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Debt Ceiling Solution - Step 1

Presidential term limit of 6 years (only 1 term) - The root of all our problems is money and power. Lets limit both. This eliminates need for campaign finance reform and reduces lobbying power. Perhaps politicians will start doing what is best for the good old USA.

Congressional term limit in both House and Senate (only 1 term) - See benefits listed above.

We should seek 536 Americans that is willing to do this first. Then the other problems can be addressed more easily and our children and grandchildren will have a chance at the American dream.

Then we can focus on how to instill values of integrity, hard work, dedication, loyalty, etc. where all political parties can work together.

Someone should create a US Citizen Vote site where this is the only question requiring a YES/NO answer keyed to last 4 of SSN and state of residence. Use the data as a grounds for a new grass root movement to get rid of all those in D.C. who do not support this single objective.

Thanks, in advance, for your support and feedback!!

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Nah, let's dissolve the constitution

Nah, let's dissolve the constitution and go to fifty sovereigns as a first step. Let's not even have federal elections anymore.

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