democrats and republicans. We are a nation of those who hate democrats and those who hate republicans.

Will Kraft · Top Commenter :
Sean Patrick Murphy Where's the hate coming from the left? Yeah, we're angry about this but we have every right to be.

Pam VanMeter:
Will Kraft I agree. Give me examples of hate on the Left? That is a pack of lies talking point. Watching too much Faux News Sean Patrick.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

"1. There was a long line to

"1. There was a long line to enter a Senate office building because other entrances were closed."

God have mercy on our souls, what have done to deserve this calamity!

"3. A slew of agency websites are not operating. Here’s NOAA.gov."
Do people honestly believe this?

"5. The shutdown has even closed a U.S. cemetery in France."
Mon Dieu!

Have no worries, there is a ray of hope, all the GODDANG golf courses at our Air Force Bases state side were still open!

Southern Agrarian


the shut down will highlight a whole pile of government functions that are of little consequence but great waste. Maybe, whole agencies could be disbanded entirely. Wouldn't it be great if we could just mitigate some crisis while the government was trying to justify their existence by accentuating it?

Signs where?

Haven't seen any signs. Read there were truck loads of signs saying it was Martial Law going to bases in Region 111 [hate using that, agenda 21's naming of regions not states] Supposedly for the Nov 'drill'.
Are you saying the signs are being posted somewhere now? If so, where?


See the link I did above

There are these premade gov't shut down signs. I saw some on a Las Vegas thread for the national parks and they have the same ones in DC. It never occurred to me but the other poster brought up the Oct.1 surprise. Think about the food stamps being shut off and voila.

Instantly you have 50 million welfare recipients in the streets with no food demanding hope and your change.

Stand by to stand by but this is very distressing.


The above link is from Las Vegas area.


This one is from D.C.

The point is how the hell did these get made and distributed so quickly as if it is all prearranged?

Guilty of one track mind.

Having come to the DP on the heels of reading about Martial law signs on another site, clouded my view. I was thinking only of that, not park closings.

Yep, they were quick with the closing signs. Think they had an overnight printer with trucks ready to haul them with the ink still wet? :)

By the way, food stamps, assisted nutritional programs along with Social Security will go out as usual. The only program as far as food is concerned to be affected is a feeding program for kids in some schools which is already funded through Oct now. Don't think there will be rioting.


Weren't We Warned?

Wasn't there a thread warning about a FEMA region-III (Washington DC area) event on Oct. 1? I think we now know what that event is.

Officially from the FEMA.gov site

Rumor Control

a red "x"FEMA is purchasing ammunition, vaccines, etc. in anticipation of a disaster in Region III on or about October 1st, 2013. This is FALSE.

a green check markFEMA is aware of the speculation surrounding procurement of materials throughout the United States, particularly in the mid-Atlantic region. There is no specific threat, catalyst, or alert that causes FEMA to purchase additional supplies. Throughout the year, FEMA routinely purchases materials and prepositions them throughout the country in anticipation of disasters. No unusual or inordinate purchases are being made.
Last Updated:
09/30/2013 - 15:20


It is all starting to make sense. First shut it down then the food dries up.

Congress is suspended and Obama declares martial law to restore order since Congress refuses to do their job...