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Rand Paul or Jesse Ventura in 2016?


(I'll introduce this topic late at night so all the wacko-birds can have first crack at it)

((Full disclosure: I am the founder of I punched out Jesse Ventura .blogspot.com ))

(((Secondary disclosure: I have an addiction to parentheses)))

Jesse Ventura is looking/planning to be a spoiler in 2016. I think he would be a more effective president than Rand Paul, because he is less beholden to factions etc. (Will he run under his real name of James Janus?)

Rand Paul is in a more realistic position to become the prez in 2016, at the expense of giving up the power he already has as a Senator.

I love both these guys and am truly torn. Please advise.

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I fear Rands willingness to play the game.

I trust Rand a little more then the average politician but i'm having trouble getting behind him 100%.. He is willing to cave on certain things which has me nervous

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I love these binary questions

Mod, or rocker?


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What is about young people

What is about young people these days and their love for portmanteaus? :P


Oh, wait, no, that's something else....

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Neither, at least not enthusiastically.
I like Jesse, he seems a genuine guy but not as a President, and I just dont trust Rand.

I'm fine with either to be

I'm fine with either to be honest.