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Rudy will exit race before Feb5 to save his speaking fees.

Obviously he wont win FL, but he is losing really bad in NY NJ and Conn. If he were to lose those states in his own backyard he would probably not be able to ask huge speaking fees after the presidential race is over.

He will exit the race to save face so he can continue to cash in on 9-11.

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He's got one more angle....


See above. He's always reminded me of Simon would he stoop to that level?

Benito can't afford to be embarassed by getting creamed in NY

it will kill his lucrative consulting biz with the Arabs and cut his speaking fees to a pittance, He has to drop out after FL next week. Then attempt personal damage control.
Good riddance, Rudy

Let's not forget his ties to Cintra

.. the spanish company that will toll the NASCO super highway ...

"Yes" Men

He strikes me as the type who surrounds himself with "yes" men.

If that's the case, it may take awhile for him to give up. I predict he will be in debt as he tries to buy votes at the end.


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Guli not doing well in Florida

Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Giuliani falls far, fast

doubt it

No one else is dropping before feb 5

Not sure if that is true.

Not sure if that is true. Huge speaking fees are usually a thinly veiled bribe to gain influence over someone who is, or is expected to become, important. Rudy got his fees on the assumption that he might be president someday, not because he had highly insightful comments that people would pay large sums of money to hear.

Therefore, he will stay in the race as long as he has a modicum of chance to win.

For a brokered convention, BTW, we should hope that Rudy wins in NY and NJ because he really can't win in too many other places and we want to keep those high delegate, winner take all states away from McCain and Romney.

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I predict that Rommel will select as VEEP. Since they are both dems in repub clothing. Just a thought.
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yes and no

a month ago I would have greed.

But now I think Huckabee will be Romney's running mate.

I do agree, Rudy is done.

I think he might hang on at least until NY votes.

You should have seen the interviews down here with the transplanted retired New Yorkers. They just LOVE the ghoul.

Go President Paul!

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Another theory

There may be a plan to make everyone believe Gouliani will loose.
This will get him huge media if he wins. And will make him look smart.
(something he needs right about now.)
This could be the plan.
Don't count him out yet.

He has be very busy with the Spanish Community, the Senior
Citizens Community, the absentee ballot voters, and much more.

He may just pull it off. Be ready for it.

I would not be surprised if he wins.

But it is just a theory. I might be wrong.

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