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Glenn Greenwald Mops the Floor

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It seems...

It seems that having truth on your side helps, and more so when the other side keeps getting caught in lies.

He mopped the floor with her

I mean really, is it even a contest of ideals and principles anymore or is it just a matter of calling people out for what they are?

That govt shill couldn't deliver a loaded question if her life depended on it. One ridiculous question after another and Greenwald just smacked them all down.

What a great clip! Thanks for posting.

I am at a loss

Some of these presstitutes....must be...

I do not have words for these media hacks. I took the questions about GG's safety to be a veiled threat.

Thank you Glenn and Edward. Also recently, Mr. Levison. It is great to see people standing up.


Liberty = Responsibility

Wow. It blew me away! Not only

Wow. It blew me away! Not only can he write, but he is an A+ speaker! Not one "uh", or "you know". just calmly stating facts. That could have been the best interview I ever heard. Thanks for posting! What a treat!

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Pity British people. They are forced under threat of arrest to pay a television license which is used to fund the BBC and its disgusting journalist cum government mouthpieces. They are literally forced to fund their own intellectual enslavement.

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Despicable stone-age interviewer reduced to rubble by Greenwald.

What a great example of the no-agenda truth destroying the purposeful agenda of government. Greenwald is a Constitutional lawyer as are both Ted Cruz and also one who goes by his current name Barack Obama. Neither are comparable to Glenn Greenwald, IMO; no comparison whatsoever.

Gotta Love It:

"So I am much more cautious about traveling to the UK, although not being able to visit the UK is not really something I regard as a particularly grave punishment."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

There are many great places in the UK

But I have to agree, that made me laugh LOL.

Glenn Greenwald, MSM

Glenn Greenwald, MSM destroyer.

That was a PLEASURE to watch, i dont think they have anyone who can stand toe to toe with him in an honest, UNINTERUPTED debate, god bless Glenn, and spite the idiotic manipulators, idiotic, in the sense that i think they think there is nothing wrong with their behaviour, a personal rationilisation for their actions, idiotic, or false people playing the "good" guys, with their words and actions betraying that illusion

I can tell you that when someone in a situation like this....

....asks you if you fear for your safety, it's a 3rd party threat. Having lived through it multiple times, it's formulaic, it was a public open threat and she did it 3 times.

He Perhaps Should Have Played Dummy And Said

"Why would I fear for my safety? Do you know something I don't know?"

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard



This lady

is a presstitute for the UK government!

Greenwalds command of the language

and thought process cannot be understated. I am quite certain I don't agree with him politically, but I would vote for the guy. He has his shit together.


I'm not normally like this but, I couldn't help noticing that, as well her mind and sense of journalism were backwards, her clothes were on backwards, too. Did anyone else think that?

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THUD-that was the sound of the interviewer hitting the floor

after Greenwald bitch slapped her with his reply's to her ignorant inquiries.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
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Here here

The low point: Is it in your bedroom in Rio?

4:40 minutes. This is the antithesis of responsible media broadcasting. Note the body language of this presstitute interviewer. She shakes her whole upper torso to convey her contemptuous tone as if the question alone isn’t intimidating enough so she gives it more emphasis.

Clearly in this moment, this woman with her furrowed eyebrows and purposeful growl, epitomizes the lame stream media’s plunge into a self-gratifying, mindless statist black hole of indoctrination as usurpers of darkness rather than facilitators of the truth and light.

Greenwald: “I’m not going to talk about what’s in my bedroom.”
The only reasonable counter to such a ridiculous question.

Greenwald totally owned that statist witch

Greenwald is a hero!!!!

And remember, when in doubt:

And remember, when in doubt: BURN THE WITCH!!!

Thanks for sharing this. I am

Thanks for sharing this. I am always in awe of Glen Greenwal'ds prowess in his speaking delivery. I wish my brain could think and process that fast and expertly.

Legitimate Journalist vs Paid Propagandist


Thanks Michael

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disgusting questions. What a gross interviewer.

Great interview. Glenn did a fantastic job.

To paraphrase one comment " Unlike the U.S. government, Edward Snowden has never lied to me". That was a great line, Mr. Greenwald!

Thanks for posting. Well worth the time to watch it. The woman was so obnoxious and obviously had a smear campaign as her main objective, but Glenn kept his cool and annihilated every insinuation she threw at him.

attack the messenger

I completely agree with your comments and I feel that this entire interview is an attack of the messenger, Glenn Greenwald. This video really demonostarates how lies are made into the truth, and truth made into lies; how the liars come to be perceived as victims and the truth-tellers, evildoers.

What Glenn was thinking when she asked if he feared for his


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is one smart cookie. Thoroughly responding to all questions asked in a way that makes the interviewer look like an idiot. That is a gift!

BUMP for the message Michael ;)

But isn't it frowned on by the rules to post duplicates?

Did you do this to protect 'The Granger'? from MY post.

NO need to reply brother, I just want the information out there.