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California GOP Fall Convention Report, Anaheim 2013

I lit of out of Mendocino 2 AM and arrived at the Hilton Convention Center in Anaheim a quarter to 1 PM, just in time for my first meeting: CA GOP Treasurers. At these meetings we go over new federal and state election and campaign laws, how to account for them, forms, amounts, accounts. From 1 PM to 4 PM we discuss what is going on in big counties and small, only interrupted by a visit from CA GOP chair, Jim Brulte, telling us what many of us already know, that, "the treasurer has the most profound job of all on any committee", and a guest speaker(s), SPAN, an engineering firm that designed a product called, "Politickets", that's politicket's.com, which is designed with the treasurer in mind, meaning, fundraisers going through Politickets does all the paperwork, all you have to do is hit the print button and fill out the forms for the state and county correctly.

I'm the youngest in the room, and that is interesting because of the interest the CA GOP has taken to "youth" (college students), which I am not; however, products like "politickets" appear to be designed for the future treasurers of the GOP in mind. What was interesting at this meeting for me, is that when my county, Mendocino came up, marijuana was immediately brought up with a VERY POSITIVE view for legalization, as many there said that it is decriminalized in CA, and needs to be made legal for tax and control purposes. This is a huge shift from being ANTI marijuana to PRO legalization.

The CA GOP is definitely changing.

I would say about 30% of the people from the last convention bothered to show up, replaced by LIBERTY movement Republicans, Libertarians and supporters (guests).

Suddenly, the CA GOP, which last convention was half a million in debt is debt free, credit is being given to the campaign of CA Central Valley Senator, Andy Videk, the first republican victory in the area in 16 years. This is the headline news of the convention.

This year the floor of the convention is dominated by Republican Liberty Caucus, (another Liberty group, that is new and for college students) and the new Tea Party Caucus, who all display Ron Paul's books. I talked to a few people at the tables and met a few Libertarians helping their Republican friends.

While in the banguet hall, the event centered on the achievements of Andy Videk and "minority" groups, women, Hispanic and Asian, the big party was being hosted by congressional candidate Greg Raths, who had his good friend Barry Goldwater Junior, encourage the Republican Youth to keep up the good fight because they were absolutely winning, just look at the CA GOP now, the floor is dominated by Libertarians and young Republicans, and personally, I think Ron Paul would have loved this moment.. he would have loved seeing the young people coming together and finding their places, being offered jobs, opportunities, connections, the networking. It is a very exciting and good time to be a Ron Paul Republican in the CA GOP, if you are in college, as the CA GOP is looking to fund, support and carry LIBERTY into the political arena.

The other event that was popular was, "CA Political Chicks", "Ladies Night Champagne Reception", with guests from the Anaheim Ducks, Anaheim Angels, and star appearances, for example, Jeana Keough. This was an "establishment" kind of event, all the big money.

There are three periodicals circulating:

1) GRASS ROOTS, from the CA Congress of Republicans (appears they are hosting an event having invited OR Congressman Greg Walden).

2) CA REPUBLICAN, by the CA Republican Assembly, has many opportunities listed for young republicans.

3) JBS big headlines, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS INFLUENCING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, the article inside reminded me of many similar posts on DP.

In overview, it seems the CA GOP has done what it can to retain and cater to it's supporters with money, almost like they have two conventions happening, the other being of, by, and for LIBERTY, where they are actively seeking future candidates and seats. The tea party is so busy trying to re-invent itself to fit in and retain support, knowing, if they don't attract those LIBERTY youth, they will not be long for future conventions.

None of it appears organic to me, but a lot of hard work, especially by the LIBERTY movement in the GOP. WE ARE THE FUTURE is definitely the writing on the wall. I believe many folks on DP would LOVE to be at this convention.. it's a LIBERTY Party and they are definitely WINNING.

Day two:

This is the day where the GOP has many meetings for it's committee, boards, issues, rules, and the interests, Lincoln Club, Tea Party, Women's Federation meet, offer resolutions and iniatives for the ballot we cast today. The tea part appears the big winner as they were passing out copies of their work, their suite was standing room only and people filed in the hall trying to hear what was being said. This was a remarkable difference than the Spring convention where the Tea Party was miffed.

I don't know how they did it, but the dinner banquet featuring Rick Perry was sold out, 800 tickets sold ($300.00 each). It was announced that this was the first dinner banquet in CA GOP history that was sold out.

I picked up information from the tables.. LIBERTY is everywhere, candidates have LIBERTY on tee shirts..seems to me that the GOP has become the LIBERTY party. I find it interesting. I feel like they went out of their way to make the Republican Liberty Caucus and Young Republicans very welcome.. as I previously mentioned, there appears to be job and volunteer opportunities on many levels and the young folks responded with hope and pride. I don't know for a fact, but I got the feeling that the dinner was sold out because some generous doner who would not be named invited the youth on the floor, paying the $300.00 per dinner. Instead of going through the back way to the dinner, I went around and saw the lines, and the young Republicans were very happy, everyone was dressed beautiful, and they were a very happy bunch, as if they hit the lottery, and I get that's what it felt like. From there it's onto the suites, free drinks, bands, more food, dancing.. special guests.. I'd have to say for the CA GOP it was a great event. So, I'm going to go vote, and begin making my way back home. I'm not used to this smog and chlorinated water.. very rough conditions to live in. I'm looking forward to being home again.

And I learned something, there is a difference between peace and victory. Peace lives to let live, and Victory lives to kill. A person seeking peace searches for ways to make amends. A person seeking victory will do everything in their power to eliminate the other person. For example, if you are posting that other people are trolls, you may be seeking victory rather than PEACE. Something to think about. PEACE

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bump O


Any news on hows CAGOP will endorse candidates

Welcome Back Granger,

I didn't make the convention, but am curious by what method the Party will endorse Republican Candidates. Will it be Brulte and Munger, an inside group of 23, the entire CAGOP membership or something in between?

Glad to hear more coverage of the Anaheim Convention and good to see you back on the DP.


Found Answer on Flash Report

John Fleishman released his convention winners and losers.


CA Endorsement Process is at the bottom of the Losers. No mention of RLC.

Hey Wiseburn

I agree with Flash Report.. !! Thank you!!

Oh Granger!

How can you forget the party of the year put on Saturday night by the Republican Liberty Caucus (all the California hard core Ron Paul supporters):
Roaring 20's Casino Night
xnay on the Fed and xnay on the IRS

Here get a glimpse for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.697287460299436.10...

I didn't

What I didn't do is post about it which I wouod have done Sunday being the event was Saturday might.. if you look at the date you'll see it was before that event, and at that time, only the poster ProudAmericanFirst had responded and I assumed there was little interest and being I was very busy and these reports take time, because of the lack of interest, I let it go. I'm really happy that you brought that up though. THANK YOU!!!



G Edward Griffin

It also helped that we had G Edward Griffin speak and hang out with us until 2am in the morning.

good work


scawarren's picture

Another bump for Granger

Another bump for Granger :)
Good to hear that the CA GOP seems to be changing !

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

FYI Granger

The air was extra gross in So Cal/Anaheim because of a fire and the Santa Ana/ off-shore winds. It got real nasty down here, the other side of the base.


Today is awesome since we finally got some rain/ on shore flow to clean things up... plus, the sparrows are everywhere.

Now I am going to have a big glass of SoCAl water (RO filtered, but still:(... and be jealous of what ever it is you are drinking. lol

TY for the info carlsbaddj

I looked like I was ripped the entire time.. red eyes, but I was alone, so it was ok. :D

Editorial Comment

I can imagine many libertarians in the event, but I doubt they let any Libertarians attend. Libertarians have their own competing party.

Typically, "Big - L" Libertarians refers to people registered to vote or members of the LP, while "small-L" libertarians refers to people who prefer a libertarian government or have a libertarian-style of parenting, management, or have libertarian values.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Libertarians were there big time

On the floor of the convention I met a half dozen self proclaimed Libertarians who were there as guests, with credentials (badge) and camapigning for Liberty.

I joined the Libertarians Party in 1976 to 1992, and all the meetings I went to were like Meet-ups, and there might be a dozen, people came long ways to be there.

In my county and others, the LP is so small, they don't have a quorum, and since GOP committees like mine, which is a Liberty committee, tea party and Ron Paul Republicans, who have Libertarians values, we are doing way more than the LP speaking up and standing for Liberty.. and yes, we are on the conservative side of the LP.. we are not on the Chomsky side of the LP.. and since the LP here is more conservative than Chomsky, and many rural places.. and the CA GOP is flush and handing out bucks to LIBERTY.. (if you would have bet me they would have done this, I would have lost the bet).

We're going to be having all kinds of LIBERTY events, movies, fundraisers with speakers, bands.. if they don't want to wipe the county GOP off the map.. we can do that.. we can kill this party or swing stand for liberty.. what would you do?

Encouraging report

Thanks for the update, Granger. Hitting Disneyland after? :)


Honestly, I was glad to be going/gone, though SOCAL was very good to me, very hospitable, kind, generous, people were beautiful, really beautiful, naturally and with the help of plastic. :D

Thanks Granger.

Great information!... Have a safe journey as you escape out of the belly of the beast:)

nice update

Im more of a Constitutionalist rather than Libertarian, but good to see the young guns turning CA around.


Let me get the card for you.. and please excuse me for not mentioning the constitutionalist factor, for they were there and maybe working harder than anyone reaching out..

OK.. maybe, being that you are a constitutionalist, you can check out this book and give DP a report? The book is by Steven E. Maikoski, stevenmaikoski@gmail.com

ARGUING FOR THE CONSTITUTION arguetheconstitution.com

He was dressed in 1776 attire, which he looks very dapper, and he had a nice book with charts, said he had done years of research, read every document, discovered documents.. and I would say that Steven is a zealot for the constitution, maybe his grave marker will probably say something like, "I challange all people to love the constitution more than I".

I'm thinking of buying the book.. and thinking of the committee buying a few copies and putting them into our local libraries. What do you think? I'd like your input.. is it worth it $20.00.. or is it.. lame (I don't think so, but I respect consttutionalists though I have never been a member of the party).

Good to hear friend.

Good to hear friend.

Southern Agrarian

Peace to you Granger

Thank you for the report, it's always good to read liberty is spreading.

Granger, doing what she does best.

Last night at the Tea Party we heard good things about Republican Liberty Caucus and the Tea Party Caucus like "Full of Ron Paulers"...ahh WINNING

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for the Granger.

I'll see ya one, and raise ya one..

You're a good man Mister N.
Yes, a BIG BUMP for Granger...doing what Dr.Paul "instructed".
It's always good to follow the good Doctor's orders.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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Thank you

Let's give it another.

Thank you for the update, Granger :-)

It appears encouraging. I hope that Liberty people on this board will become engaged in the process.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


Check out that politickets.com If they had a vote on the best new app for campaigns and events for committees, they would get mine; it's well designed. If I was a techie, I would do something very similar.. I think it's going to become a part of every committee as state and federal laws change, this program does the detail and dirty work, gives the buffer between the candidate and or committee, and the state/feds and their audits. The form rules are so complicated, this makes it very easy. I thought of you and your events.. this could be a great tool for you and/or those who work with you. Thank you for the kind words and upvote. I really miss home and the chickens.. life is so much, I don't know, less stressed.. really, it's like being in a piece of swiss cheese in a rat race. Maybe that's because it's across from Disneyland? LOL BE well!

Good Work Granger

...and a safe journey home for ya.
Thanks for keeping us informed.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


Home at last, home at last, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I am home at last! Whew! What a trip (((((Danton))))! I went to the CA GOP Fall convention expecting something like the Spring convention.. by the way, remember when I reported meeting Karl Rove, that I made him nervous because I challenged him about Ron and Rand Paul? I saw him look at the door and my minds eye saw him thinking, "Where is security?" How the hell did this "wacko bird" get in here? What the dickens happened to the CA GOP to have this kook in here?" Well, they frisked everyone going onto the dinner for Perry and checked women's purses. I was staying at the convention hotel, so I didn't bring my purse, my key card fit in the convention badge holder, which had my treasurer and golden circle ribbons, so I get the prime tables, one table away from Rick Perry, who I declined to be photographed, or to meet, and of course that got me some weird looks, after all, Perry is talking more like Ron Paul (shape shifting).

Still, I think I might need to make another top post, because I don't know about the other states, but here in the CA GOP, there is suddenly $$$$, and a war going on.. private doners who want freedom Vs private doners who don't.

Talk about a good fight.. what makes this so exciting is that there are so many Ron and Rand Paul supporters, like myself, who have quickly come into power.. I had some interesting conversations, and I'm glad I went because before going I was thinking of closing our committee.. being the first county to quit the GOP, that should make some waves.. but with all the young folks so hungry for Liberty and willing to fight on the inside, and thet are really awesome people.. reminded me of being at a Daily Paul convention with a tea party and the theme was LIBERTY (seems we are supplying the "justice" for all).

So, at my next committee meeting, I get to offer my committee a choice, to end the committee, or take up some of the offers I got for the committee to invite certain benefactors to fundraising events (we're talking big bucks). I've got to work today, and still unpack and settle the farm.. BTW.. when I was in Los Angeles there is a new sandwich shop, I didn't have the time to go in, but I did see it, and people were talking about it everywhere because I'm from Mendocino.. it's called "Mendocino Farms".. the food is all organic and locally grown.. they are celebrating the laws we passed a decade ago. Interesting isn't it? Well, for me it is, makes me realize that I'm about a light decade into the future of the real world, and more, happy to live in Mendocino where the food grown is all organic, the well water pure, the air clean.. maybe that's the difference? Because I feel I need to detox from the environment from SOCAL.

Thank you for your support ((((Danton)))))!!! It's paying off. KNOW THAT.