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An Interesting Libertarian Mayoral Candidate in Minneapolis

In this edition of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I speak with libertarian candidate for mayor of Minneapolis, Christopher Robin Zimmerman, aka CRZ. CRZ speaks about how he became a libertarian, caucusing for Ron Paul, and what he hopes to achieve with his mayoral run.

I greatly enjoyed my interview with CRZ. CRZ is using politics in what I feel is the proper manner: as a bully pulpit to spread sound, libertarian ideas, not just as a means to achieve power. He is well aware that he has little to no chance of winning – especially with his decision not to even raise funds – but he is doing it for the same reason we run this website: in order to advance the ideas of liberty.

Plus, I go on a rant on Obamacare's impact on my health insurance!

(NOTE: I can't tell if the embed is working, it appears not to show up for me, but the interview can be heard at the below link)

Read more at Lions of Liberty

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It would be nice

To see an actual Libertarian elected. Not a Tea Party honk, but an actual, living Libertarian.

Bump for Minneapolis. Great city to live in.

Thanks for posting.

Self bump

Cuz everyone was sleeping when I posted this morning. He's a great guy and a solid libertarian!

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