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FBI "Raids" Bitcoin Haven

If you've followed Bitcoin from the beginning, then you know the risks of using the virtual currency.

Last night, I wrote a blog post about CFAA ("Aaron's Law"; not because he wanted it, but because he acted fervently against SOPA/PIPA--two other "laws" like it.)

This article strikes me as convenient for the FBI: toppling another currency (as harmless as Bitcoin may or may not be); the middle east wanted to start a new currency (during Clinton) so we bombed them, going back to JFK--he wanted to maintain the Gold Standard, so "they" assassinated him, and now....Bitcoin tanks because of a "War on Drugs."


Meanwhile, the NSA admits that the widening of their surveillance program was done under false pretenses. (Nice distraction boys...the whole government shutdown...genius plan; let's be real...this is a HUGE admission of guilt for the Obama Admin.)


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Bitcoin tanks?

bitcoin has not tanked or been toppled by this. the price dropped a bit due to panic selling and then quickly rebounded to a healthy monthly average of around $129 right now. while it is sad sr is gone there are other places on the tor that do the same thing. curiously the other big sr type marketplace shutdown recently due to "security concerns". conspiracy theories abound.

the wp story is riddled with ignorant misstatements including the following...

“This goes to show you that though this is an anonymous currency, if you use it for illegal purposes, you will get caught,” Bruen said.

obviously bruen did not bother to read the indictment and does not understand how btc works. dpr was not busted because of btc he was busted because he was sloppy and/or got ratted out and/or set-up/spied on by the nsa surveillance apparatus. i suspect parts of the indictment were "recreated" using "parallel construction" after the fact.

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

DEA and NSA Team Up to Share Intelligence, Leading to Secret Use of Surveillance in Ordinary Investigations
UPDATE: Add the IRS to the list of federal agencies obtaining information from NSA surveillance. Reuters reports that the IRS got intelligence tips from DEA's secret unit (SOD) and were also told to cover up the source of that information by coming up with their own independent leads to recreate the information obtained from SOD

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