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If the Republicans don't get behind the R3VOLUTION they will lose.

They are allowing Obama to get media time with his change message. I just watched his speach and he is offering everyone everything. The republicans can not beat this message. Most TV watching brain dead voters will run to this message over what they have got for the last 8 years. If the Republicans don't make the change and give us media to let the R3VOLUTION grow to it's maximum. The Republicans will lose. This is what is suppose to happen. They are using Obama to usher in the NWO. The change he is talking about is everyone gets what they want if we make this big change to enter into this new way of being part the world government Of couse you haven't heard this part of it yeat thats for later. They don't care who brings it in. They only care who can bring the most brainwashed Americans into compliance. After Obama ushers this in they will discard of him and take it over and he will forever be blamed for doing this awful thing but it will be to late. They will have their scapgoat. And they will have their world government. Then it is time to get ride of the non-compliant. You know who that is. It will not be just our government you have to fight for your liberty it will be every government. The only way to stop this is have someone who can educate this country of where we have been and where we are headed. If this nation does not hear this message we are going to have the biggest uphill battle in history. Yes my friend even harder than getting the vote out for Ron Paul. Republicans are leaving their seats vacant and not running for their office again in great numbers. In Missouri Our Governor is leaving his seat open. It is getting ready to go public that he sold a military base In KC that has huge underground caverns under it. This military base has airports by it. It has all this underground storage. It has a bunch of new buildings being built around it. It is to be a major hub of the Transcontinental Highway. These buldings are being built for the mexican government. Ron Paul is the only one who can beat the democrates and this is why he is being silenced. The Republicans want the Democrates to win. Its all part of the Great Design. Obama is going to draw in all the American people who have itchy ears to hear what they want to here. He is offering them unity. He just leaves out the part about with whom. These people will walk right through the door of the NWO with their hands held out ready get their free meal and sell themselves right into bondage.This in the United States of America.

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