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Help requested from the liberty community for our son's autism treatment program

My wife and I are trying to raise some money to do an outreach program that pertains to the therapy technique we implement in our home for our 4yr old son with autism. I don't want to pimp out the liberty community but I do look at you guys as my extended family and I won't leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing the resources he needs. Hes been doing very well and has gone from being voiceless to quite the talker. We've found great success in the Son-rise program that we've implemented over the last year and want to take it to the next level during his early years when it can have the most impact.

The program is based in a home-school type methodology and we plan to merge it with actual homeschooling next year. But with my wife staying home to lead the program and the extra costs that having an autistic child comes with, it's making it difficult to come up with the large sum of money that the outreach program requires at one time. Don't feel bad if you can't donate anything but I would ask if you would share the fundraiser link anywhere you feel comfortable doing so. Any tips on interesting ways to raise money would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this post.

Fundraiser Page

Video Link

I'm going to add one of my replies to a comment below just to give more info in case the comment gets lost in the thread.

We "believe" it to be environmental and genetic.

We've done a lot of research and thought about this over the 3 yrs since we first thought something was wrong. He'll be 5yrs old at the end of this month. We first thought he may have had a hearing problem but we didn't give it too much attention because he was our first child and we didn't have much to compare him with.

I had it explained to me by someone in the field that I can't recall now but it stuck with me. If we look at the human body's ability to process toxins the same as we look at other abilities like athletic ability or the ability to eat nothing but fatty foods yet never get fat then we can perhaps understand autism a bit better. I do "believe" that it is quite possible that my son has the genetics that dictate a weaker immune system than what is found in a typical child. He was also born with only one kidney and he was prescribed a pretty harsh and prolonged regimen of antibiotics that he was on for essentially the first 6 months of his life because the doctor feared an infection could risk his only existing kidney. So we didn't do any research and took the doctor's protocol as gospel and fed him the antibiotics daily. We "believe" this destroyed his gut flora and essentially allowed for any ingested toxins to essentially have no resistance to getting into his bloodstream and elevating his overall toxicity.

Then he got his MMR vaccine at about 18 months. He had been doing pretty well and responding to his name. But several days after the MMR vaccine, he did appear different. Groggy and not really present to the others in the room. We had concerns about the vaccine schedule and did Dr. Sears alternate schedule which spaced them out more but we did still elect to do the MMR even though we had read some negative things about it. My wife was about to take our son to Brazil (where she is originally from) for an extended stay and she had concerns about him contracting something there because they are a 3rd world country. So we gave him the MMR and she actually noticed the change in him on the trip. She didn't think a ton of it at the time because Brazil was a really new place and environment for him and maybe he was just not transitioning well.

So when she returned we then had thoughts about possible hearing problems and had him tested. They said they were having trouble conducting the test but certain events in the test seem to make them think there wasn't a hearing issue. They pointed us to have him assessed for things like autism and here we are today.

I won't say that the MMR is specifically responsible but we do "believe" that it's inherent toxicity is probably what put his overall toxic state over the edge. That person I mentioned earlier used the metaphor of a trashcan. The trashcan represents the child's ability to process toxins and all children are born with different sized trashcans. The bigger cans can process more toxins and are not impacted so visibly by things like the toxicity in vaccines, food preservatives and dyes, cleaning chemicals, etc. The ones born with smaller trashcans get those cans overfilled very quickly and the ensuing attack on the brain by these things along with heavy metals and virus's are just too much to deal with and cause the damage we "believe" we have witnessed in our son. I liken this metaphor to two people of the same size, where one can drink a lot of alcohol with little impact while the other looks visibly drunk after a single cocktail. They just have the genetic ability to process the toxicity of alcohol better.

So even if we hadn't vaccinated him it could have been him coming into contact with something else that set off the chain reaction that is what we now call autism but it's hard to say. He definitely has stomach and digestive issues as well as a crazy number of allergies that he reacts to very easily. He is healing but it is a long process. The treatment we are funding is more to combat the social relational deficiencies he has but we do work with him on a bio-medical level as well. We are no longer concerned with what caused it because we now know he can recover and is recovering.

