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Confused and sleep deprived mother executed in front of her child in Washington DC

Here is what I think what happened:

Out-of town, sleep-deprived mother got confused in the round about. In the footage there is no evidence that the car tried to "ram".

Clearly men in uniforms did see that she was not armed and was a woman, they were probably yelling to her, including yelling to leave, and they were probably shouting coflicting orders.

Mother thought that her and her child's life was in danger, freaked out from seeing armed and aggressive men around. She got scared, tried to flee, mishandled the car and was executed on the spot.

UPDATE: Reports coming from the MSM say that that woman tried to RAM. In other videos it could be clearly seen that men in uniforms tried to block her car and woman clearly panicked and tried to flee. The question is whether such action warrants summary execution.

Here is the footage:


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From AP

After Carey rammed the barricades at the White House, police chased her down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol, where she was shot. At one point near the Capitol, police say, she stopped her car abruptly, drove over a median strip and put the vehicle into reverse and refused to stop. She was then shot.


She humiliated them on live TV in the nation's capital

She had to be executed so the cops could save face after she eluded them and then they blasted away at her like those Chicago cops in the Blues Brothers without doing anything but endangering themselves and the public.

I'm surprised they didn't also execute her baby to send an unequivocal statement that you don't mess with the Capitol Police.

Park service will deliver the same treatment to anyone who dares to hop that fence erected around the MLK memorial to "close" it to the public.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Now that we know she was a

Now that we know she was a Democrat it just seems like fitting justice to all the ninnies in Congress afraid for their safety clapping over her death that they killed one of their own.

Except she wasn't one of their own.

She was a subject.

The kid isn’t a side-note to

The kid isn’t a side-note to the story… the kid is the story.
Sometimes people just go crazy. Sometimes they have good reason to.
But sometimes something happens which seems crazy, is called “crazy’, but it isn’t.
The case of Miriam Carey is going to be a hard one to figure out. We may never really know what happened to her. The press is going to do everything they can to make it a case of some lone nut trying to bum-rush the White House for no apparent reason with her kid in the backseat of the Infinity.
And that may very well be the case.
But let’s consider the rest of the facts for a moment, the ones that don’t fit neatly into their developing narrative.


"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Flight or Fight

This is just another case of the People, being trained via school and media to Fear LAW Enforcement, fleeing what is being perceived as imminent mortal danger.

Sadly this is likely the Future of America. These types of events will continue until 'they' shoot someone with Friends and Family that require Justice. Justice will of course not be served in a manner befitting the crimes, and small rebellions will erupt.

Small rebellions will convince The Overlords that they need to squeeze the people even tighter, and that will lead to events that create an all out Civil War.

Game Theory leads to few alternatives given that the behavior of Central Planners has consistently been to increase and tighten Control(s) when they feel control is being lost. The more controls they put into place, the greater number of failures occur, which leads to more controls. This quickly spirals out of control.

Here's the question...

Why did they have their guns out, yelling and screaming at a woman for a simple traffic infraction?

I fully expected them to shoot at her once she ran over the cop. That's what they do. You're dead meat if you ever touch one of them.

But if all she did was drive down the wrong street or push away a barricade, why would they surround the car and draw their guns?

Something else is going on here.

Our Supreme Leader's Home is there....

It's because it was near our elected dictator's mansion, the White House. Anywhere else you would have had one or two cops. Here, you had 20 cop cars. Glad to see the shut-down hasn't effected D.C.'s crime-fighting abilities.

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

Maybe it was all part of the

Here's the question...


Pussy cops

If numerous cops are unable to subdue 1 unarmed woman, what kind of pussies are they? Seriously, 1 or 2 cops should have been able to restrain and arrest her if in fact she did any thing wrong. A frigging traffic violation and they feel it is right to gun her down?
I am sick of this crap and it has to end.
I think many many Americans need to join the truckers in District of Criminals on Oct 11,12 13.

Formerly rprevolutionist


Usually we keep wild animals in cages.

All you have to do is look...

at the video to see that there is NO damage to the front end of her car. If she had "rammed" into any of their barriers to try to "breach" it she would have had substantial damage to her car. What the H*ll is going on here?!! We must demand an answer.

In God We Trust!

