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Dr. Ben Carson Audited By IRS After Carson Criticizes Obamacare @ National Prayer Breakfast


Dr. Ben Carson Details his Encounters With The IRS After Prayer Breakfast Speech
October, 3, 2013 — nicedeb

At an event Monday night with business leaders and elected officials in Alabama, the former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon dropped this little nugget that was picked up by several conservative news outlets, “I had my first encounter with the IRS this year, unsurprisingly after the Prayer Breakfast.”

He appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Wednesday night to elaborate on what happened.

“What did the IRS want,” O’Reilly asked. Carson answered that first the IRS wanted to investigate some investment properties that he had, but everything was on the up and up, so then they did a general audit of everything and found that was okay, and then they decided to look into another year. It looks to me like they were on some kind of fishing expedition.

Carson said, “the fundamental issue here is that the freedom of our citizens is being threatened.” He opined that this is a much more serious thing than Watergate or Iran/Contra or even Benghazigate. “Freedom of speech…freedom of expression is one of the major principles of our country,” Carson declared.

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present

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Could Ostupid just shut up

Could Ostupid just shut up and let his guest finish 1 thought ever?

fireant's picture

Interesting Body Language from OBogus,

esp when Dr. Carson spoke about taxes and health care.

Undo what Wilson did

I'm sorry... I can't watch it

I'm sorry, but I just cannot stomach any more of Bill O'Reilly. He is a hack. I turned off my cable tv a few years ago specifically to avoid his commentary and opinions. Now, I find that he is still trying to creep into my life via YouTube clips. No. I am on strike.

I hear you, feel your pain, but I make exceptions whenever

Dr. Ben Carson goes on O'Really's show. If I can watch without raising his cable viewership, I have no problem gleaning the good doctors views, while filtering my contempt for the interviewer.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Unveiling the 2016 Republican Ticket

Rand Paul / Ben Carson


Rand Paul / Jesse Ventura


Rand Paul / Sarah Palin

All three options would bring a lot of people into the red tent and increase the voter turnout and generate a lot of excitement. Honestly not sure which one would be best.

At the end of the day, it prolly don't matta! The game is rigged so Rand will never get the nod. Election fraud will be again be exposed, and then tolerated for another cycle.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Michael Nystrom's picture

At this point in the standings,

And I'm simply speaking of the current standings - if the playoffs were held today - it would be:


That is the ticket the GOP would choose right now. They're jizzing over Cruz's "courage," no doubt.

But yeah, there is a rigged feeling to things. I think if Paul can keep McConnell in the Senate, and depending on how much McConnell likes Paul, and how much McConnell stands to gain from a Rand Paul presidency, McConnell could pull some serious strings. Romney could pull some serious strings for him, because of what Rand did for him. Maybe Romney will say, ok, I'll pull the strings, but I want you to help me with my rebirth in the GOP as king maker.

Of course, praise words from Romney could cut both ways. Or have all of Romney's strings in the party been cut?

So many things to consider. It is, after all, politics.

I can't imagine...

...why Rand would ever get any real support from these GOP pawns, Romney or McConnell. EVEN IF both those puppets personally promised something to Rand, the controlled and corrupt GOP apparatus would still work against Rand. He'll never stand a chance as Ron never did, but the PTB will allow him to get some press time and generate some campaign momentum and excitement as it tends to be entertainment (and a "leafy" diversion from the tap root) for many who are caught up in the Liberty fight.

I have it, btw, on good sources here in KY who have the best handle on KY politics that Matt Bevin will beat McConnell, or that it is very likely. And in fact that later this year or early 2014 when that likelihood becomes widely known, that Rand will be forced to switch is feigned endorsement from Mitch to the person he REALLY likes, Bevin.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Matt Bevin is getting tea party support

in his run against McConnell.

egapele's picture

Jesse Ventura asked Howard Stern to be

his running mate on the Libertarian ticket.

It's all talk now.

I did hear that too, but Jesse also hasn't said no to running with Rand. But I doubt Rand would go after Jesse. He's too "proper" of a Repub, too into hobbnobbing with the enemy, and associating with such a drastic opponent of the two-party corruption might injure Rand's standing with the GOP, Rand my feel.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

He Should

...have known.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Thanks for sharing . I'm a

Thanks for sharing . I'm a big fan of Dr. Carson's and wish we could see more of him on the Washington stage.

Agree with Michael - he wasn't his usual self in this interview

Wasn't sure if it was because O'Reilly wouldn't let him complete a sentence or if he was just plain uncomfortable talking about it.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

POTUS has a history of making good on his threats...


And lest we forget the drone strike threat that preceded the killing of two US Citizens, father and son al-Awlaki:


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Obama really is the Joker

Obama really is the Joker

What Are the Chances?

Stewart Laments Obama Gangster Techniques

Michael Nystrom's picture

Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

Carson is the dark horse. The potential candidate, that everyone pines for, and may or may not get into the race. Every season has one or two.