It's also important to note that we don't "believe" he has autism. We "believe" that there are people with true autism and they are born that way. But we "believe" the medical community has lazily grouped a bunch of people that share some traits and symptoms with truly autistic people but the reality of the huge growth in autism rates seems to correspond much more to the increased toxicity of the world and our way of life pertaining to food production, medical treatments, etc. We "believe" a more accurate name for what our son has is something like environmental over-toxicity syndrome. Or something of that nature. Lumping people affected by this into autism just allows the medical community to continue to disregard the negatives associated with many of their treatment norms.

BTW, you notice I always quote the word "believe" when I use it. I do so because there is nothing more I can do but take in information and do a gut check on it. There is very little that I have the ability to actually prove. I encourage others to do the same and be happy with whatever conclusions they come to even though they may be different from mine.

Fundraiser Page

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All the best.

The condition reminds me of what people with downs syndrome go through and something I saw recently. They just want to be left alone a lot, but this good dog wouldn't take no for an answer


I posted this on another thread last year or so. It is a study that was done in England where they gave a group of autistic children probiotics and the other half were given a placebo. At the end of 6 months they were told to switch and the probiotic parents wouldn't so the study ended. Here is the article.


You might like

to check out Dr. Christopher Shade's Mercury Speciation Testing protocols as well. In the section I've linked to below, he talks about the different forms of mercury, their relative dangers, and how to get rid of each type.


If you go back to the table of contents you will see a category called "Detoxification". The two sections on infrared saunas may be helpful as well.

Something to look into

Hey. I don't really have much help to offer, but have just started to research a new area for regaining my own health. I have a feeling that there may be something to "Earthing" and Electromagnetic Pollution. I know that the author in my book claims that Earthing may have an positive effect on Autism. Another author claims EMP and dirty electricity are the cause of or magnify so many modern problems. I have no idea really, but Earthing could be a very cheap thing to try. The more I learn, the more I feel that getting back to the way my "Caveman" ancestors lived is the best thing I can do. I really just don't think most of us are equipped to handle all of this new stuff(new food, toxins, stress, EMP, etc.). Sorry to just be another guy tossing another idea at you, but it may be worth a try.

Have you look into

Jenny McCarthy's generation rescue:

Her son HAD autism, she stated she was able to cure him by detoxifying him.

But yeah, I remember after giving my son his 12 month MMR shot back in 2007 he had immediately got the sniffles/cold for over 6 months, lost his words,(a lot of them too). I knew it had been caused by the MMR shot, from that point I have never given him another shot. I just know if he were to receive that 18 month MMR shot I would be in the same position as you and many others.

The God Bless you and your family!

Jenny was one of the first resources we researched after getting

the autism diagnosis. Her books are actually pretty good. We've moved well beyond her philosophy, at this point, but she was a good gateway into getting us interested in learning as much as we could.

Get him off the Vaccines

It's a no brainer, just read the ingredients in Vaccines (Themerisol (Mercury), Aluminum, Aborted Fetal tissue ect. who in their right mind who knows anything would put this in your yourself, much less your children. I didn't know any better and I kick myself to this day, my son has Autism Spectrum disorder and he has been off the vaccines since he was about 3 almost 4, however damage was done, but he is doing very well now at 10, but still has tough issues with school.

We stopped vaccinating him once we had the diagnosis

and our second child had only gotten a few shots by the time we decided to stop with our older child so he is virtually unvaccinated.

Oregon family uses medical marijuana to manage son's autistic ra

Oregon family uses medical marijuana to manage son's autistic rage


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Addressing the co-morbid disorders that come with Autism

We do GAPS because Leo is allergic to all grains. We also address the dysbiosis issue that some of you pointed out and toxicity overload in the body. We understand our son is unique and accept his uniqueness, the way he learns and the way his brain is wired. But we also do our best to help his body heal. It is hard to expect a child with chronic diarrhea, multiple allergies, a very limited diet, and many vitamin and mineral deficiencies to fit into a world that doesn't make sense to them. So we inspire him to want to connect with the son-rise program but we also work on recovering his body from the many ailments that come with this diagnosis. We appreciate your kindness with donations and all the comments with tips! God bless you all with love, health and kindness.

Candida "gluten-free" diet &.....

Had my gallbladder removed (age 27 - very unusual), learned a lot about processing toxins. After, my stomach flora was overrun by the yeast (candida)

It sounds like he has "brain fog", which is a yeast overgrowth problem that gets into the blood stream, so you're partially right. Do the anti-candida just for starters.

