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No more blimp

I've given $600 because I think the blimp is a novel way of making a lasting impression on a huge number of people, much moreso than the impression a TV ad or normal billboard makes. It is a huge doorway to the magic of the Ron Paul Revolution. People who see the blimp are very likely to tell friends, family and relatives, even send them photos they've taken of it.

It looks like we will lose all that by the end of today unless some serious money comes in. Some $11,500 more is needed for today, $16,000 more for tomorrow. If I had just won the lottery, I would fund the blimp all by myself for the rest of the campaign. However, I was laid off a couple weeks ago and must cut way back on my spending.

Surely there is someone who has maxed out contributing to the official Ron Paul campaign who is well positioned financially. We need an angel.

(I have zero connection to the blimp other than as an ad buyer, so when I say "we" I refer to the greater Ron Paul Revolution.)

There are some very positive signs that the campaign *is* going somewhere: some excellent endorsements and some super endorsements likely soon. It's time to win some states and the Ron Paul Blimp can help us do it.

Please contribute this evening or it's all done:

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The blimp operation is a for-profit corporation.

To those of you worried that the market for 'blimp time'—or whatever they're selling—has dried up, realize that maybe it has. It's a cool idea, sure, but no successful company's business plan is 'give to our cause'. To be financially solvent, they must provide something that appears to be of value to the customer who is only marginally willing to pay. People who have purchased the service the blimp folks are offering have begun to realize what their money has got them. For most of them—just the idea that somewhere there's a blimp begging the question 'Who is Ron Paul?'. Is it worth it? The market will answer this question most definitively, so there's no need to tell people to 'donate'. Tell them 'buy blimp time!' Tell them how much satisfaction you've received the the hour of advertising time you bought for the low price of $600. Let people decide if that amount of satisfaction outweighs the $600 they're holding onto. I can almost guarantee it is worth it for some people—that's the market this company has to compete in if they're going to keep their operation going.

wrong message on blimp

I'll agree with what someone said. Having "Who's Ron Paul" on the blimp was the wrong message to start with. It gives the impression that no one knows him. That's not good promotion.

It should have said "Vote Ron Paul" or something simple. Then below that it should have said:

That might have given a better message about how much support he's is getting now. I chose not to fund the blimp because I thought the message was not effective and a waste of my money.

Yeah it should say Vote Ron Paul bring America Home

I still love the blimp!!!
There were 58.000 people who donated on Tea party,where are they?
We need that Love Back!!

All money needs to go to HQ

HQ is in serious need of money. ALL money needs to go there FIRST.

The blimp was a fun, novel idea for a season....the season is over.

We need to keep our eye on the prize and listen to the those calling the shots from HQ b/c they know more about running a national campaign than most of us do. Granted they are not perfect, but we need to get behind them with our support. Dr. Paul believes he has picked the right people, and so I trust Dr. Paul and his decision making process.

Go President Paul!

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

Time is running out!

Help the blimp now!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I have said this before

I have said this before about 6 times

The blimp is not getting the support any more because they have ignored the requests from the people donating.

The most important request whas the message on the blimp WHO IS RON PAUL is the wrong message this late in the game.

People were asking for other payment options and were ignored.

If you do not listen to the people buying your product they will not continue to buy it.

The campaign needs the money first period.

The blimp will not fly over the super bowl so get that out of your heads, they will never receive clearnce to fly there.

I donated lost to the blimp but the failure to listen to many of our requests has led to less support and i must say it is thier own fault.

The campaing needs the $$

That is more important. The blimp served its purpose and was good.
Let it go with dignity.

A lot of people

still don't know who Ron Paul is. The blimp will pose the question that encourages them to find out.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

move the money over to the nascar project

this is a much better idea



Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Useless/Useful Blimp

Now that the primary season is underway, the blimp may or may not be useful. It's useful if and only if it changes the sign to read "Vote for Ron Paul" rather than "Who is Ron Paul?". And it's useful only if it flies over primary states on the day of the primary. Anything else and it's not worth funding. The "Who is Ron Paul?" days are done.


It might be wise to keep the blimp up for the Superbowl as many, many people might get a chance to see it.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams

Just a reminder...

'to everything there's a season'.
ie,yes,it's a great idea,but that does not mean it is meant or needs to be funded for the duration of the campaign. we may be on to a new phase now,with new ideas yet to be implemented,on the horizon. I'm just sayin'....don't get attached to one 'right' strategy. It's all good.

proof positive!

thread from today Daytona Beach...GREAT ARTICLE! Thank the Reporter! PR is working!

Yeah..if it wasn't for the

Yeah..if it wasn't for the blimp I bet that story would not be written. I just don't have much more to give, anymore..or I would in a minute.