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Clapper ( Liar Liar Pants on Fire): Shutdown harms spies' mission Oct 2

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials said Wednesday that the government shutdown is seriously damaging the intelligence community's ability to guard against threats. They said they're keeping counter terrorism staff at work as well as those providing intelligence to troops in Afghanistan, but that the danger would increase daily with fewer spies to track targets.

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper told Congress Wednesday that roughly 70 percent of the civilian workforce — including staff from the CIA, National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency — have been furloughed.

Clapper told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he has tried to keep on enough employees to guard against "imminent threats to life or property," but may have to call more back to work if the shutdown continues.

"The risk is 75 percent more than it was yesterday," Clapper said, when asked to quantify the damage.

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geminitwin73's picture

Clapper is full of it....

I'm in Afghanistan now in one of the intel shops and not only have we not lost anyone here to furlough, we've been getting new contractors in daily with contracts good for a year. Moreover, support from the agencies back home is considered exempt as is any position that "guards against imminent threats to life, property...national security. On another note, they're re-wiring all of our living quarters...again...even though there's nothing wrong with the electricity and they'll most likely tear them down or turn them over to the Afghans once we hand the base over next year. It's all theater.