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Superbowl ads - please donate!

Thank you to those of you who have made purchases towards the Super Bowl commercial. Currently, we have raised around 9-10K! I wanted to take a second to update everyone on the status of the commercial and clear up any confusion.

Selecting a commercial
Unfortunately, there has not been time to have an official vote, however, we have listened to your suggestions and watched countless commercials. At this point it looks like the first choice amongst most people is FrankDoggs Imagine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Med926aDBoc So we are working on getting this into a finished product that is ready to air. We checked into licensing for Fortunate Son (the background music) and that will not be available to us, so we are in the process of selecting another piece of music.

There are other great commercials that have been made as well, which we still might use, depending on how much money we get in, as in some markets we are buying multiple spots.

Cost of commercials
Spots during the Super Bowl are running anywhere from $1,500 in real small markets to $100,000+ in some of the larger ones. In addition there are pre and post game spots which are more affordable, including time during the 3 hours of morning Fox news coverage on the elections. Our first priority, however, is to have the commercial on during the game for obvious reasons.

We need to get as much cash in this weekend as possible. Many of the affiliates want their money or a faxed copy of the check by Monday. Others will give us a few more days, but the sooner we get it in the less chance we have of them pulling our order and selling it to someone else. I also want to assure everyone that none of the money will go unused, even if we only have $100 left over, there are spots in the pre-game in some markets where we can get a commercial for that price.

Currently we have reserved time totaling $97,000 if we get more we will buy more, in other markets, but we didn't want to over extend ourselves too much. Also, although we would like to have as much money as possible in by Monday, there will still be plenty of pre-game spots available later in the week, so you can keep buying ad time up until next Friday and we will still have time to get more commercials on the air. I think it would be great if during Fox's 3 hour political coverage event (where they will try to ignore RP as much as possible) every time they went to a commercial break there was another RP commercial.

You can buy ad time here: http://ronpaulblimp.com/superbowl/

Is Fox selling time to candidates?
Yes, Fox did announce that they were not going to sell to candidates on a national level. But we are not buying nationally and we are not a candidate we are an advertising company. Our orders have been placed with local affiliates, they know it is a commercial in support of Ron Paul, paid for by supporters of Ron Paul. I have had no issues with any affiliate not wanting to take our order. In fact, they are still calling asking us to buy more spots.

Market selection
If we had tons of money we would buy in every Super Tuesday state, but because our cash is limited we are trying to select markets where Ron Paul has the best chance to pick up delegates. For starters we eliminated Republican candidates home states. Then we also eliminated states where the winner of the state takes all the delegates. That left us with caucus states and states that had a winner take all that also broke it down by Congressional District (meaning you could earn delegates if you won a District even if you lost the state). We also took into consideration areas where Ron Paul seems to be showing strong support (such as AK and GA). As said before, if we get more money than our initial goal we can always ad more spots.

This is great: As of Friday, according to all of the affiliates I have spoken to, no other candidate will have ads running during the Super Bowl. Obama and Clinton called many stations to get pricing, but neither of them placed any buys. In many of these markets we got the last spot so it is too late for others to get in....unless of course we have some of our spots canceled due to nonpayment, so lets not let that happen.

Please send the link to our website to everyone you know and purchase what you can. Companies have gone from unknown to household names overnight because of a Super Bowl commercial, and although we are not buying time nationally, the guy watching the game in Knoxville, TN will not know that. Ron Paul will be the only one on during the Super Bowl, he will be the only player in the game, he will be the one getting talked about. Please help make this happen.

Thanks again,

Bryce Henderson
Media Coordinator
Liberty Political Advertising

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