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Shots Fired in Washington, DC Near Capitol Building

And guess where, exactly?

News reporting near 2nd & Constitution.

2nd (Amendment) & Constitution?

Just sayin' ...

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It's the false flag

It's the false flag you all have been waiting for as a last ditch attempt to take away our "right to bear arms". This is just what the WH ordered. The crash is coming mid Oct and they want your guns. Martial law will be in effect and they need to remove your guns to make it happen the way they want it to go.

Looks like she was unarmed ...

... tried to get through barrier (or took wrong turn -- unclear if she was really trying to ram anything)...

... she took off ...

... cops chased her and had her stopped, but she bashed cop car with her car and got away ...

... continued pursuit ...

... they stopped her again, had her boxed in with 6 cop cars ...

... so obviously, with her stopped and unarmed ... they had to fire multiple shots into her car ... and kill her.




Once again the so called shooter gets shot. This time the shooter didn't have a gun. Can Obama do anything right? He can't even issue a false flag (shooting set up) correctly. What a narcissistic idiot! DOH!

Securi-TYE will get beefed up just in time to cock-block the

truckers, bikers, and other patriots coming to town....

(I give the Federal Criminal Government a D- for lack of originality.)

What would the Founders do?

I agree with you, looks like she was lost, frustrated and

made a wrong turn. One of the news reports gave her age as 18, I have no idea if that's true but it might explain why she was so panicked and took off.

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When the woman was stopped

And surrounded by cops with guns drawn, why didn't they shoot out the tires? So she drove off and later killed.

Photo of woman's car


Looks like a black Infinity with Connecticut license plate 323-YW5. (Last three letters unclear to me.)

No damage to front of car ...

... so, she did NOT ram any barricade in the first place?

My eyesight isn't the best. I didn't see any damage to the car

in that photo. Anyone? Didn't see any "blown out" windows, either. Were we already sold a bill of goods or isn't that a real photo of the car?

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The bumper might have some scrape marks on it.

Did you look at the photo in the link?

I zoomed in on it and saw a car pretty much in pristine condition. Not a scratch on it (that I saw, anyway).

Edit: Okay. I do see something by the driver side headlight. It looked to me that the images on the opened door were reflections of what is on the ground. Maybe a cop car scraped her car?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

yup, scrapes on the bumper

match the ones on the door. Looks like she "swiped" a barricade maybe...I guess "rammed" sounds crazier and more deliberate.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

She probably

went insane from trying to sign up for her free obamacare. Hope the cops didn't kill the child as well.

Seriously, Pat Roberts?

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, was in his office in the Hart Building when he heard, "pop, pop, pop, and then pop again." He thought it was the start of construction and thought, "God I don't need this all afternoon." He said he soon found out that it was gunfire and that he then welcomed 10-15 Capitol visitors to his office when the lockdown order was given.

"I didn't get my Marine sword down to do battle," Roberts said. "But I was ready to."

Wow. What a tough-guy American hero. "Yeah I'm such a badass I was really about to do something." Why, then, are there claims that he used political influence to avoid combat when he "served" during the Korean War? Typical neocon.

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Women and her baby

Some women and her baby did not want to stop so police use their guns.

Threatening Behavior

CNN now reports that she fired no shots according to multiple sources, and that "Because of 'threatening behavior' and location use of force was authorized."


What "threatening behavior"?

Did the baby poop in the diaper or barf on a cop? Scary stuff! No wonder they felt so threatened they had to fire their guns with deadly force.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Drill-Shelter in Place

at Russell Office building...

She's dead ...

... and witness says the car's windows are all blown out.

Did the cops just unload on her when she was in the car?

It's early and these stories

It's early and these stories seem to "change". But what I see says that the woman exited the car, and "shots were fired". I didn't see anywhere that SHE fired the shots.


Good grief...

come on Washington, we're spent on the fear-mongering...the convenience of this incident makes an instant skeptic of us all.

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this started out as a car chase several blocks away

the woman was in a car with a baby ended up being boxed in and try to ram the Capitol gates to try to keep going, when she couldn't she stepped out of the car and fired several shots and I guess killed.

Much to do about nothing.

Not known who fired the shots ...

... could have been cops or woman (or both).


but reporting woman is dead, so we probably know the police shot and killed her.

3:14 pm CST

Police officer fired on and killed. Police officer now conscious and breathing.

Woman opened fire, woman killed. Woman didn't have a gun, woman shot and injured now in the hospital. Woman is now reported to be dead (3:19pm).

Woman tried to ram gate, police surrounded her car and she escaped the police cars (there is video of this encounter), she opened fire on police while driving on Constitution Avenue, police shot her. Woman is now reported to be dead, cause of death not known (3:19pm). Being reported death was due to gunshot (3:22pm).

Police are still investigating whether or not a child is in the car.

From what I remember reading in the 90s

An 18 wheeler could not ram those gates. They are super reinforced FYI. I may be wrong but I visited the White House during the Clinton administration and this was something that was mentioned. I'm pretty sure those gates are nearly impossible to break through. It could've been a random wacko gone crazy. Suspect being dead really does screw up the investigation, but if shots were already fired something had to be done.


Yeah. I wonder if the kid is still in the car.

Looks like the squad car was the one that hit the barrier.

Everyone, start your recorders

I'm not crying wolf but.... you have to wonder about the timing of this...

I was thinking something

I was thinking something similar, until I saw the location.

Thats why I asked for sources on the location of the shots. But 10 shots on second and constitution seems a bit symbolic to me. And not for the anti gun side.

I think it was someone who wanted to send a clear message to congress. The second amendment is there.

The Elitist "black magic"?

Are they so desperate for their own survival, these "kings and queens" of the Falling Empire, that it's just this sad?

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