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Since the government SHUTDOWN, let's take it back?

These scare tactics are not working on me. I'm sure the rest of you here feel the same way. What can we do, as "We The People" to activate now and take this thing back? Let the rEVOLution begin now. Then I think, is this what they want? Do they want to see if we are compliant? ....All of these questions, but all of this opportunity was just begging me to post this here today. I'm not sure I've ever posted before, but used to be an avid chatter.

I kind of want to sing the theme song to "Pinky and the Brain"...but I really don't want to take over anything but my own freedoms. To be free to make any choice in my life that harms no one through theft or violence. To purchase what I want, how I want it, and be willing to accept the consequences of my educated/uneducated purchase.

I think this is something we can all agree on. I have spoken with a very small handful of people who think this is a good thing, think no one should have guns, and feel that a controlled population is the best. That being said, there's a LEGION of those who want freedom. Where do we begin? ...A petition?....A facebook page "Now that the government is shut down, it is once again of WE THE PEOPLE"???

Ideas, share some concerns anything. What can we do to build on this?

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...to Warner Brothers to re-air Pinky and The Brain. Good thought.