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I think U.S. Capitol Shooting Was NOT Police Brutality or Sign of Police State...Calm Down...(Video)

Relax guys, not EVERYTHING cops do is police brutality:


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American consumers are blind blithering sensationalists

buy Grand Theft Auto 5

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Are you saying

that video games such as GTA5 are responsible for this? Respectfully, I think that's nothing more than a convenient scapegoat of the week.

I know it's trendy here on the DP to blame anything perceived as 'mainstream' for all of society's ills, but it's no different than blaming guns for violence, rather than the people who misuse them.

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nice. you dig murder porn thats cool.

you want to pop some SRIs and get lit on some murder porn?

the guns are never the problem with murderers it is primarily psychological; it is a persons obsession to de-sensationalize themselves when valuing others that is driven from SRI's and murder porn.

These sociopaths in the business know the government doesn't mind programming children's brains with pseudo-logical gaming metaphors that do no more than relieve stress with hate in the end causing children to grow up valuing nothing but entertainment and murder porn and big ole phat pharma pumping and dumping their serotonin.


A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Assumptions and insults

is that all you have?

I was being respectful, and you want to be a dim-witted asshole in return? Very well.

First off, I don't even own the game yet (though I've played the others), and making the assumption that I "pop SRIs" is something I'd expect from a rabid, foaming at the mouth zealot who wants to bubble wrap the world in order to protect everybody from themselves. Oh, and SRIs have nothing to do with video games, so stop acting as if they go hand in hand, you intellectually dishonest dullard.

Second, your armchair psychobabble fails to impress me. The simple fact is that you're attempting to hold inanimate objects responsible for the actions of individuals, which is not only moronic, but anathema to individual liberty. You sure you're on the right site?

Finally, if you actually *gasp* did even a small bit of research on this 'murder porn' game, you'd know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO 'MURDER' ANYONE IN THE GAME. You can do literally hundreds of other things, both 'good' and 'bad'. In short, *you* decide whether the game is 'murder porn' or not. Even then, I have to laugh at such an idiotic term. Is Missile Command 'military porn'? How about Sim City? Is that 'civil engineer porn'? How about 'terrorist porn'? You can blow up buildings with the click of a button, after all.

The fact that you link to a south Park site, a show that many people think is far more accessible to children, violent, and 'damaging' than any video game shows that you're not only completely uninformed on the subject of video games, but a hypocrite as well. A dangerous combination indeed.

Try again.

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GTA5 rocks!

I'm sure you spent much of your time on there helping old ladies cross the road, the game is all about helping not pull the trigger when sensation confronts wisdom, that's why it's just a game duh.

oh Mr. GTA5 sage, you are such a wizard with words

also, you make valid points by focusing on psychobabble nouns rather than the message, your sorcery is above me. Obviously those cops were wise enough not to let her live because she drove around like you would never drive on GTA5, because GTA5 is the law of the land.

equating guns with virtual reality programs is like equating a verb with a noun..it is justifying the ends without looking at the means.

For fear of being disrespectful on this forum I will stop arguing with you about your -44 video before you take me to your online leader of underground shit talk.

Just be sure to put your g-mas orange ice cream back in the freezer when your done.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I wanted to watch the car chase video

and had to listen to some guy blabbing his opinion on youtube trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

If you are driving through my city

with a child in the backseat, ramming into the white house, running from police, running over police, potentially running over civilians, refusing to stop, running red lights potentially killing or hitting civilians driving, causing this much of a nuisance, and I see you with that child in the back seat of your car, you better damn well bet that I will pull the trigger on you, and if I'm an officer, I'd pull it twice.

There is no telling what a woman, with a child in the backseat who is blatently putting that child in harms way will do to the child once she stops this car. For that alone she gets the bullet.

The police did their job. They did not over step their bounds. They gave this woman ample time to stop, repeatedly, and she did not heade their warning. Now you may think you are above the law and that you would run too, well then you will find yourself six feet under as well.

The police in this instance acted in the best possible manner to prevent further harm to society and to the child. They were not aware if she had any weapons underneath her clothing, guns, bombs, etc. They fired upon her as she exited her vehicle, yet another thing you do not do upon being chased.

