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Want to see some angry folks? Check out comments on the official Obamacare Facebook Page.

The reviews of the website failures/prices of Obamacare/lack of customer service are downright comical. These aren't trolls, these are Obamacare supporters realizing the TRUTH about Obamacare after finding out the details from the official website. If this is any indication of what's to come, I guarantee people will wake up.



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Great comment - except not of the idiots clammering to

this president have a clue what it means.

The DMV of healthcare.

The DMV of healthcare. That is all.

That was fun...thanks.

That was fun...thanks.

Good to see people speaking

Good to see people speaking up. I did see one comment by a woman about all the hate. Was there so much hate when social security and medicare came into existence? So much hate here and she was saying that yes, change is difficult. Brainwashed! Then she said, "Don't believe the lies." Someone had to educate them by saying "READ THE BILL."