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Confused and sleep deprived mother executed in front of her child in Washington DC

Here is what I think what happened:

Out-of town, sleep-deprived mother got confused in the round about. In the footage there is no evidence that the car tried to "ram".

Clearly men in uniforms did see that she was not armed and was a woman, they were probably yelling to her, including yelling to leave, and they were probably shouting coflicting orders.

Mother thought that her and her child's life was in danger, freaked out from seeing armed and aggressive men around. She got scared, tried to flee, mishandled the car and was executed on the spot.

UPDATE: Reports coming from the MSM say that that woman tried to RAM. In other videos it could be clearly seen that men in uniforms tried to block her car and woman clearly panicked and tried to flee. The question is whether such action warrants summary execution.

Here is the footage:


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Meaning hello, is there any intelligent life

left at all in DC?

Infowars is reporting she had no gun---

I don't believe this has been verified....yet, but if true, it is DEPLORABLE that the police wouldn't just try and restrain her & just murder her point blank. Her family would know if she had a gun, and HER HUSBAND OR MOM & DAD HAD BETTER GET BEFORE THE MEDIA AND DEFEND HER!!! I think they have a lawsuit, if this is the case.

That may be why a short time later on their 2nd Media gig they refused to give any information about the "suspect". It could be she was unarmed, and now they are going to look bad killing an UNARMED MOTHER!!

Of course, tops down the Police Chiefs are not getting rid of "trigger happy" cops. Cops "used" to try first to determine if someone has a weapon or not, THEN, if not, they would apprehend & arrest them. Killing first and determining afterwards whether someone had a gun or not, should NOT be condoned by the Police Chiefs or Sheriffs, period.

Yes, sue the absolute crap out of


If she had a gun that would

If she had a gun that would have been leaked by the shooters immediately. Now that there is no gun, most likely that she had no idea how the wrong turn will end.

Engage in Secure Exchange

Speculation and Hyperboles.

Wow, really? Executed?

I am not defending the cop, this is a terrible incident, but there is no reason to demonize either side. The mother may have had either mental issues or under the influence. The cops are already unpaid and under stress of the government shutdown when a crazy person suddenly hits the white house gates and proceeds to evade the cops.

This is a tragedy of a child losing a mother who may or may not have been in control of her actions. Politicizing this is just selfish agenda promotion.

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Your a Paid government troll

you sound even dumber then Granger, I didn't think that was possible, your an obvious troll

Either side?

You are a pathetic human being. Murder is never the answer. I truly feel bad for you.

No reason to demonize the

No reason to demonize the demons? I beg to fucking differ. How in the world can you call this a tragedy? This was a clear, recorded case of cold blooded thug murder.

I have no damn money and no damn job. I'm unpaid and under stress too. Can I come shoot you?

Unpaid and under stress ?

Aren't these cops trained for these stressful situations, is it not part of the job? Killing an unarmed woman with her kid in that back seat is a deplorable act of cowardice on the part of these "men". Even more disgusting that you try suggest that a govt shut down and a delayed pay check is reason to end this woman's life.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Lesson: Do not ask the cops

Lesson: Do not ask the cops in D.C. for directions.

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something like that is quite possible. Apparently woman had history of mental illness. I thought she might be on drugs and got confused and about the same story you told. Wonder why they didn't just shoot the tires out of her car. They are lucky they did not kill the child.

How do they know she had a history of mental illness?

That is supposed to be protected medical information under HIPAA.

I've seen this claim in every news outlet and not one of them gives the source.

Was there a HIPAA violation or is the media lying?

MSM 2 reality translation... "history of mental illness" =

Full of Big Pharma psych meds.

Is this just another example of Americans doing stupid things while pumped full of Big Pharmas' finest?

She made a bad decision to run and it cost her everything. Of course she feared for her life and the life of her child, but we all know what happens when you don't submit to our rulers. Obey or die... the examples of this are numerous.

FYI "shooting the tires out" only happens in Hollywoodland