Let's see how far he wants to take it.

He's in a position to issue an open and direct challenge to president Obama, and it is one that he could leverage a lot with, because it is about the IRS. Everyone hates the IRS. Red, Blue. It doesn't matter.

"Mr. Obama, you have said you would get to the bottom of this, and you have not? Well, are you not a man of your word? I was audited by the IRS, and I want to know why. Is the IRS being used as a private army of extortion?"

I don't blame him for looking uncomfortable in this interview. He's probably thinking it over. Thinking about the consequences. Do you realize how big the news would be if he challenged Obama.

It is almost too perfect: An articulate, black, doctor taking on ObamaCare. I get kind of a feeling of "Father Knows Best." Maybe that is a show they want to foist on us.

Yes, everything you said he is

And more. An obvious man of principle, educated and eloquent, and most of all aware. Unfortunately the purist libertarians amongst us rejected him, like so many others, because he is not a libertarian..
whatever that has come to denote in it's most elementary form.

Rather puzzling considering most that attend this site are not purist libertarians by definition, one would consider support for those pushing in the right direction, for the right reasons. Alas, we see another under the bus because they aren't the complete package, the guaranteed solution, and we hang on the one individual that 'might' be, rather than all those that 'could' be.
Just maybe, we should be supporting and 'educating' those that can have some impact, rather than over analysing what perceived, underlying motives could exist.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I'll support Carson to teach

I'd like to see him as 2016's Visiting Professor.

He'll add some salt to the debate. Make it not so boring. One thing for sure - that is what Ron Paul did.


Just remember, we don't have control over what other people do, only what we do.

Nystrom, Are you on an Asian Vacay?

It's 4 am. and I'm trading the Asian market - surprised to see you.

I know Dr. Carson personally. When I lived in Baltimore he spoke at a fund raiser we had for our church's crisis pregnancy home. I was also the director of international ministry outreach to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
I can tell you he would not be a tool for anyone. He's using the neo-conservative media as a platform to reach people. Hard to imagine that Blow Reilly is still the #1 cable news show.

Ben Carson is the only doctor I've met in 62 years who really means it when he says God uses him. No matter where he operated on children he always required praise and worship music be played in the operating suite. When I was in B'more (93-04) he survived prostrate cancer like it was a common cold.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thanks for the info

Very interesting.

Do you think he's running for P? Did he look a little scared in that video? A little uncomfortable. That was my feeling, compared to before. His body language was very closed down.

-- - -

No, I'm not away. Samantha is out of town, so my schedule reverts to a more, bachelor friendly sleep schedule. Eventually I end up staying all the way up until sunrise.

How is Asia doing? Is Japan going to keep going up?

The funny thing is I ask this knowing the whole global engine could seize and blow up at any time.

- - -

Keep us posted on Dr. Ben. It is good to keep an eye out in all directions.

Some quick answers; P?: No.

Some quick answers;

P?: No. He's a lot like Ron Paul in that he doesn't want to control or wield power. He wants to influence national conversation through education. He's a revolutionary not a politician.

Scared? Uncomfortable?: Good observation. Have you ever been audited? What you're seeing is someone who has been a-s-s raped. Audits like his are expensive. This man takes everything seriously. I am sure he took it very personal - like a kid who did everything right and was still treated like a bad boy. He also witnessed the IRS's tendency to assume guilt without any due process. And that feeling that they can just confiscate electronically and put the burden of proof on their targeted party. He's worked hard to be a man of honor and the IRS just trashed his sense of honor. In that way he can be childlike.

In spite of all his success he's still of the mind of an average person when it comes to money. He's frightened and being on O'Reilly was an act of courage sticking to his principles of free speech and free thought.

Asia? Japan?: The markets are going to continue to do the unexpected. Go up.
The economies (U.S. & Asia) will continue the zombie shuffle, just muddling along. It's all funny money driven as you know. The $$ pain most likely is going to continue to increase gradually (taxes, stifling and expensive regulation). We have the lowest labor participation rates in history but car makers are breaking sales records?

The $$ black swan event is unpredictable as to when, but as you say it is inevitable. Nobody knows when that will be.

The slow kill (GMO etc) may also turn catastrophic too. But most likely just continue at a steady pace.

You have to carve out your own corner of prosperity and focus on positives. There are always opportunities.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Amen to that, brother!

You have to carve out your own corner of prosperity and focus on positives. There are always opportunities.<./i>

- - -

Good point about the audit. No, I have never been audited, thank god and fingers crossed. I imagine it is expensive and humiliating. Like being stuck in the TSA line at the airport for days (weeks), as they grope and inspect you, over and over again.

I have been notified by the Census, though, that have been randomly selected to participate in their survey. Participation is mandatory. I'm not too keen on that, but nor am I going to pick a fight with a Giant.

Would Dr. Carlson like to pick a fight with a Giant? Is he interested in that line of work?

Thanks man for the perspectives.