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Seven stupid things the gov’t spent money on during the shutdown


1. Federal agencies created new websites to tell visitors that they don’t have enough funding to run their old websites.

"...According to USA Today, even Capitol Hill’s Twitter feed will be impacted. The newspaper reports that, “Twitter followers received a message from the architect of the U.S. Capitol proclaiming certain accounts will be inactive. A message posted on first lady Michelle Obama’s Twitter account said tweets would be limited ‘due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government.’"...

3. A D.C-area canal is closed and had all the pumps handles removed.

"The National Park Service has actually had someone remove the handles off all the well pumps along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal that runs 184 miles from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland, according to sources. The NPS has also stationed officers in the park to make sure bikers don’t ride down closed bike paths and that no one can come near the scenic waterway."...

7. The DoD is postponing the Navy-Air Force football game.

(perhaps the lowest blow of them all was not to be withstood. THE FOOTBALL FUNDING HAS BEEN FOUND - CC)

read the rest http://dailycaller.com/2013/10/02/seven-stupid-things-the-go...

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Some things never cease to amaze me.

Effing amazing.

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Of course this is just

Of course this is just pissing people off even more, but they arnt getting angry and going running to the government for a solution. They are telling the gov to go fuck themselves instead.

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