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Dr. Paul's Best Poison: Romey or McCain in Florida?

I think a Romney hurts Dr. Paul least. What do you think? I hope Dr. Paul wins Florida, but I'm trying to be realistic about that state.

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It's ALMOST a wash

at this point. Either one is fine. The most important is that Dr. Paul finish respectably, maybe even give Huckabee and Giuliani a run for their money.

Based on national polls, I would have to prefer that Romney win because McCain is stronger nationally than Romney is, plus McCain already came in first in the Louisiana caucus.

I've been canvassing in CA and I can tell you for a fact that I've come across several McCain supporters and no Romney supporters. That, to me, is also an indication of the depth of McCain's support nationally.


And don't ya wish Paul had beat him in Iowa when we had the chance???

Either way, Romney and McCain will have BIG momentum going into Feb. 5th. Rudy will stick it out through then waiting for a miracle.....Huckabee will stick it out for all the southern evangelical states now that Thompson is gone.

Paul has one week left in this campaign, IF WINNING is the goal.

"Spreading the message" is another matter, and I'm sure he can get enought support from us to run until the national convention, depending on if he has any legitimate amount of delegates commited.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

Evangelicals for Fred? No way!

Fred had the sovereigntists, the anti-illegal/stronger border voters.
With Fred gone they will be flocking to Paul, which is why I think he'll come in 3rd in Florida

We need Romney to win Florida, or Paul, but Romney second.

If he wins Florida Rudy will drop out. Huckabee will drop out, and McCain will be running on fumes. Romney can't beat Paul nation wide, and when Giulliani and Huckabee drop out, the vote will go to Dr. Paul.

no no no

This has to go to national convention, in order to do so not one candidate garners 51% of the vote. We need Romney to come in 2nd so he's still beating Giuli and Huck. We need McCain to come in 1st so he's taking the delegates away from Romney. And I'd like to see Paul in 3rd, which would be amazing.

Think with your head-bone, not your gut-bone.

Romney has two things against us right now

We want Romney to lose Florida, he's already ahead in delegates and he has an endless supply of money from his personal bank account.

If McCain wins then he'll get more delegates on his side and it'll still be a closer race than if Romney wins. Remember, McCain is almost broke, he'll get a little boost with the Florida win, but then will probably fail badly in Maine.

This is a game of chess, not checkers, Paul knows what he's doing.

Oh yes the massive 1% of

Oh yes the massive 1% of delegates that have been pledged so far. Getting rid of McCain gets Paul the independent vote (more) in any open states.

Excellent summation...

Good points

i think a romney

win would help the most, so everyone else would drop out due to lack of money. look, for every person that likes romney theres another one who cant stand him. ron paul would be the guy who takes all those votes from those who cant stand romney. once the public sees he has a chance to win they will vote for him and ron paul will win.

My preference is for Romney

My preference is for Romney to win if Paul cannot. I dislike McCain a lot for foreign policy reasons.

Huckabee and Rudy will exit if they get beat really nicely which is reasonably likely.

Not about who you like

It's about strategy, think of this as a game of chess.
We don't want Romney to win this one as he is ahead so far.

Ummm. It is about who I

Ummm. It is about who I dislike. There are some people who are intolerable to run the country. I want those people to loose. Sure I'd like Paul to win, but I think in the general election he might get crushed.

Nevertheless, even by stratagy standards you should want Romney to win.

Only about 1% of delegates have been pledged, this small lead there just isn't important yet. The danger is McCain momentum. Like it or not the media counts, and if McCain wins Florida large, he will get even more play, which might give him an insurmountable lead in Feb 5th.

On the off chance he drops out (which I doubt) we can get more independent votes in whatever open primaries are left in the country.

Rudy !!

A Giullani win in Florida would put the Republican race in total disarray. There would be 4 different winners Huckster in Iowa, McCain in N.H., Romney in Michigan, and Rudy in Fla. [(5) Paul, if things are reported accurately in La.]
That would put a brokered convention on the schedule for sure and that would be great for Dr. Paul.

No a Rudy win will have the media screaming about

his wait and see technique, he will be propped up as the savior, and the sheep will follow super tuesday. We need Romney to win. He will not get the support on super tuesday, and it will drop Giulliani out of the race. Without Giulliani, the GOP will have no choice but Romney, or Paul.

Totally agree with you

The other part of this strategy is dealing with MSM coverage-and you are right,they would do exactly this. Like they've done with McCain's 'sudden surge'. [btw: yes,media coverage for the major station players is handed down via channels that are influenced by the CFR,et all. They will be serving up who they want us to think is doing well/electable. That's just reality,people.]

You're right, but that's not going to happen and you know it

Between the choice of Romney and McCain I think strategically we want McCain to win, followed by Romney, followed by Paul.

That MAY actually happen. Huckabee is hoping for a win in Florida as well, because of the evangelical voters will flock to him. But if he doesn't make it there, and if Rudy doesn't make it there, then it's over for BOTH.

That being said, McCain, Romney, and Paul is a realistic result that we want. Remember, strategy over winning everything by a landslide (which is impossible in this race).

You killing me Mike.

You killing me Mike. Rudy!!???
Is he your friend? Do you have a special sympathy for him?
For me he always will be Adolph Ghouliani.

But, I agree Adolpho win would be best. His toast anyway, but his win would prevent Romney or Mcain to move to far ahead,

Sympathy ?

For who, the Devil ?
Oh God. NO !!
Please allow me to introduce myself... Mike from Michigan. Just a guy that's been wishing for 30 years that I could vote for Ron Paul. And finally, I was able to on the 15th. And it was doubly sweet beating the Gouhl.


McCain is running on fumes and if he doesnt get Florida his momentum is gone, And he will get more exposure and this is bad for McCain. Conservatives don't remember who this guy really is. Amnesty are you freaking kidding me. That has been a pundit talking point for 2 years, defeated only because the American people stood up for once and called our representatives to squash comprehensive immigration reform. McCain needs to go away he is a psychopath.


romney is leading in delegates

so i don't think we want him to win florida.

we want to keep the pack tight...
a giuliani win in florida would be the best situation because it would water down the field and keep mccain and romney from pulling away.

i hope huckabee drops out soon so that ron paul can get some of those evangelical votes.

This is about funding

I think a McCain win would be best.
We want a three way battle so this can go to national convention.

Romney v. McCain v. Paul

If Huck doesn't place well with the large evangelical vote in Florida then he's probably calling it quits.

All of Giuliani's chips are in Flordia, and if HE doesn't win it then he's gone.

Not McCain

Romney or Huckabee or Rudy would not be able to win Feb5 after a florida win, but McCain would (statistically).

Huh? I thought Romney had more delegates right now. . .

Romney: 73, McCain: 38, Huckabee: 29, Paul: 6, Ghoul: 2.

Forida has 57 (winner takes all).

Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

It is true that Romney is

It is true that Romney is ahead in delegates but he has less national name recognition, and polls lower. Romney is better winner. McCain will not leave even if he looses in FL.

rp will not win florida...

we just need to hope he shows well...

those other guys spent lots and lots of time and money there...

it does not matter who wins-- none of them are conservatives... they are RINOS...

RP against any of them head to head = RP as the nominee...

if giuliani does not win- he goes down in flames...

same with huckabee...

i would love to see RP on stage with romney and mccain...

this is truly shaping into a great thing....

Eastern Oregon is Ron Paul Country!

I DEFINITELY think a Romey win would help

Now a ROMNEY win on the other hand.....