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Actual numbers from CT health exchange for inquiring minds.

Ok - so I spent some time putting in actual numbers on the CT health exchange website and it is very clear. Obamacare does NOTHING to reduce the cost the insurance companies charge - all it does is give tax credits to offset the cost - which is nothing more than a big government hand out to big business again(GM has to be feeling duped -they made a bad deal).
Best I can tell - this is the biggest scam EVER.

Here you go:
FYI- for those not in CT - Husky is CT's Obamacare before Obamacare - it has been around decades and is a state run insurance that anybody can sign up for and the premiums are based on income - I know - one would wonder why a CT senator would vote for Obamacare when we already have coverage for EVERY citizen.

Also note CT has a very high cost of living - so a couple each making 40000 is not going very far.

Premiums are per months as are tax credits
Age 20:
0 = HUSKy low d/Medicaid
15000 = HUSKy low d/Medicaid
***Note - this is the same for all age brackets in CT so I will not repeat****
20000 = 163-176 TC = 78 Final = 85-98
40000 = No TC Final = 97-135
Same for all higher incomes

Age 30
20000 = 292-317 TC = 208 Final = 84-109
40000 = NO TC Final = 206-293

Age 40
20000 = 328-359 TC = 244 Final = 84-115
40000 = 328-359 TC = 13 Final = 315-343

Age 50
20000 = 458-498 TC = 376 Final = 82-122
40000 = 458-498 TC = 144 Final = 314-355
60000 = To tax credit - in addition - only one silver plan - rest major medical

Age 60
20000 = 697-757 TC = 615 Final = 82-142
40000 = 696-757 TC = 383 Final = 313-375
60000 = No Tax credit - bronze major medical - 700 per month

So lets recap - anybody making under 2000 will go on Medicaid - no difference.
Anybody making 20000 will pay 82-140 per month(or 5- 10% of gross).
Anybody making 40000 will pay about 300(about 10% of gross).

So basically if you cannot afford to lose another 10% of income - you will simply pay the fine - which I imagine is what most people will do. As more employers dump insurance - more people will just pay the fine and be uninsured.

I also ran a family of four making 60000 per year. The kids are put on Husky(again - no different than they are now in CT) and the parents pay about 400 dollars per month - just under 10%.

Go to a family of 100000 - no tax credit and plans are 800 per month - with very large deductibles(6000-10000).

I keep running the numbers and it seems that once you clear poverty - the insurance companies are getting 10% of your pay - plain and simple - or - the government is getting paid the fine.

All those young kids making 9.00 per hour who voted for this guy are going to be really pissed when they have to pay that fine aren't they? Yeh - 9 dollars per hour and you will be expected to pay 100 dollars a month for insurance. Oh - but their parents insurance can cover them to 20 something - well unless the parent is also just paying the fine since they cant afford insurance.
And so the downward spiral starts.
Then big gov will step in with more big plans to save us from the original plan.
Its all falling apart people. Get ready.

We better keep this government shut down - otherwise the IRS is going to have a field day collecting all the fines.

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With increased reporting

With increased reporting requirements for stockholders that was initiated several years ago, I think in the near future our dear leaders will start dipping into the "excess savings" of people to spread our wealth around. Things we know: People largely live paycheck to paycheck, have lousy savings and investing sense and everyone acts in their own interest. Therefore the majority is more than incentivized to force the minority, those with common sense, to "care for others" by "volunteering" (by force) their unneeded additional funds.

Do not participate including

Do not participate including paying the fine. How is it health care when you spend 300-800/month with a $10,000 deductible that most likely is not used in a year? So you pay a monthly fee and have to cover all health expenses in the year under 10,000.....

Free Market, Free Market, Free market - get govt. and insurance companies out of health.

The clue-less are about to get a clue...

It'll be a kick to see how long the MSM can keep propping this up as good for the little Guy, when someone making minimum wage, can't afford it realizes that your drivers license will be suspended and tax liens put on your home if you don't pay the fines either.

Took me a few to figure out what all these numbers meant

but then it hit me.

It's 3-card Molly. That's the important number here.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Yeh - sorry - I didnt spend a lot of time putting it together

but you can see it is nothing more than a shell game.

The tax credits end up being nothing more than government subsidy to the healthcare companies. But I thought they were the enemy. Isnt that what Obama kept telling us?

And in the end - the cost never went down - it was merely picked up by the tax payer.

It's government enforced

It's government enforced cannibalism: The Old eat the Young.

No Surpise

"I know - one would wonder why a CT senator would vote for Obamacare when we already have coverage for EVERY citizen."

This shouldn't surprise you or anybody else.

Ms. Pelosi is infamous for stating, "we have to pass the bill to see what's inside it." Nancy didn't read the bill before voting yea. I doubt she's read the bill since voting yea. I doubt she would even understand the bill if she ever bothers to ever read it.

I suspect the majority of critters never bothered to read the bill before they voted.

If a critter read this bill and voted yeah, they should be fired.
If a critter never bothered to read this bill and voted yea, they should be fired.

My guess is, 95% of the critters should be fired.

The millions O claimed to have visit the website on the grand opening of the exchanges were most likely apathetics' who believed they were signing up for "free, socialized healthcare"

I read the bill. When Americans finally understand what this is EXACTLY, there will be mutiny.

Oh - I am not surprised at our dear senators at all

they are the lowest of the low around here.

And I believe they were bragging yesterday 100 or so people signed up.
Of course - my money is on those 100 people being on the Husky/Medicaid dole today that were just too damn lazy to go sign up the day before.

And I am already seeing the look on business owners faces as it all comes to light. I have an IT consulting business so deal with a lot of small business owners. Most, being from a big D state, voted for this guy. One in particular was high fiving and ass grabbing when the bill was upheld by the court.
There is no high fiving now, no ass grabbing(lest you consider there own).
Yeh - it is quite the shock for these small people who have 3-4-5 llc set up to realize that they are ALL counted towards the 50 employees as a group since their name is on each one. Oh- and those families that have all the kids name on the corporate paperwork as owners - who also own businesses outside the family business -yeh - all your employees are pooled now too.

Of course - being astute business people - they are just going to pay the fine for now since it is so much cheaper. Just wait a few years when those fines are crushing and see how fast it all falls down.

This is tragic to say the

This is tragic to say the least.