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How To Get Shot and Killed By Cops, Vol. 1, Starring Woman from Capitol Hill Shooting (VIDEO)

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Most people make asses of themselves by mistake

You went to extraordinary lengths to do so, and the fact that you can't see how douchey this is, makes you extra.

I agree,

I'm so fucking gullible, I even wanted to think Granger was here to wake people up with her idiotic 'word salads', that were so idiotic it would wake people up.

This shit is fucking evil.

Sorry for the language. ;)

How About Just One or Two Steps?

You don't necessarily need all 3 steps to get shot. A good example would be for a WOman to simply drive any pickup truck slowly down the street during a police MANhunt early in the morning in Los Angeles in order to deliver newspapers to customers. Guaranteed to attract over 100 police rounds.
you could simply get drunk at a Long Beach sports bar and then walk (in broad daylight) to a friend's apartment nearby rather than irresponsibly drive your own car. While waiting for him outside, simply amuse yourself with a garden hose nozzle and in a short time you'll attract a barrage of 12ga police shotgun rounds into your chest without any warning.

Clearly your 3 step program is inefficient and needs some work.

It's extreme reverse psychology de-programming.

I want a bumper sticker saying "Bomb on Board", because I'm the bomb.

I could only handle 2 1/2 seconds of your video, but...

if you are actually trying to sell your video here, you might want to reconsider your WHOLE marketing plan... (Maybe take a second look at your "product" as well)


This sick clown fully supports the murder as his four posts and numerous comments have repeatedly shown. I'm sick of trolls attempting to discredit this wonderful forum with inhuman and insensitive rants.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.