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Cops set to arrest biker thug No. 1 who allegedly ripped a driver out of his car and beat him in front of his family

Police have finally identified the most vicious of the “motor psychos” — the man who allegedly ripped a driver out of his car and beat him in front of his family after a wild chase on the West Side Highway, The Post has learned.
Cops set to arrest biker thug No. 1
Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn, has lawyered up and is expected to surrender by Friday, according to two law-enforcement sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

Chance is the top target from Sunday’s shocking motorcycle road rage attack, an assault that left Alexian Lien, 33, pummeled and bleeding on the pavement as his wife and 2-year-old daughter cowered in their black Range Rover.

Biker shown moments after being run over by SUV
Biker shown moments after being run over by SUV

Undercover NYPD cop stood by as bikers beat dad

Undercover NYPD cop stood by as bikers beat dad
An off-duty, NYPD undercover officer was among the pack of motorcyclists who chased a Financial District family up the West Side Highway — and he stood by as the dad was hauled from his car and beaten, The Post has learned.

The unidentified narcotics officer only came forward Wednesday night, four days after the caught-on-video biker predation, and is described as a motorcycle hobbyist who rides with Front Line Soldiers, a New Rochelle-based group that also counts several other cops among its members, a source said.

Internal Affairs is investigating whether those cops, too, were among the bikers, and whether any of them are also witnesses to the beating that left Internet exec Alexian Lien bleeding on the pavement as his wife and toddler daughter cowered inside their black Range Rover.

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Something is missing here, barracuda do you know?

I see you are following this story closely. How could this hooligan motorcycle group manage to drive through NY for hours and not pick up at least one cop? Now it's reported that 1 or more police officers were part of the gang and failed to report this promptly.
My spidy senses are tingling, this just don't feel right.

The story indicates how there

The story indicates how there was an undercover cop in the pack of bikers. Off-duty or on, I find it hard to belive that any undercover cop would not have a panic button with him at all times. The second that SUV hit the bike he should have been on the panic button.

Where is the truth ?

I'm just curious if the bikers surrounded the SUV driver initially to car jack him or commit some other offense, or if the SUV driver ran over the gang without provocation ?

how do we find out that missing piece of information ?


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Trick bikers like to create a

Trick bikers like to create a safe zone right in the middle of the highway.
(That's what people do when they have no life)
So they can do stunts.
Once they stop the first line of cars across they have the road blocked.
It's like a pause in a parade so performers can perform.

That's where Cruz imposed on the SUV driver and got bopped.

At that point the bikers closest to the SUV surrounded it and started to bang on it - while someone started cutting SUV tires.
Now think about it... They were ready with blades to cut tires?

The SUV was stopped long enough for Mieses (who got crushed) to dismount and walk about 30-40 feet back towards the front of the SUV and ALLEGEDLY tend to CRUZ who ALLEGEDLY was knocked off his bike by the SUV.
Based on my experience with these low life's, I think Mieses figured his being in front of the SUV with Cruz would keep the SUV from moving forward because most people just cower and stay put.
But Mieses was wrong. the SUV appropriately accelerated to escape the mob activity.
That's when Mieses got hit.
So from that point on it was all animal instinct.
The SUV even stopped a second time (unfortunately) but then realized apparently that they were out for blood, he took off again.

You're Right

They are a bunch of thugs, I saw a video where they forced the SUV to stop, I didn't see knives but it looked pretty threatening and intimidating to have 40 some motorcyclist's hovering around them, I guess if he felt his life is in danger he did the right thing. when I first watched this I saw only the SUV running over the biker, so I thought the driver started the trouble.

There is always going to be a

There is always going to be a few rotten tomatoes in any given bunch.

Responsible riders wouldn't be with this bunch

to begin with.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

ummm, how did this whole situation start?

what triggered it all? i haven't heard this discussed at all

i haven't heard this discussed at all

ever heard of
Search "NYC Motorcycle Road Rage"

I like what the police later

I like what the police later said. You do not have to stop if you feel your safety is threatened, you can call 911 and drive to a police station to make a report however you have to drive safely. You are responsible for any harm or damage you do along the way.

When they approached the stopped SUV I wish the motorcyclists would have asked the SUV driver to please stay put until police arrive. That would have been the decent thing to do.

Unfortunately being blocked and surrounded by a gang of motorcyclists would be a terrifying thing, and the urge to flee might be too great in that case.

Congratulation Barrucuda_Trader on a job well done.

Your reporting on this biker story, has made it relatively easy for sane and decent people here to follow the chain of events that took place that day.

For those of you who are giving him a bad time, LIGHTEN-UP. After all you haven't brought one damn thing to the table to dispute his reporting.

To help squelch some of the total non-sense arguments below, I leave you with these thoughts on the subject;

There were over 200 calls into 911 that day about these so-called good-guy bikers, regarding their outrageous behavior. ALL 911 calls are recorded, and none of them have been released yet.

I can assure everyone, at lease one of those 911 calls came from the party inside the SUV. It's my guess they made the call through the SUV's on-star cell phone speaker system. I have no doubt the 911 operator was fully able to hear everything that was going on, and instructed them to stay on-line with them through-out this entire ordeal.

When they were attacked after stopping, it would NOT surprise me if it comes out that the 911 operator him or herself being fully aware of the situation at hand, TOLD them to flee. That is why no one in the SUV has been arrested to date, and that is why the chief spokesman for the police dept stated very clearly that the driver of the SUV was NOT going to be arrested. The police took this stand because know exactly what happened, and what was going down, because its all on tape.

To those of you who are still trying to justify and put a good spin on these thugs as being some good old boys, we'll you're barking up the wrong tree, with those of us here who know the difference between right and wrong.

Again; Congratulations Barracuda_Trader for a job well done.

www.SpiderWebbs.com (Take Your Bookmarks Wherever You Go!)

Paulite, It's personal for me

I'm just glad that it's getting the attention it needs.
These bikers are not like most bikers. They are totally out of control.
They deliberately set-up situations that lead to them being pursued so they can then evade being caught. It's a sick game.
In most cases they drive unregistered, uninsured bikes or use stolen plates.
My experiences with them started back in '93, twenty-one years ago. And it's only gotten worse in part because there are more illegals involved in it. And they're from all over the world.
They literally come here and abuse OUR LIBERTIES.
Our form of government can't function without a trustworthy population.
And if you're 25 years or older you know how we have become a nation of guilty until proven innocent's.

You're a good man!

I'm grateful for your participation in all this.

I love liberty and 200% believe in our constitution and what it stands for. But I also believe and understand that this great gift of liberty comes with GREAT responsibilities, and that it will serve no other people than a morally upright society, as expressed by Thomas Jefferson himself when it was announced to the colonists over two hundred years ago.

This forum has its own elitists and plants including many immature individuals who need to grow-up, before we can become a force to be reckoned with.

I thank you for your perseverance.

www.SpiderWebbs.com (Take Your Bookmarks Wherever You Go!)

Phxarcher87's picture

All i can think of

is carrying more ammo now...

James Madison

In a free society how would this incident be resolved?

I join the majority of people here who condemn the actions of the men on motorcycles. I also, as a rider myself, condemn the actions of the vehicle driver (cager, as riders call them) who willfully crushed a man beneath his wheels. I also condemn whatever actions took place before the cameras came out.

The DP is presumably a community of people who oppose a powerful state and increasingly militarized law enforcement officers who violently aggress against fellow citizens; you know, "Peace, Gold, Love". However, there are always going to be violent conflicts between people. Since advancing technology puts increasingly lethal weapons into everyone's hands, how should violent conflicts like this be handled?

1) Yes, we need law enforcement that is able to bring superior force to bear on violent offenders. As technology gives everyone access to increasingly lethal weapons, (a car can certainly be used as a lethal weapon) law enforcement needs to be increasingly empowered to deal with them.

2) Reduce the role of government in law enforcement. We can't have heavily armored officers roaming the streets hurting or killing people, some of which are innocent. Let people work out their conflicts on their own.

3) Some other solution that preserves peaceful citizens' right to go about their business without fear of violent assault but also has a way of dealing with those who chose to violently assault someone else.

I certainly don't have the solution. What are your suggestions?

Evidently we've run into

The Anarchist scumbag faction of the Daily Paul, who can't be reasoned with, they just down vote you and make idiotic reply's "Well I would have run over as many of those Bikers as I could" comments. You have to have local law enforcement ie. Sheriffs which is Constitutional to handle this or self defense and courts to find fault or innocence, not some dumbass on a blog.

The Anarchist scumbag faction

The Anarchist scumbag faction of the Daily Paul, who can't be reasoned with, they just down vote you and make idiotic reply's.

I take offense at being called names, most Anarchist's feel the same way about statists but deservedly so, we advocate non-violence and statists advocate violence.

I leave other people alone and expect others to leave me alone, simple isn't it?

It's right to advocate non violence but what do you do about it?

Expecting others to leave you alone doesn't prevent them from assaulting you, but that has the simple solution of you assuming responsibility to defend yourself, if you can.

What is an Anarchist's view of violent conflict between others in which you are not involved. Should there be a system or some sort of common understanding about what to do? What if an innocent is obviously out-matched?

Not easy questions.

