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Entire House Of Reps Gives Standing Ovation To Murder Of Mother

This left me speechless. The Capital police open fire on an UNARMED mother and they applaud!! These people are mindless idiots!


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you can be sure that they

didn't get the same story we have. their information stream is well-filtered and thick with pollutants.

Today's Headlines: "Child in Car Unharmed"

Correction: "Child in Car Scarred for Life, Motherless".

As though the police did their job and performed a surgical removal of the threat without harming innocents. Unbelievably heavy-handed response to a low-level threat. They must have forgot they were not manning a checkpoint in Afghanistan where this sort of thing happens every day.

Cowards with blood-soaked hands.

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Without watching ...

She was armed with 3000+ pounds of metal ...

Captain obvious...

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Is Eric Cantor Leading an

Is Eric Cantor Leading an Israeli Coup Against the United States? http://wp.me/ppsNE-1qd

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Cause and Effect-This woman was killed in 1993

The events that lead to this woman's death started with the declaration of war against the People of this country by then sitting President Clinton in a little town called Waco Texas. This was the first domino to fall in the chain of events that lead to the closing of Pennsylvania Ave in the first place.

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Fear Beleaguers A Guilty Conscience

Many of these folks are fully aware of the crimes they have committed against the people and are terrified.

That's Obamacare for

That's Obamacare for you...implemented just as written, enforced just like a tyranny.

Assert Your Authority

This horror has inspired a new verse:

Sung to the tune of "America, the Beautiful":

Obamaful for mom shot dead
By crazed Capitol cops,
As Congress cowered in mortal dread
Of faulty traffic stops!

America! America!
Pity her orphaned child!
Congress defers to murderers,
Lets killer cops run wild!


Trayvon Martin was unarmed

Trayvon Martin was unarmed too, but I don't remember the outrage on this site against him getting killed.


if they really needed to stop her could have shot out her tires...NOT shot into the vehicle like they did..

It seems like most people

It seems like most people here are acting as if the mother was completely innocent in all of this. She hit/rammed/scraped (whatever you want to call it) the barricade at Capital Hill. During a government shutdown. In the video it looks like a police officer on the passenger side is trying to speak to her through the window. She should have just put her hands up, said she was unarmed and had a child in the back. They probably would have searched her car, maybe given her a ticket, and let her be on her way. Instead, she slammed it in reverse and zoomed out of there, hitting officers in the process.

Thats right...

...only guns kill people, not cars. She wasn't armed with a gun so she must not have been armed at all, is that what you are trying to say? Because last time I saw the video, she nearly killed a man with her 4000 pound car. But I guess if it doesn't go "bang, bang" then it isn't a weapon right? I'll admit that the standing ovation seems quite out of place for this tragic event, but to claim that she was unarmed is just nonsense. Her car was a weapon and in her unstable hands, it was every bit as dangerous as a gun.

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What? I have to believe that Congress

was not given a true & full account of what happened. There is just no way that people would stand up and cheer. Even if they thought the shooting was *justified* they wouldn't have acted that way but acknowledged it was a tragedy. Before judging them, I'd want to know what information was given to them.

(Please tell they didn't know the whole story.)

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yes, they would have.....

yes, they would have. You give them TOO MUCH credit. These are the same psychopathic f***-sticks that authorize murder on a daily basis.

They are so far from having any MORAL COMPASS

...that it is pathetic. All they care about is their own sorry selves and their own sorry as--ses.

I am sick to death about these D.C. corrupt politicians. They are SO ARROGANT and SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS!

Even the Lack of Respect for the Call to Order is Telling

They all seem to think their own conversations are more important than order in the House. What I see is vanity and self-importance.

I want to see Amash's and Massie's take on this

I hope they were not cheering.


I also want to know both of their positions on H.R.75 (I have a call in). Before moving forward I want to know if there is anything that we should be aware of.

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Please tell

me that this is not real, tell me it's part of the exercises going on there right now.

Mindless idiots! It was obvious that many started applauding when they noticed the camera(s) focused upon themselves. No thought was given...all 'they' knew was that everybody else was applauding, so they should, too.

I weep for my country. I weep for that woman and that poor little baby...

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the mob rule mentality, peer

the mob rule mentality, peer pressure, the 51%

Welcome to...

...the POLICE STATE...

how you like it now, ha????

I bet she was just sight seeing and hit the barricade by accident when making a turn or some U-turn and all hell broke lose!

and by hitting I mean..

.. literally scrapping or tapping the metal bar of the Washington DC wall...

The POLICE STATE released its hounds and the mindless training kicked in:

Shoot first and then ask questions...


are scum who get off on controlling, exploiting, robbing and yes, killing their subjects. The state has killed 262 million people worldwide since 1900. Death and destruction is its lifeblood.

They claim she rammed a baricade at the White House

Yet the video of the time the police boxed her in shows no damage to the front end of her car. The barricades are made of metal pipe sunk about 3 feet into the ground and filled with concrete. They are fashioned to stop a truck and called "bollards". I think the cops were a bit perturbed at how she made them look like amateur drivers as she sped past them on the circles. It looked like a Marx Brothers movie to me.
The mindset of shoot first and circle the wagons must end. Cops view the taking of a life much as a big game hunter takes a trophy animal, they live for the ultimate thrill. On the one positive side, we've seen how to get them all in one spot if we need to.

If not us than who?

Never a retraction or apology from the MSM

We were all told that the woman had opened fire and they never APOLOGIZE anymore for giving false information and misleading the entire American public. They never issue an on-air retraction of anything. Whether its election results or anything. Truly disturbing.

They cant be seen to be wrong

They cant be seen to be wrong to many times, otherwise even the zombies will start to notice.

But i do so hope, REALLY hope, msm get their just desserts for what you point out aswell as other things.

I'm trying to understand what happened--

it's not easy to sort it out from all the disinformation--

I don't have msm--

but it chilled me to see them clapping--

the words were so smug; it was all so programmed--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Unarmed is incorrect...

A car can be a very dangerous weapon I don't think anyone can dispute that.

But that doesn't mean I am defending the police response. But as always on the some on the DP like to make inflammatory post titles to get more views. That's not much better than the msm.

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There are other means

I understand your point, but I contend that deadly force was unnecessary and an inappropriate means to apprehend this driver involved in this police chase.