It's almost like a diabetic diet, start there, and gradually go to gluten-free, no yeast products at all. If you rush into it, you'll put more toxins in his blood he can't filter.

By chance, does he have selective sound sensitivity?

He definitely has yeast overgrowth issues.

His diet is quite restrictive. He essentially eats chicken and these little gluten, casein, rice, soy free flatbreads we make ourselves that we bake organic puree'd veggies into. He also drinks camel's milk that we have shipped to us frozen on dry ice every month.

Sugar is the real problem....

You can do gluten-free all day, but if the veggies you're purée-ing are sugar-loaded (meaning they break down into "-ose" ex, dexterose, sucrose, glucose, ose, ose, ose) then it doesn't matter...you could import alien milk from Venus, but the content of lactose could still feed the yeast.

This is what I ate: (organic versions)

Black olives
Rice with tomatoes
Corn shells for tacos (fresh, lightly cooked garlic)
ZEVIA ginger ale soda (used Stevia in anything I needed to sweeten)
Only green veggies
NO FRUIT EVER! despite what some diets suggest, wean him off fruit ASAP and don't introduce until you're POSITIVE the yeast is gone
I ate about 2 yogurts a day...gluten free, low acid flavors (gives him the probiotic replacement he needs and the max. amount of natural sugars needed)
Stay away from milk if you can
Water water water
Hibiscus Tea
Chicken & Zucchini
Rice pasta
Quinoa meat loaf w/ jalapeños, bell pepper and tomatoes

What may have happened is that when the yeast died off during the initial diet change, it affected his liver & raised the toxicity in his blood. (Does he have headaches and referential pain in his upper abdomen? Right shoulder? Knees? All signs of toxins not processing correctly.)

Gluten free ensure is a last ditch effort to keep his weight on, but focus on the diet above first.

I agree

We do the camel's milk because he is allergic to the casein protein in cow's milk and camel's doesn't have that. It's also got tons of nutrients that cow's milk doesn't have. It's expensive as hell but oh well. I'm not sure on the sugar content in the veggies we use. They are mainly green like zucchini, bok choy, collard greens and then a head of cauliflower, onion and a carrot or two. The carrots are probably the highest sugar source there.

His typical day consists of a some

Breakfast: banana/avocado puree with probiotic mixed in (probably need to eliminate the banana because of the sugar), camel milk to drink

Lunch: Baked chicken legs and the gluten free veggie packed pizza crusts we make, grapes or apple slices, baked lentil chips, organic fruit strip

Dinner: Baked chicken legs and gluten free veggie packed pizza's again. Camel milk to drink

We try to put in new things but he is pretty rigid. Now that I look at it, there is a lot of places for sugar to be removed. I'm gonna work on that.

We have pretty much gotten away from fruit juice. If he isn't drinking camel's milk then he is drinking water.

The video was a little blurry

or maybe I had something in my eye.
I glad Leo's doing well.
I sent a donation.

To add to the great tips

To add to the great tips that other members have posted here -

Try eliminating all grains, sugar and anti-nutrients from the diet; eliminate A1 diary; eliminate beans and legumes and even nuts (can re-introduce them later if needed). Also try to hit a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein composition in his diet.

A healthy gut is important for the immune system. Also try to achieve ketogenic state in the kid, so that his brain function is optimal. Ketogenic diets (think coconut oil) have long been used against epilepsy and is now also found useful against Autism, depression and many other gut-brain issues - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet#Other_applications

Good luck to your son. Food is medicine and we should take full advantage of it :)

We do a diet like this.

It has benefited him greatly.

This might help

I have had ocular migraines (~10-20 per year) for the last 30 years. A few years ago, I found out through experimentation and the website msgtruth (dot) org that a lot of the additives in processed food were the cause. I have had just a couple of migraines the past couple of years and each time I found the MSG in what I had eaten. There is a lot there about autism and a theory about how glutemic acid causes a lot of different neurological conditions, including autism. Best of luck to you and your family...

Autism caused by neuology, not diet

There seems to be some confusion about what causes autism. It is the symptem so to speak of having a brain that is wired differently. Different types of brain cells are located in spots where particular types of cells normally are. The psychological/behavioral/personality manifestation this type of mis-wiring called autism. Changing your diet CANNOT affect the wiring of ones brain.

