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Wow last 4 words! Phillip Manning on Obama

The last four words opened my eyes!

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Obama didn't "fail". He is a globalist doing his part.

The globalists can't have their New World Order - one worldism - globalism (whatever you want to call it), with sovereign, economically strong, "free" countries in their way.

This country must be broken for the globalists to achieve their dream. So from that perspective, Obama is doing his part, just like the others.

You sir are correct... It's

You sir are correct... It's nice to know many like you see through this charade.

Count on race...

to alter definition...

nigger = ignorance; ignorant person.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

His name is...

James David Manning... The Lord's Servant.

Ya' What's up with


I do that too. I get stuff swimming in my head and it's gets blended.

Not my original.... It is as

Not my original.... It is as posted on you tube..

Kinda' scares me ... "We gave

Kinda' scares me ... "We gave him everything"?
"To help black people"?

I know where Rev Manning is coming from but the POTUS is supposed to be about ALL AMERICANS.

But I did like the ring of "...and the nigga' failed".


Most black Americans still have it in their heads that black folks are only supposed to help other black folks. Now, personally I'd have no
problem with that mindset if he also applied it to whites, latinos, Asians etc., but I won't hold my breath.

I like Mr. Manning's speeches, and I get why he says what he does-- target audience and all that, but it's still hypocritical.

But yeah, POTUS is supposed to 'help' all Americans, I hope Mr. Manning realizes this.

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The puppet in the Whitehouse

The puppet in the Whitehouse is a nigger no matter what race or party affiliation.

that was like

from the boondocks cartoon show. I can't believe the things they say on that show and I can't believe this man said that. Unreal.


...Out of this contempt for work arose the idea of a nigger: at first some person, and later some things, to be used to relieve us of the burden to work. If we began by making niggers of people, we have ended by making a nigger of the world. We have taken the irreplaceable energies and materials of the world and turned them into jimcrack "labor-saving devices." We have made the rivers and oceans and winds niggers to carry away our refuse, which we think we are too good to dispose of decently ourselves. And in doing this to the world that is our common heritage and bond, we have returned to making niggers of people: we have become each others niggers.

---Wendell Berry

Meybe his agenda is not driven by his race.

But self enrichment and dilusional power.



Dude. I'm white, I have no room in my brain to even process what was just said. Ha. That just fried my brain.

OMG! I wasn't expecting THOSE four words.

Just wish more African Americans would be outraged and acknowledge the truth this man openly spoke. We'd then be able to unite and work together for real freedom and liberty for all.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

You will never hear such truth spoken about Obama...

...from any other black man in the world. Manning is the man. But, truth tellers never get the time of day from lame stream media. Sad.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau