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Witness: Child in Miriam Carey’s car was removed from vehicle before police “let loose” with gunfire on Carey, killing her.

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Lots of unanswered questions

It's too bad that this didn't receive more attention. Miriam Carey was murdered. I hope to interview her family for an upcoming project and will keep you guys posted.

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That would be great

I am curious to know if there is any connection between the biological father and what she might have known through him...Eric Holder love child?

RP R3VOLution

think about it...

They got in the car to remove the child without being harmed by the woman.......But then she was so dangerous that they had to execute her by means of massive gunfire to ensure she did not survive the ride to the hospital.......They did not want her talking to anyone!!!.....WHY???!!!!

Does anyone have any proof to the rumor that obama is the father of this child?Where is the child now?

Where is her baby now? I bet

Where is her baby now? I bet you 10 dollars Obama is the Father.

Pat Kraemer

Here's a prediction, we will

Here's a prediction, we will see how close I come. My guess is their has to be video from the capital grounds of the shooting. But it is going to get claimed as National Security on the grounds that it would comprimise government security operations and therefor classified.

A court battle ensues of a request for information act by the family and the government using National Security as a reason to not release.

Heres a video of the cop car

Heres a video of the cop car and I believe the cop that went to the hospital. It slams across a barrier, it was raised right as it went across it, no miriam carey in sight of it, but they still blame her for the accident.


and here is unedited footage from capital lots of this is what was edited up for the newscast.


Very disturbing

How an incident that could initially have been perceived as simply a DUI, led to the use of deadly force and endangerment of an infant.

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I just saw a slightly

I just saw a slightly extended version of the incident at the capital of the one they keep airing on cnn etc. It showed the women driving from the direction she took back out on and then cops swerving in front of her than her swerving toward the gate at the capital. They claimed she rammed that gate but it was because she was cut off, this was the 30 seconds or so before the action they keep airing. My guess it didn't support the governments argument so they cut that part out. It appears to be from someone filming almost standing next to the one commonly used on the cnn news same angle and all just about 30 seconds sooner and focused the events earlier.


Youtube? I want to know what happened form the very start of her encounter with the DC police. The truth will come out in court anyway.

yep saw it on youtube will

yep saw it on youtube will try and refind it again, it wasn't mentioned as additional or anything, and saw probably 25 that were the one you see on cnn etc but this was only one so far I saw that actually had those 30 extra seconds. Yes would like to see video of where she supposedly hit the white house barriers guards were putting up and of course the shootout, with all those people around and at the capital but no video of the actual shootout. Hmmmmm?

Post it or it didn't happen.


look at my post above made

look at my post above made before your post.

It's OK for Predominately

It's OK for Predominately white ruling class to execute nigger women.

Oh c'mon please let's not

Oh c'mon please let's not turn everything into a race issue.


I don't think being white and blonde would have saved her. The "terrorist" label is quickly peeled and stuck on anyone in a reflexive manner.

Ding Ding Ding. We have a

Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner. The higher purpose must be served and transcends the second order agenda.

I've asked once, I'll ask again

Hey, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, where are you?

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I was just wondering this

I was just wondering this myself. We have a president who made a big deal out of the Trayvon Martin case and telling us how Trayvon would look like his son if he had one. The outrage over that case was unbelievable. But now we have wimp police officers murdering a fleeing woman after removing her one-yr-old from the car and there's no outrage???? Where's the outrage from the black community?? I'll tell you one thing.....I have some good African American friends and they are outraged but the media is doing a good job trying to not make a big deal of it.

I suspect the reason this

I suspect the reason this isn't as big in the media is because it is not a divisive story. In fact, actions like this bring Americans together.




Quote From Video:

"She was surrounded by a lot of armed men."

Lets just suppose many of the armed men were plain clothes men, and everyones yelling at once.

The mother panicked, and the law of the jungle clicked on in her head,
"Protect her baby, at all costs, which any frightened animal or human would do!"

Very sad !


This woman was coming from

This woman was coming from Conn? I wonder if she had any ties to Newtown/Sandy Hook? If she thought the government was after her/following her...?????


Does anything surprise us anymore?

By the way...distance from Stamford Ct to Newtown Ct = 41 miles.

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I found this picture of mother and child:

Obamaful for mom shot dead
By crazed Capital cops,
As Congress cowered in mortal dread
Of faulty traffic stops!
America! America!
Pity her orphaned child!
Congress defers to murderers,
Lets killer cops run wild!


The video

will not play for me, neither here nor at Youtube....GRRRRRR!

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Oh, this is just SO DREADFUL...

Isn't this shocking? I mean, I just cannot believe we are living in such vicious times where policemen who "used" to be our friend, now just kill with impunity, and the uppity up's, who are responsible for changing our police into a "police state" starting with the "Swat teams", do nothing about it. This is the reason our Founding Fathers never wanted our military inside our own country, because they knew how trigger-happy it can get in battle, and they knew that the soldiers were trained to be that way, trained to kill.

Our police SHOULD NOT fire on someone UNLESS they are armed and pointing a gun at them. She had NO GUN. She was waving NO WEAPON at them.

She is dead, for God's sake, dead! I hate this White House elitist trained mentality of our officers and turning them into HATEFUL PUBLIC "SERVANTS", turning them into mean, mean people who show NOT ONE BIT OF RESTRAINT OR JUDGMENT whatsoever!

She was a SINGLE MOTHER, for God's sake. May those responsible rot in hell. May they NEVER sleep a good night's sleep again...ever again. May the video of that day play over & over & over again & again & again in their head's. May they NEVER EVER rest again!!

I'd like to see them prosecuted for 2nd degree murder and serve time. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN ABOUT THIS, or we're all in trouble. If they have no or minor repercussions as this, we might as well be living in a 3rd world country.

Well said, Cep.

Well said, Cep.

Incompetent or just plain evil

These are supposedly our "best" law enforcement?

Little more than Keystone cops.

Fearful, panicked, little pussy men.

These MURDERERING COWARDS will pay in full one day

For there shall come a day of reckoning where true and righteous justice will be meted out, for NOTHING escapes the eye of Almighty God!

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It has just all gone so wrong

This is just so wrong. This is premeditated and planned murder.

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