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Glenn Greenwald Mops the Floor

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I'm just glad there

are people like Glenn out there. It's not just integrity and bravery, but also the tact and wit that most people can't summon when they need to. Greenwald is a hero, and he's proving it night after night.

She must be the UK's Charlie Rose

Or the UK's Piers Morgan -

oh, wait a sec...


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The same jejune arguments against Greenwald and Snowden are uttered across the pond as at home.

By the way, was the interviewer showing some added skin in the thigh region resembling some sort of lady of the night? Or is it my enfeebled eyes?

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I almost feel sorry for the propaganda hag....almost. :-)

Those who talk about an alliance between progressives and libertarians should think about running Greenwald for Congress on the (D) ticket.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Thank you Glenn Greenwald!

For putting up with the sophomoric, antagonistic, and heavily biased questions by this ignorant presstitute.

Your patience and restraint is a model for us all.

Well Described!

I might've gone with "eviscerated" but "mopped the floor with" is a very good description too.

Please SHARE and post this to

as many venues as you have access to. I think it is important to persistantly wittle away at the denial of our fellow countrymen who still think our government had good intentions.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.


The word that comes to mind when describing Greenwald and Snowden.

Michael, there is more to this interview,

than I or you originally posted.

I don't care about recognition, but I do care about the second half as I think it is significant.

I posted it here but because I mentioned Granger in my original headline I think any updates have been blocked.


Please include the full interview in this post.

God Bless

Time mark - 14:08

The Baroness is even worse

The Baroness is even worse than the interviewer, and actually looks like she is constantly lying. I admit, the UK has a LOT more to fear from terrorists than we do, surrounded by water as we are, and comparing ourselves to them and their undemocratic operations is just plain ignorant. When will people totally understand the FACT that our country was started to be different, and STAY different, from any other country on earth?

Round Two-Oh No, we have to endure more of this woman. At least

we know Glenn will win this round too! Lots of laughs to the post whom was slapping his desk the whole time. You get to slap it so more now. (:


YES!!! thank you for that second part!!


Crazy reporter

This woman interviewer was not interested in "security" of the documents, its rather obvious that the NSA does not care about the security of documents in their hands...anyone could just walk right out the door with the whole system and they would not know. She did not flinch when this was presented to her.
She was "fishing" for information on the whereabouts of the document, "Are they in your bedroom". What a crack-pot old beotch, she never once listened to what Glenn had to say. She was given an agenda and tried her best (but failed miserably) to make Glenn look bad in the public eye.
Good Job Glenn, You are one true friend of "liberty"


that was quite a beat down. The old hag reporter is just not in Greenwald's league...not even close.

I'm not much for kissing men...but...

...I'd plant one firmly on his forehead before ruffling his hair with an "Attaboy...I'm proud of ya son". Wow...just freakin' wow!

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I'm with you,

But it truly shows the sad state American Men find themselves in today.

My heart weeps for the brainwashing that has taken over the ideas of our founding.

slapping my desk the whole time!

That was AWESOME! Greenwald's background as a lawyer really keeps him in charge of this attempt at a hack job. He totally chews her up and spits her out! And when they return from break (second vid in the link below)she throws out her "trump" card as she attempts to discredit him with a government shill with no argument and not a shred of evidence! Laughably sophomoric.



Great Stuff Michael, thank you!!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

She Seems so Unfazed...

Greenwald was making dig after dig at her (very entertaining), and she just continued on with complete confidence. That's just so strange to me.

Debbie's picture

It's not confidence - they are trained to do that.

It looks very weird because it is. The only value is that Glenn is able to get the correct data out to the rest of the world.


She seems like an opperative to me,

like she was drilling him for info in public. Glenn handles himself well. I give credit to Ed for being smart enough to single out Glenn based on the articles Glenn wrote, he is one sharp cookie. Remember most of us appreciated Glenn's writings here at the DP.

Always Love to Hear Glenn's Responses! She was so annoying when

she would try to interrupt him but he handle that well too, was ahead of her tactics and just continued to talk over her. Thanks Michael for this great post. Adele


Edward Snowden could not have

Edward Snowden could not have chosen a better spokesman to get his message out. Greenwald rocks.

Absolutely, Glenn is so sharp, informed, cool and knows how to

handle these interviewers. ( : I also liked his response that he cares for Edward and that he has never lied to him. No doubt they have a great deal of respect for each other.


Greenwald is sharp and quick in the face of this nonsense.

This gal interviewing him, however, strikes me as someone who got her credentials from a box of Cracker Jack.

What a Horrible Series of Questions

She did not ask a single question that I found interesting. Almost every question she asked seemed to be aimed at attacking Greenwald, attacking or discrediting Snowden, or threatening Greenwald. Does she really consider herself "a journalist?"

Double negative

I absolutely love that observation. If there is ever a contest for journalistic prowess, this man Glen Greenwald wins hands down. In addition he is reinvigorating those lack luster lugs of journalists compelled to write the given line. Making change de facto. My sincere thanks for this eminently bump-able post.



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I wouldn't want to get into

I wouldn't want to get into an argument with Glenn. I doubt he loses much.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein