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I think U.S. Capitol Shooting Was NOT Police Brutality or Sign of Police State...Calm Down...(Video)

Relax guys, not EVERYTHING cops do is police brutality:


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If my aunt were a man,

she'd be my uncle.

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To anyone taking the police story at it's face.

Take a look at the front of her car when she was initially boxed in. No damage is apparent even after she supposedly rammed a concrete filled pipe, called a bollard, which is designed to stop a truck. I've installed these in the past and know full well a car which rams them, as the story goes, is going to suffer some serious damage. Regardless, this girl was of no threat after the so called weapon, her car, was disabled. To gun her down as they did was cold blooded murder and we are as much to blame as the cops we allow and pay to treat individuals as big game.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I haven't watched your video

I haven't watched your video commentary but I don't think it was 'police brutality' either. I think that is an absurd contention. The woman simply started this whole thing and that is what was needless. And I probably dislike the way cops behave today as much, & probably more, than anyone here.
Watching this vid of Carey, I suspect that she may have been on a 'suicide by cop' mission. Her sister was an NYPD sergeant and I suspect she knew a thing or 2 about police. It's also been reported that she was mentally ill. At any rate, God rest her soul. p.s.: Don't drive your car into a group of twenty cops, because you will surely die, quick.

See also: Sister of slain D.C. driver, retired NYPD sergeant, responds to her sister's death

Suicide by cop is a term

used by trigger happy cops so they can justify their actions.

the few articles that are available on this also state that

they never got along.

plus the sister cited in your link is a former cop.

autonomic statist tribal defense response is to be expected. so she's not exactly an impartial party when it comes to talking about Miriam.

sad, all around, regardless.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Apologist for tyranny and oppression

... make me sick. Here's hoping you get a government jack-boot on YOUR neck

Here's another good one that

Here's another good one that turn the other cheek Christians use, "I hope you go to hell!"

Perfect example

of DP tyranny of thought. You are sir the very thing you rail against.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero



I'm on the fence on this one.

I'm on the fence on this one. A car going at a high rate of speed in a populated area can be viewed as a dangerous weapon. Who's to say that the cops were right or wrong from just looking at a video. Is anyone saying that the cops were wrong maybe just jumping into conclusions a little bit? I would reserve making any judgement without seeing more concrete evidence, which we will probably never see.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

I hear you but..

Shooting at a woman and child in a car going at a high rate of speed in a populated area is only increasing the likelihood that the car will become a dangerous weapon, don't you think? Not unlike cops doing high speed chases for traffic infractions that end in terrible accidents.

It's a tragedy that for whatever reason, panic or mental illness, the woman decided that fleeing was her only option but I still feel that the cops.. well I guess they were all hopped up on the adrenaline of the "place" and "time" and just over the fuck reacted. That seems to be happening a lot, ya know?

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He lost me and I turned it off.....

When he started with the video game comparisons and rules of some game ? I guess it was??. Just like congress lost me when they started praising the cops and secret service for protecting them from an obviously confused young women with an infant. Come on Congress. Were you really under attack from an unarmed mother with an infant??
Watch when more video or other eye witness accounts come out. The sad story will have a sad ending either way. A young troubled women is dead and an infant doesn't have a mother.

Yeah, I mean...

at least they used more restraint than fictional cops!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

You are entitled to your opinion

I am just sad this morning that a young mother lost her life needlessly.

Depression after pregnancy is a real thing and she needed treatment. Instead she got a bullet.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Wow, what a well thought out, rationale explanation you provide

and by that I mean - thank you for the link to the kid spewing profanity and comparing this to a GD video game.

WELLLL, I mean who couldn't argue this - after all - in GT5 you would have already been shot - so I guess we should all just kneel down and kiss the effin ring on the cops fingers.

Maybe here's the part you don't get. Sure, at some point they have the right to shoot people. However, as with most of these cases, one must ask themselves how the cops behavior lead to and provoked the situation and escalated it to a level where the force was justified. It seems in many of these cases - it is in fact the unprofessional gestapo actions of the cops that escalate the situation - then the cops use the escalation they created as justification for there thuggery.

Is that the situation here - I don't know. At some point do they have an obligation to protect the other people - absolutely - and at the point she start ramming cars and running people over- yes they have to stop her. I just question what happened to make her get to that point - and my guess is the gestapo went all gestapo and escalated instead of calming the situation.

But I do know this - when you have cops, news people and congress all cheering the murder of someone - we have gone off the effin cliff. I mean at this point why not just bring back the gladiators - hell - the way this country is going - we can even start feeding Christians to the lions again.

It looked like she was lost & confused

When 5 guys pointed guns at her, she panicked.

yup, when fear takes over,

anything goes.

to most sane humans with survival instincts intact, they still know to recognize a predatory territorial behavior, even subconsciously, when they see one.

it's been reported that her alleged issues really only started with her postpartum depression.

Obviously I'm speculatively extrapolating however plausible it may seem to me, but given such, in her mind, it is wholly possible that in that moment, when boxed in, feeling desperate, crowded/fenced in by predators (hey, that's exactly WHY cops surround a 'suspect': to instill fear as to make sure he/she visually sees that they're outgunned and outnumbered, as to leave very few options open but to continue to fight and suffer the 'consequences' or simply give up: this, in fact, is a wholly predatory animalistic behavior; it's frankly a natural dominance-subservience dynamic as old as time), she may have honestly thought that fleeing them, would be more safe than staying.

I don't know ANY woman, especially a single woman, a single mother, who wouldn't see being alone, isolated, surrounded by armed thugs closing in on her, as anything BUT a threat to her or to her child.

If anyone wants to see it from her POV, just imagine that those weren't cops, but a bunch of random armed gangbangers trying to assert their territory.

For any non-statists here, that should be pretty obvious to see. Take away the badge, uniform, gun, and pretense of autho-ri-teh, what else do you have, but a territorial animalistic primal behavior between a gang of predators and a prey with an child??

that, is all this is to me.

some people really do extraordinarily 'out of character' things, when they feel their child is in danger, especially, IF we are to believe that her postpartum depression was real and difficult for her, then she has even MORE reason to be zealously overprotective of her baby. and when a momma senses her child is endangered? Look the f' out: ain't NOTHIN' stoppin' that woman.

regardless of what really happened, what truly was her intent, what she was thinking, or not thinking at all, RIP Miriam.

PS. and while I do 'get' there are legitimate instances in which it's wholly legitimate to consider a car as a deadly threat, like any tool or object, it has to be deployed in a manner to directly intentionally inflict harm, TO BE considered a weapon.

By what seems to be utterly nonexistent level of standards among LE in determining vehicular situations (hell, they regularly lie about worse things), it literally wouldn't take much for 'modern' cops to claim that a 'peon' merely accidentally driving past too close to them...say at a grocery parking lot driving at 5mph past a cop, and having the car's mirror simply brush by a cop BY ACCIDENT, and that cop would take offense and simply lie that, that driver was trying to kill him intentionally and fearing for his life, he shot the driver dead.

This schit, we KNOW happen all the time now.

So frankly as seen in the publicly available video? Miriam's driving does not qualify as a 'mortal threat' against the LE's lives. Now had Miriam decided to target a bunch bunch of cops sitting around during lunch break at an outdoor doughnut shop, and drove her car into the tables intentionally to mow them down? Then ANYONE cop or not, would be justified in shooting the driver to save him/herself and the rest of the outdoor patrons. But, that, is not what happened, at least from the moment captured by that Arab TV crew on camera, IMHO.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I saw the video, the execution

A cop has to be constantly re-assessing any situation. Even if shooting at her might have been justified earlier, at the point where she was executed her car had just wrecked. The correct response was to see whether she needed medical assistance, not to kill her gang land style.

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so because cops ONLY pointed

so because cops ONLY pointed a gun at her and threatened her and didn't shoot her right away, that's why it wasn't police brutality? so shooting at a car driving away from you is justified? and every one of those cops knew there was a baby in the car they were firing at. at least 4 were peering into her windows from less than a foot away. this woman was most likely scared police were going to kill her, and what do you know she was right

Killing a mother in front of her child

Just never will seem right unless your under the gun or somthing. Even then just dont seem right to kill a woman, let alone kill her in front of her child. was he lost and shaken. Had she went out of emotional control and that cost her life?

What kind of big men do this kind of thing?

Police cowards who join gangs to become bullies.


Why not shoot her tires?

Why did they have to murder her?

No one on here is saying she is innocent but clearly unreasonable force was used. Any one if those officers should have been able to stop that car with either a car or a gun without killing her.