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Above from Left: Sheriff Mack, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Nick Finch


OATH KEEPERS joins CSPOA in Support of

Florida Sheriff Nick Finch


Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is presently championing the fight to reinstate a Sheriff in Florida who has been abused by the Governor and Attorney General of Florida. The article on CSPOA's website is here:


[Quoting from CSPOA's article]

A quick review of the incident tells of a Mr. Parrish being pulled over for a very minor traffic violation last March (2013). The officer, a deputy employed by Sheriff Finch, did a pat-down search of Mr. Parrish and discovered a small pistol in his pocket. Parrish had no "permit" for such and the deputy arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Sheriff Finch was notified of the situation and he went to the Liberty County Jail that he manages. There, after looking over the entire incident, he released Mr. Parrish and canceled the arrest. This is fully within his power of discretion as sheriff. In the first place, Sheriff Finch disagreed with the probable cause used to justify the stop and disagreed with the pat down that led to Parrish's arrest. More importantly, Sheriff Finch nullified a wrong and stood for the Constitution which he is sworn to uphold. Faced with a choice between obeying a state statute or adhering to individual liberty, he chose liberty!

Following this incident, Sheriff Finch was investigated by the State of Florida and arrested for destroying official documents, a dubious accusation at best. Florida Governor Rick Scott took it upon himself to first suspend Sheriff Finch, then remove him from office and fill the vacancy by appointing a member of the very agency that investigated and arrested him! (In layman terms this is all called "the good 'ol boy system")!

So, Sheriff Finch has no job, no income, and is facing felony charges. The State has made it so Sheriff Finch has no money to provide for his family or pay for his lawyers. Finch has two special needs children and a very supportive wife. Yes, the State has already made a plea offer to Sheriff Finch and yes, you guessed it, if he promises to leave his position as Sheriff then all charges against him will be dropped. Of course, Sheriff Finch is fighting this absurd arrest and illegal action by the Governor all the way!

[End quote]

Please read whole article at above link, and if you'd like to help, there is a donation button on the same page with the article. Thank you!

Oath Keepers joins Sheriff Mack's CSPOA in spreading the word of Sheriff Finch's plight. Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, flew out to speak at a fundraiser for Sheriff Finch, and has issued this statement:

"I have met him eye-to-eye and spoken with him at length about his oath, and I am convinced that he is the genuine article - a good man, and a sincere defender of the Constitution. Like Sheriff Finch told me, he took that oath long ago when he served in the Army, and he still takes it very seriously."

Oath Keepers encourages all members and friends of liberty to join in supporting Sheriff Finch.

Friends In The Fight For Liberty

The following is a summation by Oath Keepers' Florida chapter President, Mike Austell, who is very active in support of Sheriff Finch:


When we first learned that our governor had removed an elected county sheriff from office in Florida, we immediately started investigating. The more we investigated and studied the circumstances, the more we became convinced that Sheriff Nick Finch had acted properly and carried out his duties according to his Oath to the Constitution.

Further consultation and discussions with Stewart Rhodes, Richard Mack, and other Constitutional scholars merely affirmed our beliefs. Meeting Sheriff Finch and his family sealed the deal. This is a good solid man who swore his Oath many years ago in the Army and again several times in his law enforcement career. To him, that Oath means what it does to all of us. It never expires and we live it every day.

We wholeheartedly support Sheriff Nick Finch and call on Governor Rick Scott to end this travesty and restore him to his elected office. The people of Liberty County spoke at the ballot box. Are we to allow THEIR decision to be overturned because of some PERCEIVED minor infraction?

We say NO to Governor Scott and State Attorney Willie Meggs! Return Sheriff Finch to his rightful elected office!

Mike Austell

Oath Keepers

Florida Chapter President

[End Quote]

Let's back a brave Sheriff who believes in the Constitution and is willing to do the right thing. The Amendment does say, "...shall not be infringed." Please consider helping by making a donation for Sheriff Finch at the CSPOA website,

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