Anyone who is willing to ram their car into the white house, hit officers with your car, run rampant in the nations capital through red lights, all the while with your child in the backseat is capable of anything, and I mean anything. You stop that threat the second you get the chance, and you do not wait around to ask questions.

I commend the capital police and secret service. Flame me if you want, but this was NOT a case of police brutality or unjustified force.

I can understand your point

I can understand your point of view.

A few days back, in a different thread in DP, a person commented that ...
By signing up to be a policeman you accept the inherent risks and responsibilities of the job. A policeman's safety comes second to a person's natural rights. Concern for safety doesn't grant the policeman the license to kill or gravely harm a person.

There are so many ways they could've controlled the situation without executing the woman. Shoot the tires or allow some barricades to get damaged but eventually stop the car.

Whether the decision to execute the woman was justified under the circumstances or not should be decided an independent jury and not the police themselves.

are you insane? When the

are you insane? When the safety of the public is at stake, an officer of the law certainly has the authority to shoot.

Ah, 'for your own safety'

Ah, 'for your own safety' card is being played again. Maybe the current law grants you the authority to shoot citing public-safety. Cops are becoming the biggest public safety hazards now. Just see the news about police brutality and thug behavior, blatant violation of rights by cops etc..

Yes we demand better standards from police, since we pay your salary and grant you extra privileges that we ourselves don't have. You got to raise the bar on situation control and not resort to an easy solution.

You got to be 100% sure that you cannot bring the situation under control without resorting to killing before releasing the trigger. When you can get away with killing citing 'public safety' you tend to always choose that route.

I soo agree. You apprehend a

I soo agree. You apprehend a crazy woman in a car, not murder her..GEEZE.

Pot calling kettle black

You have proof the car bypassed security fence and struck the Whitehouse.

No? That makes you insane!

Free includes debt-free!

You obviously cannot be objective!

You probably were given the same slipshod training that those police murderers were given which leads you to believe killing, to be the only way to handle such a situation.

There were other methods to be used. They had the car surrounded and stopped, An officer looked into the car window and saw her hands on the wheel. Why wasn't she tased? Why were the tires not shot out.

There is a need for proper training. Just because you learn something one way doesn't mean that it's the only way or the correct way.

again, if the woman were by

again, if the woman were by her self, then talking and surrounding is the course of action.

but when you have someone doing this much damage, with a child in the backseat, you do NOT know her intentions.

at that point your concern is not for her, but for the child. You shoot, you end it, and you prevent a suicide bomb or anything of that nature.


Exactly the opposite opinion here. How can you possibly believe that BECAUSE she has an infant in the car... YOU MUST shoot at it? Holy Fuck I hope you hold no position of authority.

There is a reason why you and

There is a reason why you and your pailite rejects never win elections. you are all fucking crazy.

Typical comeback by someone who has no logical answer.

So, you attack and call names. This is an infantile response and so telling.

Statist Alert

Police State advocate troll Alert, you insulted the whole DailyPaul, so we know what your all about.

I think that you are crazy, if you think....

Surrounding a citizen with guns drawn and shooting at them if they make a wrong turn down a road, because they MIGHT have a BOMB, is more practical and 'safer' than pulling her over calmly and normally as any routine traffic stop would go, as the odds are she DOESN"T have a BOMB.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

This MURDER was unnecessary!

The police obviously were not trained to deal with such a circumstance. They acted unprofessionally without critical thought. It is becoming the rule rather than the exception when it is easier to shoot and kill, than subdue and arrest. There is little excuse for this type of mindless behavior by the police. Sure they have to be cautious but dealing with such occurrences is what they are supposed to be trained for.

I wonder how congress feels now, knowing they were applauding the police who were responsible for the murder of an unarmed woman and endangering the life of a 18 month old child. Yes her instability precipitated the event but where were the professionals who should have defused the situation.

Trigger happy cops are rampant today. It is indeed shameful.

As are congressional representatives shaking in their pussified boots, applauding without knowing what or why, just thankful that they were not harmed. And so they live another elitist day whereby they can fill their own coffers on the backs of the American people they continue to screw daily, big time.

Hindsight is easy isn't it?

