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This is how they deliver the mail these days.

They drive right up onto your front lawn. Via Reddit.


Must have something to do with the shutdown.

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Probably relying on her GPS...


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I work for USPS....

it has nothing to do with the shutdown, because the USPS is not government owned. It has to go through congress to be able to change things, but the government does not pay me to deliver the mail, the money comes from the money being made from selling stamps and people sending mail, packages, UPS and Fedex paying for deliveries, etc. What she did there is not normal. I have no idea what the hell that woman is thinking, but she is definitely a rural carrier who has been assigned an LLV OR she is a clerk that had to take a package out, because city carriers wear uniforms. Driving onto someone's lawn and then backing up is seriously wrong and unsafe. I have no idea what she is thinking but she is apparently pissed off about something or not happy with her job-- she might even be a part-timer that doesn't care. I would guess that if she is a part-timer and this was reported to her boss, she was most likely fired. Of course, if she is in a rural area she might be one of those part-timers that is losing her job because of the current trend of trying to cut costs by shutting down offices and services instead of correcting the real issues with the Post Office. It's hard to say what her reasons were, but one thing is for sure...this is not the norm.

I have a question for you

I have a question for you about how the USPS and Congress interact. I have seen many articles saying that a major (but not sole) reason why the USPS is running a deficit is because of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which mandates that the USPS spends billions on future benefits for workers who are not even born yet, and that the USPS is the only organization that has to do something like this. Is this accurate, and would removing this requirement substantially help the USPS?

Destroying our infrastructure

Yes, Please understand that at one point the UPS had more lobbyists in washington than any other company. They have even sued the Postal Service for not charging enough for parcel delivery. Congress required the Postal Service to front load retirement costs for the next 75 years over 10 years. This would, of course, crush most companies which is probably the point. The Postal Service has competition from email and some other problems but this requirement is bone breaking.

Its absolutely accurate.

The USPS is required to fund "retiree future health care costs" - a full SEVENTY FIVE YEARS into the future. In other words they are required to pay now for the retirement of people who haven't been born yet.

Congress will supposedly HOLD the money (yeah right, just like all those Social Security payments) for this purpose - but really it just uses the $5 BILLION dollars a year as revenue to spend,

No other business public or private has to do anything like this. Congress just created an obligation and an excuse to extort $5 billion from the Post Office each year.

And when the Post Office can't PAY this $5 billion extortion - the Post Office itself is blamed.

Thanks for your response.

Thanks for your response.

partially true but

the US Gov still makes up for any shortfall which is the billions, in addition the US Mail has a monopoly on 1st class mail, stamps etc. FedEx, UPS cannot legally deliver that type of mail. So what happens is the postal service raises prices on stamps to subsidize it small package delivery to compete with FedEx and UPS. FedEx and UPS don't have that luxury.

That's why you see USPS stamp prices go up nearly every year, yet magically their small package prices stay flat.

Nothing against you, everybody has to make a buck, I'm just saying.

It subsidises its parcels with first class letter postage? Are

you out of your mind?

Domestic letter are WAY artificially low priced in the US. A domestic letter cost around $1.54 to mail in Denmark, slightly less in Norway and Finland. In fact the AVERAGE cost for a domestic letter in countries around the world is 55 cents. And this includes much smaller countries (where they never have to cover distance like say from the Florida Keys to Alaska) poorer countries and the service is not nearly as good or dependable as in the US. You would be amazed at the routine theft problems in other countries.

If the USPS was allowed to raise its rates perhaps it could turn a profit. But NOBODY is making money delivering first class mail at 45 cents per letter. It isn't subsidizing ANYTHING.

The rate is determined by Congress and Congress is much more concerned with doing politically popular things than with helping the Post Office have a fair price.

And do me a favor - go to FedEx or UPS and ask them if they would be willing to deliver ANYTHING across the country for 45 cents (and SUBSIDIZE their parcels yet with that terrific sum). They will laugh you out of the building.


Wait, first johnnyohio claims the USPS is not government owned and yet here you are claiming that congress sets the rate for political popular things?

So which is it? Are they government owned or not? If congress sets the rates then that stipulates control of the USPS doesn't it?


The Government now mandates what health insurance you must have. Does that mean you are Government owned?

It seems to me that our Government is doing a lot of illegal and/or immoral things!

YES...you are

government owned. Exactly.
It not only stipulates what health insurance you buy, but it claims the power to dictate any aspect of your life.

Ownership is the power to determine the disposition of something.
Government uses law to determine the disposition of the individual.
The individual will do what they, when they say it and they will take what they want, when they want it.

Then they employ an army of people to make sure you obey their will.

You nailed it.


Whatever happened to postmen wearing uniforms? Now my mail lady wears a leather jacket and baggy black shorts.


Not really - it's just more fun than saying 'bump.'

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg

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Really cool. :)

Really cool. :)

Now that's very zealous !

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Except I don't think the lady was too happy

about the mail man (woman) driving over her lawn...

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My bad, I forgot to invite our purple buddy

My bad, I forgot to invite our purple buddy ;)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius