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Paul contests delegate credentials in Louisiana....AP FINALLY picked it up!

Jan. 26, 2008, 6:36PM
Paul contests delegate credentials in Louisiana

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's campaign said Saturday that it has filed a complaint with the state GOP over what it calls problems and inconsistencies in Louisiana's process of choosing delegates. "At this point right now, we're not going to charge anything nefarious is going on, but it's a very confusing process, and there have been inconsistencies, and we're voicing our complaints now" and hoping to work out their concerns with state party leaders, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said................



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There are three issues here.

There are three issues here. The first is the change in rules after the deadline to allow other candidates to add delegates to their slates when it became clear that only Ron Paul had a full slate of delegates and alternative delegates running. The second is the overlapping slates. A slate states the name of a Presidential candidate and lists the delegates running for election that support him. Usually a delegate is only listed on one slate. How can a delegate support 2 or more candidates? All of Ron Paul's delegates only appeared on his slate. With John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, their delegates appeared on one, two and in some case all 3 slates. To make things even worse a Pro-Family/Pro-Life slate with all of the overlapping delegates was created, with a fancy web page and full color handout with a picture of Ronald Regan on them saying "Win One For The Gipper" Now this gets really good because the Louisiana GOP, who is running the election and counting the votes also paid for the Pro-Family/Pro-Life web page and handouts. The LA GOP can only say John McCane seems to have won because almost all his delegates came from the overlapping slates. When counting non-overlapping slates, Ron Paul won. The third issue is the voter registration deadline and use of outdated list on election day. The Louisiana GOP made a press release stating that between November 1st and 31st over 2300 new people registered as Republican but when it came time to vote, they used the Nov. 1st list knowing very well 2300 people were left off the list. These people were forced to cast provisional ballots and it is not clear if everyone was told of the option or just told they could not vote. The larger districts seem to have much fewer provisional ballots cast then in the smaller ones. Over all, 641 provisional ballots were cast and 75% were thrown out. Only about 165 were counted towards the final results. Hard to believe only 7% of the people who took the time to register between November 1st and 31st voted. BTW 75% of the provisional ballots that were counted were for Ron Paul.

Good 'ol Louisiana....

But sadly, things are likely not much better in my state.

This kind of thing just reinforces my decision to only make contributions directly to candidates and never again to the state/national party.

AMEN to that! I've never

AMEN to that! I've never supported any party and no plans to. In fact, this is first I've ever supported a candidate with $ in my 33 yrs voting.

one more time...

to Drudge! Join me :-)

They also neglected to

They also neglected to mention that the GOP gave a last minute extension of 2 days to allow the other candidates to submit delegates. This was a real blow to the RP meetup supporters because as I understand it they organized all their candidates and submitted them at one time right before the deadline. They were the only ones with full slates. Then suddenly the GOP made the extension. Very corrupt!

will keep trying...

can't hurt!

From the comments

The shocking truth was obscured here. As Dr. Horsfield contributed in another comment: "One major issue you omitted was the bizarre decision by the Louisiana GOP to use outdated voter lists from November 1st when their cutoff to register as Republicans was November 30th 2007." Another omission was the Louisiana GOP's extension of a delegate registration deadline from January 10 to January 12; the decision was made AFTER it was observed that Ron Paul had the most delegates. These facts should raise EVERYONE'S eyebrows, if they are at all concerned about preserving even a semblance of integrity in the election process.

abc carried this

Been offline for a tad, getting my news filtered through my mobile slave managment device/cell phone and ABC picked this up yesterday.

"We knew Ron Paul had a lot of supporters, but we had no idea that ALL of them would vote" - last known words from the MSM

"We knew Ron Paul had a lot of supporters, but we had no idea that ALL of them would vote" - last known words from the MSM

Thanks -

for letting us know about this.

Ron Paul for President 2008 !!!

DRUDGE.....everyone keep sending!

often they will pick up when AP and enough people keep sending it!

I've recommended the chronicle article to Drudge

correct, he does tend to prefer linking to ap stories, especially published on a major newspaper. Hopefully it will pop up there.

Me too! I won't hold my breath though.

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand


sent it to Drudge too.


RP campaign issued their PR on the web page too. It is more detailed ...AP finally gives it a 'mention' ha.


I wonder if we can get Drudge to link to it now that AP has picked it up.

That article really was a

That article really was a bastardization from the entire issue though, as those comments stated. I really wonder why they would pick that press release out instead of the one that clearly stated his economic plan tho...lol