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Death of a Christian / Constitutionaist

I was told about DP from a friend. He told me its a place to find topics concerning corruption by the Fed government. He also said that he was a member when Ron Paul was running for President and back then it was a great place to be.

I think I have been a member for about 4 months. I was trying to figure out how silver and gold were going to help when the economy crashed. Made a post asking that question.
I was called a troll.

Friend told me not to let em know your a Christian because you will be an instant enemy to some. How right he is.
If your a Christian then you are a Zionist, neo-con and an automatic supporter of Yis ra el. I am a for the people of that country. Just like I am for the people of America, Canada, North Korea and all over this world. "Not their governments" but for the folks that are trying to live the best they can.

We have a lot of folks on here making suggestions on what we need to do. I made a post about holding rallies @ every state capitol. 1 a week for 5o weeks. You would get many, many more folks that could attend in their home states. I was told in chat that I was a fool and it would never work.

I have another friend that was / is a big time supported of Ron Paul.
I told him that RP never stood a chance of being elected. If they could not contain him by the media and he was getting close then they would just kill him.

I had 1 friend and 1 acquaintance that was caught up in Arkansas Iran-Contra. 1 was murdered there other has not been seen since 88'.
The friend was the right hand man to the head of the SW Arkansas Drug task force- biggest damn dealer in the ARK-LA-TX @ that time.

I was hauled into the FBI in the 90's because of the contractor I worked for. The contractor was in a partnership with Charlie Tree.
I learned once again how politics works in America. I will not say anything else about that for the protection of my family. I still keepin my mouth shut.

Those of you who are naïve enough to think that a group of politicians much less 1 can change this vile corrupted government....well your the fools.
It's going to take a large number of citizens, recalling every senator and congressman. Putting pressure on our "state" governments where there is abundant corruption in its self. Shutting down the Fed reserve and the CIA/NSA as they are run now.
Don't talk about using weapons, that will not work and that's exactly what they want us to do.

We, the American people are to blame for this. We, as my grandfather and father use to talk about the corruption. All the times @ the coffee shop, church, family get together and every time people come together. We all "talk" about what needs to be done but no one does nothing except post crap on the internet.
It ain't much, but I have placed over 7500 flyers on cars in central Arkansas. Talked to Senator Boozman by phone about Karen Hudes. Got a call back from an aide on his response....oh well.

So go ahead folks, bash me, down vote me call me a troll whatever makes you feel better, but please, please for the love of all Americans and people all over this world just do something besides putting all of your hope in politicians.

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Putting out thousands of flyers is a great idea. I wish there was a brochure for this site and others like it similar to the ones that were created for Ron Paul during his campaign -- they were well-constructed and like a Vitamin - they were packed with powerful "ingredients".

On being Christian: Some atheists & trolls will attack you for it -- just don't let it disturb you - their purpose is to disturb.

On Trolls: Trolls don't ask questions, you'll find. They usually misconstrue your words, twist them, create straw man summations, and attack personally. Oftentimes they'll try to make you feel as though you're isolated. These are Standard Operating Procedures for trolls.

Share your knowledge.
Share links if you have them.

And Welcome :)

The More You Know...

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

We are a family.

"You're right, Professor. We might not be a traditional family like the Murphy's next door or the lesbian coven across the street. But we are a family" - Philip J Fry


I use to be very good @ it. Apparently I have lost my skills.

1st Christian/Constitutionalist is what I am. Nothing more nothing less. Death = losing my freedoms/liberty

I handed out a bunch of flyers with the Dailey Paul as one of the resources to use, to learn/find the truth that you will not hear on TV, Radio or Read in the papers.

Hopefully, some of those people will come to this site as well as other sites. "They" need to learn the truth, become part of the solution.
We on the DP need to become teachers, truth tellers. I'm sure every single person on this site (besides the paid bushwhackers) has valuable knowledge and insights to help others.
We do not need to be attacking each other. We have so much passion for our Liberty and Freedom but no where to channel it. We don't have RP running for office. We need to stop tearing each other apart. When we do that....they win. They have us distracted from our goals and fighting within.
There, that is as basic as I can put it.

God Bless

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!

OK, mebbe I am slow and stupid.

are you suggesting that being a Christian. (please notice uppercase)

is somehow in contradiction with the Constitution?

or is this just a rant? with no particular meaning?

welcome to the club

this site is overrun by guys living in mommys basement, who have little life experience. They gorge themselves on youtube videos, alex jones and adam kokesh, and believe anything that gets told to them as an alternative theory. If you are an individual posting here will result in educating the unwilling in the face of being called a troll or a neocon or a govt agent and lots of downvotes. It's a badge of honor. Sort of like being kicked out of the asylum for having normal behavior.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


I'm a Catholic - some people here think that is insane. But I don't really care about that. The beauty of this forum is that people can discuss things that they seriously disagree about. Sometimes you can get new understanding of people's point of view. If some one is rude, I try to just let it go. And compared to comments sections at various news sites, discussions here are pretty respectful.