I'm surprised they don't have

I'm surprised they don't have a proper ID of the woman and family that is publishable by now.

Is there any video of her actually ramming the barricade?

All I've seen is after she is surrounded.

I wonder if this is the barricade that got rammed...

...and the story was twisted. Does anyone know anything about this?!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


If there would be any wrong

If there would be any wrong doing or damage to the property, such as ramming to the defensive structures, it would have been shown on the news. Perhaps it will be shown, however they should also show the summary execution of the unarmed unstable woman.

Engage in Secure Exchange

We'll probably see the

We'll probably see the "damage" after someone rolls one of those new MRAPS over a barricade or two.

The king's Men

don't need to worry about only responding with the minimum level of force required, or honest threat assessments. the kings men have license todo as they see fit without consequences or repercussions.


Seems kind of strange

That after she backed up into the Cop car they let her drive away.
DC cops would have unloaded while she was putting it in drive.
you here the shots seconds after she drives away with the trees covering the actually footage.
Several Cops standing with pistols pointed right at her head and then they let her navigate away.

DC cops shoot on site. They had her cornered and let her drive away.

This is bullshit, something else to the story.

That is what I thought

That is what I thought watching this also. The only shots fired were from the police into a car. I felt the driving looked confused. She appeared like she was trying to find her way out of there. The police shot her?????? then claimed to have rescued her child ????? My God the only freaks with guns are the police, irresponsible and easily panicked.

Connection to Aaron Alexis?

Has anyone else thought about the similarities to the shooting that happened just 2 weeks ago by Aaron Alexis ALSO in D.C.?
1. Both Miriam and Aaron are 34 yrs. old
2. Both are African American
3. Both are from Brooklyn, NY
4. Both are INSTANTLY labeled mentally ill by the media and unnamed sources.
5. Both are described by neighbors, friends, and family as exceptionally great people, and that they're shocked this happened.
6. Miriam's facebook page has no new posts since 2010, with no details about her on her page, and Aaron had his linkedin account scrubbed the day of the shooting. There is little digital trail on either person.

Is there a connection there? Did Miriam know something about Aaron that she felt needed the attention of the White House, but what stopped short? Maybe wild speculation, but also weird coincidences.

Did Miriam have a boyfriend? I'm sure that would lead us to what her state of mind was.

Good question

Barry is the baby daddy. Met during an early 2012 campaign fundraiser? Baby is ~18mths old + ~9mths = Was POTUS in NYC/South CT area 27mths ago?

Just horrible!!!

What is wrong with these people????To me it looks like she was lost!That poor child!HER FAMILY BETTER GET ON THIS NOW!!!AMERICA WHERE ARE YOU???????????????????????????WAKE UP!STAND UP!!!

Maybe she was out of work

And knew some cop would over-react and she would be able to sue in civil court to support her baby. Why is it that police feel the need to shoot an unarmed woman who was stopped in her car? The hyper-violent police need to try to bring them in alive... or face criminal prosecution themselves.

These policemen are

criminals and criminally insane...and the hatred toward the powers that be just keeps on growing...Where is our Robin Hood to fight corrupt King John!

A history of mental illness..

I wonder what that means.. that term covers a lot of territory from a situational depression to full blown psychosis...

I'm disgusted and horrified..

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I am a mother

I'm trying to imagine myself in a car with my one year old child in the backseat. If 5-6-7 healthy looking men with guns drawn surrounded the car, the first thing I would do is put my hands in the air, let them see I'm not armed. I would follow whatever orders they gave for the sake of my child. I wouldn't want them firing their weapons into the car.

Unlike the movies, an officer is not going to shoot out tires, or wound someone, when an officer draws his weapon, he's going to shoot to kill.

Someone mentioned to me it might be suicide by police. It's a possibility.

I can understand that however,

it is just as resonable to say that some mothers are going to go into fight or flight mode with their child and try and escape. especially if tired and sleep deprived or seriously stressed out. many humans have direct responses that include no forethought at all. im a vet if this was me i would a immediately tried to escape or attack because i am conditioned todo so.


This woman's actions

appear to be suicidal to me. How did she think this was going to end, with a speeding ticket?

You would risk the life of your child when there are 5-6-7 police officers with their guns drawn? I wouldn't.