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Jimmy Kimmel interviews sheeple on Obamacare (Video)

Geez, we have a long way to go...

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Notice that they like the ADA

because of all the things they were TOLD it would be and hate Obamacare because it is what ADA turned out to be. In their minds that is.

This is why we are destined to fail

under our current system of governance.

The question: "Which is better, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?"

This is not just a poll but is a prime example of why our government is destined to degenerate. A vast majority of issues that our government gets involved in are just like the above question. Two choices neither of which are right choices. Even if the two choices were different there is still no right answer.

Wrong wins the vast majority of the time in politics because not only are most issues void of any right choice but even if there is a right choice like: "Should the government run healthcare or should it STAY OUT OF IT?" they always seem to end up compromising which in this case would end up being "Government should get a little bit involved in healthcare." Wrong wins and gains a foothold for future advancement.

With every vote that comes up local, state, or federal, whether at the polls or in closed chambers there should be a choice of something like: "This "Issue" Shall Not Be Government Legislated And For Such Consideration Shall Not Be Introduced Again."

I'm just grasping at straws here.

I agree with your thought

To add to your point, we are constantly given a false choice. A prime example is the false choice between Demo or Rep. Neither really lead to freedom or prosperity - they just lead to more enslavement and poverty. A reawakening of what makes our country great is what is needed and I want to believe this is happening. I am certainly a testament to Dr Paul's undying optimism and commitment to educating the masses. I greatly regret not being awake during the 08 campaign and missing the movement and energy that existed among the fold of true patriots on this site and around the country.
I really felt sorry for these folks half way through the video. They all seem like they are sincere Americans that want the best for their lives and families. They reminded me of how foggy my thinking once was and how I had no real direction on issues...God Bless Dr. Paul!