New Pope

I'm not Catholic, but I am honestly diggin the new pope, he seems legit.

Positive sign

Cool. A good thing is that he is from the southern hemisphere. That brings a different perspective. The crush of poverty in those places can be overwhelming. And he explains things in a way that regular people can understand. I pray for him every day.


No Libertarian for me

I'm a Constitutionalist, Catholic, sick of the Athiest spittle

that's okay

That's okay. I'm not an ideological libertarian either. I just appreciate their work on behalf of civil liberties including the libertiy of those with whom they disagree. And peace, And I saved a lot of money listening to the Austrians about the housing bubble I will discuss with people who want to discuss things but don't bother with people just being contrary . And it can get tiring when people are just being insulting but I don't encounter that too much here or other libertarian sites.

Regard to Catholics, so many will disagree with the US Government on abortion , public education but then they just buy hook, line and sinker anything about foreign policy and war. Others love government social programs and will give Presidents slack regarding war as long as the funds keep coming. Non-Catholics see this and get confused. So do I.


When unjustly abused, just

When unjustly abused, just consider the source. All humans are fallible men including us Christians. Admiration for any human isn't deserved and respect men only as a result of the love for God. Humans don't really deserve respect based on their own merit. Move on and keep on working. I agree that many members here just yak incessantly and accomplish little. However, even talkers can spark an idea in a worker's mind now and then. ;)

I bet you have some interesting stories ...

... about Bill Clinton.

Do share.

Welcome to the internet! You

Welcome to the internet! You will be offended!

It is just the nature of the internet.
People who are new to online forums might be shocked by the behavior of some individuals. Don't take it personally. You will have to endure the bad along with the good.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

hot button

I have found that zionism is a hot button as you have too. I would hope most people here want to stop all aid to other countries through government. If an individual wants to use there resources to support a group or individual they should be able to. It is wrong to take someones money by force and use it to there cause.

I think I pretty much agree with you

I think the prospects of a political solution is almost zero and I thought so before 2012 as well. At the same time it is good if people at least do something, it will help them to wake the heck up.

I still think the NWO will fail though, Ron Paul made sure of that when he educated us. In fact I see it failing already, so keep spreading truth and it will all implode.

The word troll has no meaning here

People throw it around willy nilly.


Only a TROLL would say that! And only a TROLL would disagree with anything I have to say, no matter how asinine it is!!

I'm onto you, TelFiRE, I know you're a super duper secret triple plant!



@ topic creator: Yeah, but it works both ways. There are a few Christians on this board who never, ever stop preaching, talking about how persecuted they are, and blame "godlessness" for everything. I definitely agree about not putting one's hope in politicians, though. Maybe even take it a step further and not 'hope' period...just 'do'.

A signature used to be here!

I'm sorry for your bad experience here

It's my belief that there's a majority of Christians on site. I only call people zionists who are ready to defend Israel at all costs, regardless if the people want it or not, can afford it or not, or if it's moral or not.

I am agnostic, I don't advertise it, but I do display it when it's appropriate, like now. I can tell you one reason Christians get a bad rap on here. All of the preachy threads. They usually consist of cherry picked Bible verses regarding things like "Christ is the only way" - "think upon your sins"; etc, etc.

That's a big turn off. I've even seen Christians say that liberty cannot exist without Christianity. Lol. I forget, is liberty supposed to accept everyone or just people of the Christian faith?

Don't regard my remarks as directed at you, it's just me venting and explaining why you might think being Christian here is bad. Again, I think the majority on the DP are Christians.

On a side note, it's perfectly reasonable to think you might be a troll. You have 4 months under your belt on this site. I gained most of my political knowledge here in about a month.

Why do these always start with...

Why do these always start with "I am a victim of persecution because I am a Christian?" it is the same as saying "I am a victim of racism because I am black", There is no pride in this. Have pride in your faith without trying to make others feel sorry for you because of the faith you have chosen. Set an example by making your faith a pillar of Righteousness and Strength rather than claiming yourself to be a victim of that faith in order to justify that faith. Lost souls are more likely to follow a pillar of strength before they will make themselves victims. I don't think Christianity is disliked. I think how it is sometimes practiced is disliked. Malpractice and Hypocrisy in ANY faith will be looked down on. I quit following the Christian faith myself just because of how it was being incorrectly interpreted by fellow man to a fault. There are very few faiths that do not. It is not any one faith that is a problem, it is how it is interpreted and practiced by it's followers that can be.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Your right TP

I re read what I posted and it does sound like I'm a victim of being a Christian. Sorry, that is not really what I was trying to portray.
Even the title makes it seem so. What point on that topic I was trying to say was that don't judge someone because of their faith. I don't judge anyone unless they are trying to hurt me, family or my country.