An autism diagnosis is based on symptoms.

An autism diagnosis is based on symptoms not on the root cause, which is usually not known. If you have the symptoms then you have autism. And in many cases diet and other lifestyle changes can help. I've seen it firsthand.

My grandson was vaccinated and was diagnosed with Autism

Your child must be on a very, very strict gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, nut free diet. It must be consistent. It must be daily. You must not let up.....ever.

Getting a doctor where you live that is a D.A.N. doctor is critical to your success. And yes, vaccines are causing these brain injuries, and the CDC is in denying any culpability in it, along with the pharmaceutical industry, along with our congressmen and Senators.

if you write Michael Nystrom, you have my permission to email me through him, and I can help you more. We are pulling my grandson through the window to the light.

That was why I mentioned that we believe

the increased numbers of autism is just laziness in the medical community because there is an epidemic happening that has autism like symptoms but is caused by environmental toxicity. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. True autism exists but my wife and I don't believe what we are seeing so much of these days is true autism. We have had great luck lowering our son's toxicity and recovering him in the process.

Here is a link to

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Nutritional Program. This section of my alternative cancer post contains a lot of interviews as well as links to supporting material. Natasha cured her son of autism and has helped thousands of people.


Natasha Campbell-McBride

Get her book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" and check out her site www.gaps.me

So sorry....

I know some people that have had great success with detox, getting all the heavy metals out of the system and building up the needed nutrients. Testimonial @ http://www.oil-testimonials.com/essential-oils/3871/noahs-aw...
My precious five year old grandson, Noah, was given to us by the courts to raise as our son when he was only three months old. You can imagine how heartbreaking it was for my husband and I to discover Noah exhibiting signs of autism between the ages of two and three. The first indication that something was wrong was when Noah would not bond with us as his parents. Thinking that it was due to abuse that he had received in his first two months of life, we were concerned when he did not want to be held or refused to maintain eye contact when we spoke with him. Later, we learned that this is a sign of autism.

Continuing with other traits of autism, he began to obsess with things that turn and tried to spin everything. He focused on things to the point of not responding when we called to him, and would ignore us, even when we tried bribing him with a toy, until we physically went to him and touched him. Noah wouldn't talk to us. His only words were sentences memorized from movies; he appeared to live in his own little world.

For several months I resisted the idea of taking him to a doctor who might diagnose his problem. However, he saw his regular pediatrician very, very often for chronic congestion, sore throat, runny nose, and earaches. Every few weeks Noah was on a new course of antibiotics. Our doctor saw the possibility of autism in his behavior and sent us to a specialist, who confirmed our fears of autism.

She identified Noah as being in a “highly functional autism spectrum” and recommended that he be immediately enrolled in an Early Intervention Program. We enrolled him in PPCD, a early intervention program for special needs children, in our school district. About the same time a friend suggested that I look into Essential Oils as treatment instead of all of the antibiotics that Noah had been taking.

In our research, we found that Young Living products were the best available. We began by putting two drops of Thieves on his feet every night, while using R.C. and eucalyptus blue on his chest for congestion and peppermint diluted with oil in his navel for fever. We used peace and calming and lavender to calm him and DiGize when needed for constipation. Above his eyebrows and on his upper spine, we applied frankincense. Every morning before school, we put Brainpower on his temples. Between the ages of four and five, Noah only saw his doctor a few times. If I could not figure out what was wrong, I took him in for a diagnosis and then treated him with essential oils.

Noah was, and still is, very intelligent. He knew every engine in the Thomas the Train series, watched every Thomas video, and memorized everything he heard. He repeated large portions of the video dialogs as he played with his trains. By the age of four, Noah counted to 150 by 2's, 5's, and 10's. He learned his phonics and could spell over forty words including the color words. Although he knew his ABC's, he would not consider holding a pencil to learn to write. Carrying on his own conversation, he repeated movie dialogs for hours but could not tell us if he was hungry or thirsty. By age five, he was still not toilet trained. He did not react to pain nor could he tell us where he was hurting. He was easily angered.

