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Rand Paul: 'Goons' blocked WWII Memorial

Sen. Rand Paul blasted the federal government for trying to block World War II vets from visiting their memorial, saying “some idiot in government sent goons out there to set up barricades.”

“If Harry Reid and the President want to keep the parks closed— I mean did you read the story today? Some idiot in government sent goons out there to set up barricades, so they couldn’t see the monument. People had to spend hours setting up barricades where there are never barricades to prevent people from seeing the World War II monument because they’re trying to play a charade,” Rand (R-Ky.) said Tuesday on Fox News’s “Hannity.”


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How many park rangers does it take to hang a "Park Closed" sign?

"Park Closed" Temporary barrier set up is a shame. Note the rest of Washington DC Capitol park is open... No perimeter fence.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

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WW II Memorial was funded almost entirely by private funds

UPDATE XII: And for the icing on the cake via Weasel Zippers:

The National World War II Memorial was funded almost entirely by private contributions, as specified in Public Law 103-32. The campaign received more than $197 million in cash and pledges. Support came from hundreds of thousands of individual Americans, hundreds of corporations and foundations, veterans groups, dozens of civic, fraternal and professional organizations, states and one territory, and students in 1,200 schools across the country.

Donated and pledged funds were used to cover the total project costs of approximately $182 million. These costs include site selection and design, construction and sculpture, a National Park Service maintenance fee required by the Commemorative Works Act, groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies, fund raising, and the 11-year administrative costs of the project from its inception in 1993 through completion in 2004.

Remaining funds are held on deposit with the U.S. Treasury in a National WWII Memorial Trust Fund. The funds will be used by the American Battle Monuments Commission solely to benefit the World War II Memorial.


Great Photo..

Rand is very good at

Rand is very good at articulating the truth in a sensational and concise way that the media eats up.

This whole mess just reeks of

This whole mess just reeks of desperation. We've got them on the run and they're terrified.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Let's see what happens today - if they do have mounted police

and try to stop the Vets with force. This could get ugly really fast.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

They got in...

and get this, Claire McCaskill managed to be the first one through the barricades so that she could tell the vets it was all the fault of the Teaparty.

Lots of photos and updates here:


Great link!

I think O'B**tard really stepped in it with this one.