I don't have any pride per se in my faith, I am very humbled by it. I can forgive others for their trespasses but I have a very hard time forgiving myself for my trespasses. That's my problem neither here or there.

I'll say this one more time. I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I do not believe in governments of any nation. They are all corrupt.

I as a man am dying because I am losing my freedoms!

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!

I have no problem with christians

I have no problem as long as they have the same belief as me that we should let people live their own lives. I only have a problem when they try to force morality into laws with no victims. With that being said I have no sympathy for the I was attacked for my christian faith card either.

You are fine my friend.

I understand and respect you very much for rereading and I would like to discuss it a little more if you don't mind? I have to go and do a couple hours of work but will be back my friend.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

There are plenty...

of christians on here. If you look at topics that discuss religion then most comments are sympathetic with christianity. As with all beliefs/non-beliefs there are noisy atheists. They exist in all segments of society.

Your real issue you have here is with non-zionists. Ron Paul is a non-zionist. Most of the christians here are non-zionist. Many jews are non-zionist. If you bring up support for zionism you will most likely see counter-comments.

Are you unaware of Ron Paul's staunch views on wars for Israel? He just made a new video on the Ron Paul Channel against more wars for Israel.

We here at Daily Paul are strong non-interventionists and especially with regards to war....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


I am not pro-Israel. Just like Ron Paul, I'm also NOT ANTI-Israel. Just like Ron Paul says, it's none of our business. I'll add, if you hate Israel so much or love the Palestineans so much, go move there and help who you like. I don't care. But that's not what you do, you just b*tch.

The point is, that people who are not anti-Israel or who are anti-anti-Zionists like me (i.e. not pro-Zionist, but find the anti-Zionists like you to be dishonest, borderline neonazi racist) to be extremely distasteful.

And I get attacked as an Israel lover here, which is completely ridiculous. I have the EXACT SAME position to the LETTER as Ron Paul himself does on the matter.

So, in a way, the poster is entirely correct and the anti-zionists are essentially lying. The "anti-Zionists" don't just attack zionists, they attack ANYONE who is NOT anti-zionist. Which reveals their true agenda.



If I'm against zionism because I am against intervening in other countries wars then I should go fight in a war?

Hahahahaha! :p


You said:

"I have the EXACT SAME position to the LETTER as Ron Paul himself does on the matter."

Really? Here's a nice new video of Ron Paul talking:

Is Israel Pushing the U.S. Into Another War? | The Ron Paul Channel

Also, Ron Paul has said Israel is running "concentration camps" and "breaking international law" in Gaza and the West Bank. Agree with that to the letter also?

Oh, and thanks for calling me neonazi when I'm against war in general and am a non-interventionist.

And you called me a racist although the dominant names in my extended family are Hirsch, Meyers, and Eckes. Go figure. ;)

I guess I am a "self-hating jew" because I don't agree with your POLITICAL philosophy.

If I am a "neonazi" then I am a "jewish antiwar noninterventionist neonazi".

Your hasbara is weak...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


....my response wasn't necessarily directed at you, weebles. While I think you can be unreasonable on the subject, I do believe you are genuine and are expressing a genuine sentiment and you don't have hidden agendas, unlike some others who express similar opinions as you.

You just happened to write on the matter, so my response is apropos to the subject, not necessarily to you personally.

Excuse me, but.....

Ron Paul is ANTI-INTERVENTION and that's what he opposes. He has never uttered a word that could even remotely be interpreted to be anti-Israel the nation or the people. EVER.

He's also been EXTRAORDINARILY clear that it's none of our business.

Like I said if you don't like that country, or for all I care if you love it and hate the other guys, GO MOVE THERE and help the ones you like.

But, in reality, it's just a lot of hot air and b*tching.


Nobody has said "anti-Israel". Zionism is a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY creating and maintaining Jewish identity in a Jewish homeland (like German identity and German homeland). Zionism is NOT a country.

You said:

"He's also been EXTRAORDINARILY clear that it's none of our business."

EXACTLY! It is none of the US's business and I don't want my tax money being used to attack Iran for what Iran might do in the future.

You said:

"Like I said if you don't like that country, or for all I care if you love it and hate the other guys, GO MOVE THERE and help the ones you like."

It is none of my business. If Israel wants to attack Iran or whoever I hope there isn't too much blowback from their actions. Don't use my tax money or my son's blood.

But, in reality, your statements are incredibly incoherent, confused in a dyslexic way and full of straw men. Like you keep yelling, we want to stay out of it. Make up your mind. :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I take back my "BTW" above.


I think this reply of yours underscores PERFECTLY what I was saying in my replies to you.

Thank you.

Yea really, this site seems

Yea really, this site seems slanted more towards Christianity than any other religion(might as well include atheism here too).

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.