I make an exception

For you, maybe this Idiot post is done by a Statist, who knows, your right True Anarchist's are not violent, but the Pseudo one's are, I apologize, you seem like a nice guy, I'm taking the Law and order approach, Barracuda it seems has no respect for the Law or morals.

Barracuda respects the Law and morals.

Barracuda KNOWS the Law and morals DON'T STOP PREDATORS AND GANGSTA'S.

Barracuda has a moral obligation to defend his family against babies on crotch rockets.

Barracuda ain't havin' no vicarious experience with these gagngsta's on ninja bikes.

Barracuda has walked the walked as a regional rep covering NJ/NY/MD/DC/DE/CT.
Barracuda clocked 6,000 miles a MONTH on GSP, NJTP, Merrit Pky, I-95, NJ-9,NYT.
Barracuda has first hand experience with bike packs committing crimes and eluding the "Law".
Barracuda also had a windshield smashed in NJ on Christmas eve '95, on Barracuda's brand new company car, while enroute from MD to CT for the holiday. Driver was an illegal, in an unregistered van, with a 6 foot sheet of ice on his roof that blew off. I got the plate number. Did me no good.

Barracuda got hit head-on by a Monte Carlo full of drugged-up Puerto Ricans who came over the center rail at 80 miles and hour on I-95. Car was stolen, unregistered and uninsured. MY INSURANCE COMPANY DROPPED ME!
Totaled my car, almost killed my passenger. The driver got probation 18 months later in court.

So Barracuda plays for keeps when someone f-u-c-k-s with Barracuda. Especially when Barracuda's family is on board.

Barracuda is not violent... until ... well you know.

Your Downvoted for Being like MSM

The "Internet Executive," is a punk too he drove over a guy and kept going, are you advocating that? The Bikers aren't angels no, but your using previous acts to justify a hit and run and that's just Bull**it.

Biker thugs

Are you for real, I can see why the driver of the suv was taking a self defense position as he was surrounded by a bunch of thugs on 2 wheels. These criminals were blocking him and his family in and were acting like it was there right to do that, and more then likely he didn`t understand there GETTO CULTURE that might(having you out numbered)makes right(statist) and took what he thought was the right action to take at that moment. I can tell you that where I live this would probably never happen because a large percentage of the people that live in this region are ARMED which tends to level the playing field! Maybe if this area of the country was not violating the second amendment rights of it`s citizens that would be the case here also.


Take the time and look at my more recent comment :)

when I made this comment I didn't see the beginning of the video where he was stopped and surrounded, I only saw him run over the biker and drive off, so the Driver looked bad in that edited clip, but regarding your 2nd amendment statement, he would need a Machine gun or two to fight all those bikers, sorry a handgun wouldn't have been enough.

cbat you're wrong

I'm not like the MSM. I would have run over as many of those gangsta's as I could.

The only reason they pursued the family was because they did not fear the family.
If they feared the family they would have stopped f-u-c-k-i-n-g with the family.
They never would have gotten a hand on my truck.
Capisce cbat? (capeesh)

Who are you to say they are Gangsters?

"The only reason they pursued the family was because they did not FEAR the family." maybe it was because their friend was purposely run over, ever think of that possibility? By your own admission you are nothing but a thug. By the way it is illegal to run over someone because you don't like them. Capisce Barracuda?

My father

rides a motor cycle with many others. They always talk about SAFETY!!!!!!!

That idiot biker purposely drove too close to the SUV and did a break check. If you were riding a motor cycle, you would NEVER EVER DO THAT!

Those Bikers are thugs and need a beat down.

This really gets me

An off-duty, NYPD undercover officer was among the pack of motorcyclists who chased a Financial District family up the West Side Highway — and he stood by as the dad was hauled from his car and beaten, The Post has learned.

The unidentified narcotics officer only came forward Wednesday night, four days after the caught-on-video biker predation, and is described as a motorcycle hobbyist who rides with Front Line Soldiers, a New Rochelle-based group that also counts several other cops among its members, a source said.

If these guys are indeed the

If these guys are indeed the same group of bikers that were involved in the Range Rover incident then I stand corrected. These bikers are serious scumbags...

BIKER "GANG" ATTACK PRIUS.. (yes, the SAME group!)

What the bikers DIDN'T want you to see, is that they make a habit of these deliberate intimidation techniques year after year. Here is some footage that the original poster had boasted about on his youtube account, and then when shit hit the fan, subsequently removed (no doubt to try make their case as 'innocent enthusiasts' look more legitimate).. While I certainly feel for the guy that got ran over (if it is indeed true that all he was doing was "helping the fallen rider"), however in light of these new videos coming to surface, it would definitely NOT seem like the kind of crowd I would want ANYTHING to do with...


They run their bikes like they run their mouths. With careless disregard.