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TAC New Project - Turn It Off: The NSA's Achilles Heel.

www.NULLIFYNSA.com or www.OFFNOW.org

Help get this to the eyes and in the ears of Utah residents: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2013/10/radio-ad-no-wat...

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Bump for general Awesomeness!

So the Feds wand to force (mostly desert) Utah to provide them
with 1.7 million gallons of water a day so it can spy on them
more effectively?

I was unfamiliar with the "Anti-commandeering Doctrine" but it sounds
like one worth getting to know - maybe it can be applied elsewhere, too.

I would so love for Utah to shut this down - even making it a significant debate
would be more exposure than the NSA wants, I'm sure.


I couldn't agree more.

They have no other way of

They have no other way of cooling the data center? Wouldn't they just switch to a different cooling method if they are blocked from using that much water?



There's only two ways to cool a computer. Liquid and Air. Top dollar equipment uses liquid as it's much better at heat displacement. According to Boldin, they picked Bluffdale because of the Jordan river.

Listen to the interview with Boldin on the Scott Horton Show.


The URL needs to be edited

THx for posting this - the URL in the ad is a offnow dot ORG.
The TAC is doing great work.


Liberty = Responsibility


Thanks for catching that. They really are.


Updated. My rant removed. Audio added.