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Who wrote the check?

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson received a $25,000 check from a high-ranking official in Ron Paul's presidential campaign days before ditching Michele Bachmann to back Paul, and eventually got $73,000 in suspicious payments that may be linked to Paul's campaign, an investigator has found.


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What did Benton know?

And when did he know it?

I'm not a big fan of Rand, but seeing Benton and the Benton/McConnell connection taken out of the picture would be a step in a positive direction for Rand.

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Take McConnell out of the equation, and that is not good for

Take McConnell out of the equation, and that is not good for Rand.

McConnell is old school, old boy, grease-the-wheels-with-your-connections, backslapping, dealmaking, dirty rotten scoundrel.

Rand needs him as a date to the club, so to speak.

His other date into the club is Romney. He kissed Romney's ass, now it is time for payback.

Him & McConnell have been necking in the corner - now its time to take it to the next level.

How committed is McConnell to Rand? How committed is Rand to McConnell. This is a relationship not of love, but of self interest. The second it is no longer in either's self interest, the relationship is severed, like a hot potato.

Does Benton help or hurt McConnell's reelection chances?

McConnell will apparently railroad the Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin. No one is the Tea Party has rallied his aid. Support for that effort was killed - basically - by Rand, the prior Tea Party Darling.

Cruz is giving the Tea Party a bad name in the wider population.

Eventually, Rand will face Romney's dilemma: How to capture, not just the Tea Party, but the rest of the Party, too. Cruz is demonstrating how limited his reach is. Rand has got a tight line to walk.

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And there is a tidal wave of money coming behind the Democrat. She's young, and pretty and energetic...

It would be easy to paint Mitch as part of the problem. He's been there for-fucking-ever. Since '84? 30 fucking years?

Clear as a bell, he's part of the problem.

Plus his "priority" to make Obama a one term president. Is that on tape? Is that how these old farts fuck around in Congress on our dime? Playing petty politics like that?

That's what they'll say.

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In the end, there is some suspense as to who wrote the check.

Benton has been known to be a dumbass in the past... It couldn't possibly have been him, could it?

That would be bad for both of them. Both of them tied to the same criminal.

We'll see how the press is going to play it. The New York Times picked up on the story, even if the article was ever so small.

The Press is an interesting beast...

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That's why things are SOOO much simpler with Ron Paul's

That's why things are SOOO much simpler with Ron Paul's line of conduct:

he just never traded his principles for political alliances.

The only "drawback", as we know, being such strategy forced him into a 40+ year-long crossing of the desert quasi-alone, politically (especially since he hates politics, to begin with...)

Well, "two sides to every coin".

I guess it's in all other true politicians' blood to love complications.

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Who wrote the check?

I missed the point about any suspense about who wrote the check. It says:
In response to a subpoena, Sorenson turned over an uncashed $25,000 check he said his wife received from Dimitri Kesari, who was Paul's deputy national campaign manager. The check, from the checkbook of a Virginia jewelry business owned by Kesari's wife, was dated Dec. 26, 2012, two days before Sorenson joined Paul's campaign.

I just assumed that a check written on the business account of Kesari's wife's business would have been written by Kesari's wife or Kesari himself. But the check was "received from Dimitri Kesari" so that seems to be what matters, along with of course the question of who else knew about it.

I understand the idea of Rand "playing the game," but I don't think it works. Even if it works in the sense of winning the election, it's a self-defeating strategy. Because all the compromises and promises and deals he'd have to make to get into the oval office aren't about what he says during the election, they're about what he can be counted on to do after the election. If he sticks with those promises and compromises, the deals about crony appointments and everything else that's part of "playing the game," then he's a liberty-leaning Republican perhaps but hampered in what he can really do. And if he gets into the oval office and suddenly stops playing the game, and instead standing on principle, he just as suddenly loses all that support in Congress and any chance of re-election.

I don't think he's going to be given a serious shot at it, frankly. They only want him to try to appease the "tea party" long enough to keep a third-party challenger out of the picture. They'll ask him to be a team player and bow out, dangling 2020 or 2024 in front of him -- but that's just them playing the game, too. He tells them what they want to hear, they tell him what he wants to hear and what his supporters want to hear.

I also expect that by the time he does bow out they'll have gotten so many compromises from him, the pro-[that country] stance on sanctions he's already taken to appease the war side of the neocons, and he'll need to take a big-government stance on social issues rather than the leave-it-to-the-states stance that Ron Paul took, etc., etc., that by the time he bows out they'll have largely eviscerated his support in the liberty movement except from the most die-hard of Rand supporters. And then they'll have won the game.

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Ok - thanks I missed that about the check

As far as 'playing the game' - my friends up here who were Obama-from-the-get-go are just crushed - morally crushed over everything he once 'stood' for, then subsequently gave up.