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In what State and Precinct did you Canvas Saturday???

Was it a success???

Any tips for us Canvassers who had to work Saturday, but are going to pound the streets Sunday for Ron Paul ???

Please share your thoughts and thank you for your service in the cause of Liberty !!!

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Ohio Precinct 15 (Marysville, Dublin), yes!

A success by the measure of saying 50-60% are undecided and in my area older folks. Amazing but most had not heard of Dr Paul. I got GREAT feedback when I showed the real economic stimulus package. My boy is coming over tomorrow and we are going back out together.

A different topic but he is 17, 18 by presidential election. Watched Zeitgeist then Freedom to Fascism and donated $150 of his hard earned McDonalds paycheck to Dr Paul!!!!! A month ago all he cared about was guitars and girls now his friends are joining me for a sign wave in the morning.

This is a revolution!!!!

Wow!! All of this Great Hard Work!!!! Awesome!!!!!

I have been blown away by your comments and how hard you are all working for Ron Paul actually walking the Precincts where you live!!

I am so very proud of all of you and so honored to counted as a member of the REOVLution!!!

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication in the cause of Liberty!!

335 in Texas City

still working on it but got started today. I was nervous at first but ended up having fun.

After reading how Dr. Paul kicked butt when Newt Gringrich and the other Republicans tried to stop him from becoming a congressman I see how Canvasing is the most important thing we can do.!!

Read the article here.

Mt. Vernon, Missouri

My family and another family covered most of Mt. Vernon, MO today.

Craig, Colorado

Downtown on Yampa Avenue, I walked into each shop or business. I was more high strung over the imploding dollar but took the conversation to Dr. Paul.

I even went to the thrift stores...LOTS OF PEOPLE THERE.


Clarkdale, AZ

Tomorrow, not today. Delivering material to every Republican in my town. There are a lot of seniors here.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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I passed out slimjims

"No tax on tips" slimjims at hair salons and restaurants. in Arizona

Springfield, MO

Not tipping the opposition on what precinct;) My feet are killing me from doing lit drops. It was a beautiful day to walk, I must say. More of the same tomorrow.

Okay!! Sounds Like I Should Concentrate on Seniors!!!

Reviewing the comments so far it looks like alot of RP Precinct Workers are concentrating on the Senior Voters.

Any other recommendations???

San Diego, CA

City Heights, San Diego, CA - Dropped off slim-jims and cards on approximately 350 homes.

Decatur, GA

Three of us for 2 hours, two of us for another 2 hours.

I alone dropped flyers (the trifold and west coast, hole punch left hand corner, rubber banded together) onto 200+ front door knobs and handles.

Together, I'd guesstimate we hit about 500 front doors with Ron Paul info.

No chatting just literature drops as Feb 5th is coming fast.

In fact, just sat around and assembled 200 more flyers packs.

Love it.

Brazoria County, Texas, Precinct 51

Unfortunately no other meetup members showed up, out of 56 members. But a few have confirmed for tomorrow.

Any ideas on how to get your meetup members to show up? One problem I have is that at least half the members have inactive email accounts in their meetup user profile. I have no way to contact them. And it isn't from spam, there isn't much email on the group list.

dont know name of city, but

it tastes great and is less filling.

Tampa Bay, Florida Precinct 553

Yes it was a success because I believe that I convinced more old retired people to vote for Ron Paul.

Precinct 4427 in Spokane,

Precinct 4427 in Spokane, Wa

Tomorrow 4421 (My precinct)

It snowed a good 6inches while we were canvassing today, it really sucks the energy right out of you.


Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.


plus phone banking


precinct 30 Florida

New Canaan CT

People were very recpetive. Quite a number of senior citizens who had never heard of or heard little about Dr. Paul.
Many were thankful for getting information. One gentleman said he appreciated the old time approach of knocking on doors. He said it showed that ti's not just about money.


The ol' folk really appreciate the couple of minutes you spend with them and yes, many have not heard of Dr. Paul.....but hey, once they hear of his stands, they become really cozy with his views....after all, he stands for what America use to stand for...something they can remember and relate to.....

Are you

having fun.
I loved canvassing (SC)

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