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My God have you given up already now that he is picking up steam?

Are you going to let the blimp die out after all the publicity it has garnered? So what is the deal are we going to do what it takes to win this thing? Are you willing to see this thing through?
Are we going to let Ron Paul down? We made a believer out of him,
are we now going to let him down? Now that we got him all fired up and fighting for our freedom will we turn our backs on him?
If you do we all lose. Keep the blimp flying for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday it is well worth it!


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donated plenty to the blimp...

It was a great idea,wrong season,but great idea.
IMHO the Ron Paul air force gets more mileage for the money...
I have given till it hurts,It still hurts , as I am living on spaghetti,and PB& Jelly.(not complaining) and I WILL GIVE MORE,and sacrifice more...
It is nothing compared to what our forefathers went through.
Some here, have been conservative with their donations,and efforts...It is time for THEM to give till it hurts....that is what we need.
Not some people who donate 20 bucks, and spend all day and night on the forum BSing around...


What is with the negative post titles? This isn't persuasive ... it actually depresses more people than it inspires. It is counter-productive.

Say whatever the heck you want in your post, but keep the headline realistic and positive.

I too

wonder why people seem to give up so easily. If you're ready to give up, know that is just what the elites and the establishment want you to feel.

They know most people won't give it their all. They know that "live free or die" is really not the true heart of most people, and they have fed us on CONSUMPTION until no one thinks SACRIFICE is worth anything. But if you never sacrifice, you will never succeed at living free. That is the message of history again and again.

Every day, more people are hearing about Ron Paul. It is clear that we have a long way to go until Ron Paul is a household name. And it should be. Once it is that, the ideas of liberty will be discussed as well. The blimp is still needed for name recognition! We are in a huge war, not a minor battle.

I don't know about anyone else, but I will NOT LET THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA WIN, and I will not buy their lies that I cannot make a difference. I will not!!



The Blimp is our Flag.

are we really going to drop it now?

this is how the MSM will win

if we let it. How sad to see the greatest grassroots movement in a generation die from a lack of self confidence : [

Can we get the 2%ers to hang in there at least until the 5th is over?
What a tragedy to turn back 5 steps from the peak.

50 bucks for the 5th? 25 even? I just can't believe this shit.

To come this far. To believe for all of these months. To break record after record. To stupify pundit after pundit. And then to give up within sight of the finish! Are we really going to get owned by the F***ing MSM?


Diminishing returns for the blimp

I see the blimp at this point as being like a Super Bowl commercial: expensive, gets a few water cooler comments, but ultimately just a curiosity. If you had to spend 500K you'd get more votes by organizing in the upcoming Feb 5th caucus states than by doing a flyover of Georgia.

great video

oh yea

Watch this

to get pumped up for the campaign


I peronally can't but i have heard of people second hand that

heard about Ron Paul from the blimp and later became a supporter.
Maybe someone will give us something before this vanishes

I liked the blimp...

It was a good idea, something new that got the campaign alot of attention. However, with the offical campaign asking us for $5 Million in the next few days - shouldnt we be focusing on that?

Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils.

Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils.

Do we have a single blimp convert here at DP yet?

i love the blimp, if i had the money, id give the 500k to keep it up for the duration of the campaign.


just curious if anyone anywhere has met a single person that is now part of this revolution that first heard of it/him/us from the blimp....