Hindsight is easy isn't it?

What if they hadn't shot her and she ran over ten innocent people or set off a bomb?

Cops still to blame

You have to remember that not all cops are bad, they didn't have the information that we have now. I bet they didn't know there was a baby in the car. They didn't know if she was armed or not except for the car. They had no idea of what her intention were, maybe there was a bomb in the car? They didn't have much time to make a decision, not like us looking at it from our leisure.

I'm against the police state and the revenue gathering (highway robbery) that the police engage in. I believe that no one should take any govt job because of the theft that is used to support it.

When I was in 7th grade I read "To kill a Mockingbird" and the most important thing I learned from that book was when Atticus told his children to walk around in other peoples shoes to figure out why they act the way they do. It's a vicious circle, the cops know that no matter what decisions they make they will be blamed so they probably make the easiest ones.

My two cents.

What if a random guy or girl walking down the street

is actually a suicide terrorist, should the cops just shoot random people just in case???

You do have a point, there are a lot of unknowns and things happen quickly, but if you start playing the "what if" game you can really come up with anything.

If we allow the cops to take extreme measures to protect themselves "just in case" then we really can't say they put their lives on the line. So if they assume these god-like authorities, but their main goal isn't the pursuit of justice, then they are just thugs. Putting your life on the line means you take a risk for justice. Did she deserve execution without a trial???

Why do the cops always seem to shoot to kill?

This wasn't a random woman

This wasn't a random woman walking down the street. This was a woman who hit a barricade, slammed it in reverse, and sped off, injuring officers in the process.

But she hadn't ran a barricade as of the point they surrounded..

..her vehicle.

The car had no front end damage, so the barricade story is false. I can understand your point of view, but in this case, the facts don't add up.

She did seemingly ram through police who were standing in her way, guns drawn, surrounding the vehicle. She did not hit ant police, I don't believe, on the video tape above. But she did force them to move and would have caused injury if they did not.

That said, it seems that when they surrounded the car with guns drawn, she panicked. That is certainly understandable, especially to someone who doesn't know what is happening. Not everyone 'freezes' as a response to fear. Most people have 'fight or flight' response.

This is very similar, imo, to the NYC SUV/Bikers' incident. This woman feared for her life, surrounded by thugs who forced her to pull over, and she fled in fear for her life. The thugs then chased her down and assaulted her with weapons. The difference here, is that the Woman is dead, and the thugs were police.

Of course, we could just set the precedent that 'reckless driving' is a capital offense. That would be really helpful to restoring our republic.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

That was going to be my

That was going to be my comment.

I'm not taking sides, not enough information. Killing someone does seem extreme, shooting tires might help but a car can still move with flat tires.

so do you think that a justifiable response is

to execute her without a trial?

Don't let your emotions cloud

Don't let your emotions cloud your rationality.

When a person is sitting in a car there is almost no way to wound them. Their head and upper body is all that is exposed, you might get lucky and hit their arm but it's a small target compared to the rest.

Then you do have to take into consideration all the shootings and stupid stuff that's been going on lately, I'm sure the cops are aware of it and make decisions with this in mind.

What would you have done?

Ok, I thought about it and

I don't think emotion is clouding rationality.

A woman got wrongfully killed. I think a lot of people make excuses for it because they don't want to admit that we live in a system that allows for it. They don't want to question whether or not we should have cops running around using force, sometimes deadly, to enforce victimless crimes.

I believe this woman was

I believe this woman was acting erratically. These police officers did not know that this was a young, attractive, single mother who worked in the healthcare field. All they knew, was that she high-tailed it out of there and hit some officers with her car in the process. It would be a fair assumption that this was someone who was up to no good/possibly violent, was high on drugs behind the wheel, or was already wanted by the police for something else. As far as her being shot at after the car had crashed, we don't know what the situation or how things looked and probably never will. Unfortunately, when your actions put others lives in danger, your rights to a trial might go to the wayside.


A lot of "what ifs". Those "what ifs" and this $20 bill I have are combined to be worth $20.

If the "easiest decision" is to just shoot people up, and people are fine with that, then that is just an even bigger problem.

There are some people really struggling with common sense these days. What is causing this lack of sense?


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