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FEMA alert vs Truckers

I'm concerned about the trucker rally in DC in October. FEMA is preparing big-time for -- earthquake devastation?? -- in that area. Everything had to be ready to go for October. Could it be because so many truckers plan to be in one place at one time that this earthquake has been scheduled?

Truckers, please do not congregate in DC in October, or anywhere else in large numbers, any other time. I know this link was posted a while ago, but not much is being said about it. There could be tsunamis.


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The best place to be during an earthquake is in a truck with air-ride suspension. Probably never even feel it, lol. Roll on drivers, do not let anyone discourage you!

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Truckers go! Cancel a battle because it rains? Pooh.

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There are two nuclear power plants

in Pennsylvania, Limerick and Three Mile Island. There is a nuclear power plant in Maryland, Peach Bottom. Shortly after 9/11, people in the vicinity of these plants were advised to go to their local fire stations and pick up a supply of potassium iodine.

The nuclear power plants have been targets at least since September 11, 2001 according to the government.

There's a third

up near Berwick in NE Pa. Actually in Salem Twp. Lines head directly to NYC. not one watt goes to local or Pa residents.

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I stand corrected.

I found this article:

July, 2013


Thank you for the information.


Just like the power from all of our wind turbines that oil and gas industries built here in order to keep the land designated as "power producing." This way they can keep their tax breaks and not reclaim the land.

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