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Less than 1 per cent of Web visitors are signing up for Obamacare on some state health exchange websites

Obama-prayer? The White House is hoping millions of Americans will sign up for government-brokered health insurance, but so far there's no indication that the throngs of website lookie-lous are applyling
As President Obama's signature health insurance overhaul effort began to enroll new participants on Monday, some states running their own insurance exchanges saw huge levels of website traffic but paltry interest in signing up.

California, the ultimate blue state whose federal lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in support of Obamacare, turned less than 1 per cent of its Web visits into 'Covered California' participants on Tuesday.

'We had over 5.7 million hits to our website as of 3 p.m. yesterday,' Covered California spokeswoman Kelsey Caldwell told MailOnline Wednsday.

'7,700 consumers began their application process yesterday. ... 4,143 applications are pending,' she added. 'We received 23,269 calls yesterday to our service center.'


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Sign up pet lab rats, the program isn't fitting for dogs.

Or the dearly departed, it won't hurt them. Use onion routers. Congress authored this joke, it deserves our scorn.

Only ignoramuses seek medical care for anything but trauma or infection. Free medical care is worth what one pays for it.

Free includes debt-free!

I Hear they're offering free

I Hear they're offering free phones to sign up in some states???

The exchanges are not fully

functional yet. And people will check them out before singing up, obviously.

We will need to go beyond Obamacare in a couple of years -- to a single payer universal system similar to what all European countries and Canada have. Like improved Medicare but for everyone.

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From what I have seen of the costs of the "Afordable Care"

it seems that a bunch of rich people decided what is affordable for the rest of us.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

From what I've read

The deductibles are thru the roof.

Some people actually think ...

... that "Obamacare" means health care/insurance is FREE.

When they go to sign up and find out they have to pay, they bail. LOL

Other people find that the rates are double or more of "regular" insurance.

Interesting how these states are ALL signing up a similar percentage: about one-half of one percent. These are probably people with pre-existing conditions.

Bump - read the comments

Bump - read the comments there great - even the trolls can't keep up.

Great News - Ignore it and it

Great News - Ignore it and it will go away like they did to RP

People are sheep. The longer

People are sheep. The longer no one signs up the more courage everybody else has to delay and ultimately avoid. If this keeps up my bet is Obama and the Dems will give in and delay the individual mandate for a year.