In January of 2009, I read a book titled “Children with Starving Brains”, A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Jacquelyn McCandless, MD. Dr. McCandless wrote that many autistic children do not have the necessary enzymes to process their food and recommended a gluten-free, casein-free diet. If this has worked for you, then I admire you. We tried and Noah lost several of his precious pounds which led us to finally look for another way. After more research and attending a Young Living Convention, I found Mightyzymes, chewable tablets that supply a child's body with enzymes to break down food. Although, I hate to admit it, it was a hit and miss proposition but slowly, we began seeing improvement. Noah became more loving, and wanted to be held. Taking us by the hand, he led us to things he needed. In April 2009, we put him in “unders”, instead of a diaper during the day. He began to ask people their names. At the end of May 2009, I made the commitment to give him three Mightyzymes a day every day. By the end of June 2009, he was bursting out of his shell. He began talking in a conversational mode. One day he completely blew me away by telling me, “Mommy, cook me some food.” I knew that was not from a movie.

Today is July 28, 2009 and Noah is beginning to ask and answer questions, and carry on some normal conversation. Loving and social, he wants us to play with him, watch movies with him, and read to him. He is a little person who wants to have a relationship with us. Noah can tell me what he wants to eat, that his toe hurts, and even that I should not go to work today because there is a thunderstorm outside. At night, he no longer wears diapers. We are still in awe of the changes that the last sixty days have made in our son.

I believe that Young Living Mightyzymes and the Essential Oils have played a huge part in the progress that we have seen in Noah. We may still have a long way to go, but the progress we have seen is so promising. Trying the Mightyzymes and the essential oils is such a small step to take. Perhaps you may not see the extreme results that we have seen with Noah, but it is well worth trying. We will always give glory and honor to our Heavenly Father for the joy we have with our son and for the salvation we have through His Son. You may reach me at evonmc@gmail.com. If you have questions, I am happy to share with you more of our story.

We are just starting to learn

We are just starting to learn about EO's! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story!

Two kinds of autism. Congenital and nutrition deficiency.

Cure the nutrition deficiency, cure the autism.

Info under my username. Try if to 90 days.

If you find the results favorable, you can make money as a re-seller.

Five of us here with various issues ADHD, Night sweats, loss of sense of smell, gray hair and unusable knees have remedied these problems with supplementation.

We alsways ate good and nutritious foods, it wasn't enough.

Try it and be amazed. Everything works better in a fully nourished body.

Imagine the effectiveness of your techniques then!

Free includes debt-free!

Gut Flora Imbalance.

I read somewhere that something in vaccines can cause a lot of the good bacteria in a child’s intestines to die off, allowing candida (a type of yeast fungus) to flourish. If the child is fed a typical American diet (wheat, sugar, processed foods), candida can become systemic – meaning it can break through the intestinal walls and travel to other parts of the body, including the brain, where it sets up colonies. In a small child, I image this wouldn’t take longer than a few weeks, if not days. (If left unchecked, candida can change its environment to one more conducive to its growth in less than 8 hours).

In adults, a systemic candida overgrowth can cause, foggy brain, inability to concentrate, lethargy, emotional imbalances, food allergies, skin issues, mal-absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, joint pain, adult onset ADD etc… Imagine what it could do to a child’s developing body and brain.

I think the cure for many types of autism in children (not all of course) lies in candida management and gut flora balancing.

MMR vaccine, anyone?

MMR vaccine causes autism. Proven in Italian court: http://bit.ly/GAEyvN

My nephew developed autism shortly after he was vaccinated. He was perfectly normal up until that time. I begged my sister-in-law not to do it, but she did it anyway. I wanted to beat her senseless with a baseball bat. That child was such a beautiful and terrific boy. He was about the same age as your boy is today. That's about the time when they start pumping in the poisons. Did you allow your boy to be jabbed?

Sad to say that there is no cure for autism except by prevention.

Did you know that unvaccinated children don't get autism? At least that is the case with Amish children that confirm it (the medical mafia won't do the studies for obvious reasons): http://bit.ly/GAF5he

I am very sorry for what you are having to deal with. If it's any consolation, I did make a donation.

I hope that everyone reading my response does not think that I am some kind of uncaring a-hole, because I truly do care and have a lot of empathy for those that have to deal with being victimized by the medical mafia.

It is only logical. The human body has an extremely efficient way of immunizing itself against biological invaders getting into the blood (lungs, nose, eyes, colon, etc.). Vaccines bypass all of the bodies natural defenses and are injected directly into the blood. Vaccines don't sound like such a smart thing to do to anyone that you love.

I'm sorry that I had to write this.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau