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Question on $2,300 donation limit

Do contributions to the individual PACs count toward the $2,300 limit? If not, then for those maxed out on donations to the national campaign, getting dollars to active local efforts, especially for billboards, newspaper and media ads, etc. would be a good idea, right?

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An Individual may contribute $2300 to each candidate per election cycle and $5000 to each PAC per year with a limit of $42,700 to candidates and $65,500 to PAC's and parties. This is per individual and you can dubbel that if you are married.


2300 to the campaign. PACs dont count. chipins dont count. donate all you want.

As per the post below, NOW PAC has a $5,000 limit it accepts

also, I believe the PACs must not be directly linked to the campaign. I'm not sure what that means legally...perhaps as long as a PAC does not take orders from NHQ or goes by something other than a candidate's name such as "Kansans for Personal Liberty" PAC....that just happens to support Ron Paul.


sorry..not sure..but as you can see from the asinine comments here...try 'google' to see FEC rules for pres. campaigns.

not a definitive answer yet, but my google search took me

to the National Organization of Women, which is backing Billary.


Now this donation page allows one to donate to the NOW PAC and/or the Hillary campaign. They state federal law allows a person to give $5,000 to the NOW PAC and separately, $2,300 to Hillary's primary run and another $2,300 to her general election run.

I deduce from this website, which I'm sure had lawyers vetting its appropriateness, that perhaps a $5,000 limit per pac is permitted.

I do think this is exactly how the "mainstream candidates" get around McShame's idiotic campaign finance law.

I'd say that sounds wrong to

I'd say that sounds wrong to me. Then Billionaire's could offload tons of money through scores of illegitimate PAC's and no one would know.... Perhaps that's what other campaigns are doing and getting away with. We all know no one has more support than RP yet other candidates are able to have more money. Something is wrong with that picture.


The actual law from http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/257/2422/12feb20041500/edocke...

General. All contributions by a
person made on behalf of or to a candidate,
including contributions which
are in any way earmarked or otherwise
directed to the candidate through an
intermediary or conduit, are contributions
from the person to the candidate.


For purposes of
this section, earmarked means a designation,
instruction, or encumbrance,
whether direct or indirect, express or
implied, oral or written, which results
in all or any part of a contribution or
expenditure being made to, or expended
on behalf of, a clearly identified candidate
or a candidate’s authorized committee


For purposes of this section, conduit
or intermediary means any person
who receives and forwards an earmarked
contribution to a candidate or
a candidate’s authorized committee

OK So it obvious this money isn't going through a conduit directly to Paul. The question is, does a PAC that independently advertise for a campaign without the campaigns permission considered and earmark.

No one really knows. Official the campaign says contribution limits include PACs, but the PAC has no way of knowing this the original intent of the law was directed at PACs that were directly tied to the campaign which was the norm before Paul.

If anything comes out of this election hopefully it will be a clarification of campaign finance, of course sadly they just might clarify it for the worse.

No contribution YOU make to independent PACs is going to ever make the campaign look bad as long as the campaign officially condons the actions and its obvious the money isn't directly leaking to the campaign itself.

Its still WAR btw.


Some say yes, some say no.

WHo the F cares!!! It's not like Paul will be forced to the give the money back, PACs and the campaigns can't check eachothers numbers, so the ONLY person breaking the rules would BE YOU.

Remember. This is WAR!!!

fine with me...

I just didn't want to do or suggest an action that would backfire on the campaign, that's all! There are many excellent local PAC efforts going on out there.