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Ron Paul on CNBC: "The Country Is Bankrupt... The People Are Being Bamboozled" 10-2-13

Interview starts at 2:10


"The American people are being bamboozled into believing that you have to keep spending for ever," Ron Paul exclaims, as "neither side is truly looking for spending cuts." As he explains they all know that increasing spending is all that can maintain the status quo. In this brief CNBC clip, Paul says playing the blame game is ignorant of the reality that both sides are "rigid with bad ideas," dismissing Obama's 'faction' comments. For a glimpse at the chaos underlying the status quo (that is being exposed this week), Paul blasts that "it is a philosophy of government that is to blame; Keynesianism, Militarism, and Interventionism, and the funny-money system that we use. All that has come together and the country is bankrupt and nobody wants to amid it."

"Why in the world can't the people have an option to opt-out?" is the middle ground possibility that Paul suggests...

"While more are waking up to it (especially in light of the non-essential services furloughs currently), there is still an appetite for big government - people are afraid to give up on it."

The Democrats are just as "rigid" as the Republicans.. "They are rigid with bad ideas too in that "deficits don't matter, the government has to spend, and the government has to take care of us, and you should print money when you need it."

Paul goes on to discuss Gold "all central banks work together - they collude"
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ooh no! I think the

ooh no! I think the government is not deceitful at all and neither is it playing fool the citizens.Obama and his government is doing just fine it is just that you are approaching the whole idea based on politics.

Weakness in the Price of Gold

I think the price of gold has been slipping because of concern about the deflationary consequences of the looming debt ceiling showdown.

if Congress and the White House are unable to make a deal on the debt ceiling, it DOES NOT MEAN DEFAULT. More likely it means the economy relapses back into recession.

Nominal US GDP is growing at an annual rate of about 2.5%. US federal spending currently weighs in at roughly 23% of GDP, in contrast to the historical average of 19.6% from 1946 to 2008. If the debt ceiling is not raised, the government will have no choice but to go COLD TURKEY to a balanced budget by cutting 18 cents out of every dollar it currently spends. Slashing 18% of the federal budget would bring US federal spending down to roughly 19% of GDP and by extension cut the annual GDP growth rate from a positive +2.5% to a negative -1.5% in a New York minute. Negative GDP growth is the definition of recession.

The only way this scenario could avoid triggering another recession would be if private sector credit expanded rapidly enough to fill the vacuum and make up the difference. The question is whether the private sector in aggregate has de-leveraged enough since 2008 to make private sector businesses and households feel comfortable enough to go out on a borrowing spree.

Ed Rombach

What's next - Selling off Public parks ? H.R. 1126

Will they try selling off National public parks to pay off the debt? The legislation is already in place. Our boy Mike Lee from Utah is actually in support of the sell off of our national treasure. We need to tell him he's on the wrong side on this.

GOP Budget Calls For Fire Sale Of Public Lands While Preserving $40 Billion In Tax Breaks To Big Oil

Today the oligarchs are back, sniffing round the land that is the peoples, in the hope of taxing them further by withdrawing these assets from the common weal, and selling them off. And whom could they sell to in a time of recession? Not to the hard pressed common man who finds his home financially underwater, or the small businessman strapped for cash because fuel prices keep rising. No, they look to their own, that small percentage enriched by the public purse who were bailed out from their folly two years ago, those same still well lubricated by Bush tax breaks. Those who fund political careers. To those that hath shall be given but to those that hath not even that which they have shall be taken.

"Three oligarchs are putting together such a land grab for their own. Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz suggested in March a Bill to sell off Government land. Its full Sunday title being, Chaffetz bill HR 1126 The Disposal of Excess Federal Land Act. Chaffetz’s father was previously married to the wife of Mike Dukakis the former Governor of Massachusetts and the Democrat nomination for President in1988.
Chaffetz is supported in this by Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Mike Lee is a second cousin to US Senator Mark Udall, of Colorado, and Senator Tom Udall, of New Mexico and also of former Senator Gordon H Smith of Oregon. A family I dealt with previously in Oodles of Udalls. They are supported in this land grab by Senator John McCain of Arizona.

(side note: interesting family background on the Udall/Lee family http://theoligarchkings.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/oodles-of-u... and also note Mike Lee is on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - "Figuring out how private interests use public lands is at the heart of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's job. Oil and gas, timber, and mining companies all extract natural resources from federal land, and it is up to committee members to decide how much these industries must pay the government in royalties and other payments. Often the legislative agenda of energy companies is at odds with the goals of environmental and conservation groups that lobby to preserve resources, protect endangered species, and fight climate change. Committee members also have jurisdiction over the disposal of nuclear waste and electric utilities. It is no surprise that energy interests are among the top contributors to committee members." and in the Top 5 Industries of his campaign contributors? Mining companies http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?cid=N0003...)

RP R3VOLution

It's Showtime!

It's Showtime!

Wise, Consistent Message


Like a boss.

Like a boss.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Oh Uncle Ron....

You crazy old kook, always speaking out about what should just be common sense.....where do you come up with this stuff?

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

Why Not Show Some Respect, Unblinded !

In my opinion, Ron Paul is the only person in the last 40 years to have the best interests of the American people who elected him to Congress 12 times, at heart, and should be our President right now.


I think

He was being sarcastic? lol

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

"They are not going to default, they are going to give them

money that does not have purchasing power". Has anyone noticed that the grocery products have changed? Is it me or what? I noticed that the loafs of bread are getting smaller, width wise. They come in the same clear plastic bag, so the bag is the same size, the loafs are narrower.

Yup, some package lower weight

Pipe tobacco pouches shrank from 4.5oz to 4.3oz in the last couple of months.

Free includes debt-free!

A Five Pound Bag or Sugar Is Now Four Pounds

slight of hand.....Same price but you get less

..and so it begins


Phxarcher87's picture


should learn how to make your own bread!

James Madison

Thats exactly what my daughter told me

She makes bread from scratch, flower, water, yeast, etc. who does that? LOL

Yeah, who does that? Who

Yeah, who does that? Who makes bread out of flowers?!

lol =P But in all seriousness, I wondered if that was perhaps really a thing for a good few seconds. =P

oops flour

That white powdery stuff, you know, LOL


just dont eat bread at all

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?